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Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair Review 2024

Real relax PS6000 Massage chair
Written by Atique Ur Rehman

At the end of a long, stressful day, you just want to sink into a comfortable massage chair and relax? Wouldn’t it be a dream to switch off with a daily, more or less pronounced, massage in your own four walls?Buying a massage chair is exactly the way to get a daily massage within reach.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been suffering from tension for a long time or whether it’s just good for you to have a massage – a massage chair can make a decisive contribution to slowing down.Do something against your everyday stress and choose one of the comfortable armchairs from my presentation of massage chairs .

In the next chapters of this test or guide, you can easily find out which type of massage chair is really right for you. Rather an expensive premium model with numerous functions or maybe a cheap entry-level model is enough for a soothing massage at home.

I will explain to you what you should consider when buying a massage chair or massage  chair. For example, functions such as heated seats, an automatic switch-off or a remote control. The safety of the chair is just as important.

What is a massage chair, massage chair?

massage chair is a piece of seating furniture in the form of a chair with massage functions. Simple models only massage the back, more luxurious armchairs also massage other parts of the body, such as the shoulders, hips, legs, feet, arms and hands.

From the outside, massage chairs are similar to reclining chairs. Inside, however, they are equipped with numerous electrical devices such as motors, gears and rollers. The simple and cheaper massage chairs only work with a large-scale vibration function to create a general feeling of well-being when sitting. In the case of armchairs with higher-quality equipment, several devices that work independently of one another can be found under the seat cover, which enable a targeted and individual massage.

A number of devices have standard massage programs that you can preselect. The luxury models, on the other hand, scan the body parts with mechanical sensors before each massage. They analyze the size, weight and shape of the body to be massaged in order to be able to tailor the massage program to it.

With most massage chairs , you can use a remote control during the massage session to set how long, how hard or where you want to be massaged.

How does a Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair work?

A Real Relax PS6000 massage chair uses innovative technology to imitate the way a masseur works. Lots of massage chairs rely on the functioning of air cushions for this purpose. These are permanently filled with air according to a predetermined rhythm and then emptied again. This puts pressure on the body that feels like a massage. Alternatively, various massage heads are used, which move with flowing movements in different strengths.

This technology is often combined with an accompanying heat function that stimulates blood circulation and thus increases relaxation. The rotation of the massage balls imitates a realistic hand massage. Many models also have an adjustable backrest and armrests. This allows these armchairs to be brought into a comfortable reclining position.

Sometimes the armchair is also connected to a stool, which not only massages the back. Professional devices and luxuriously equipped massage chairs even allow for a full body massage .

With these technological marvels you can have your hands, arms, calves and feet massaged at the same time. Such massage chairs are also available for domestic use, but in a higher price range than luxury items.

Even more fantastic are the massage chairs with integrated intelligent body scan technology. These armchairs even recognize how tall the person sitting on them is and then massage them precisely. The latest generation of these top products can even scan where you are most tense and take targeted action against this tension.

Note: The more you have dealt with serious back problems in the past, the more important it is for you to buy a high-quality massage chair. For the sake of your health, don’t save at the wrong end.

What functions does a Real Relax PS6000 massage chair have?

A good massage chair can be recognized by the programs that the model offers. In addition to the light vibration massage, the Shiatsu massage is particularly popular. It applies pressure along the spine to release tension and blockages. Extras such as a massage chair with heating function or an MP3 player* are additional amenities.This all features are included in Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair.

The various manufacturer models differ enormously in their equipment. Inexpensive models usually only have one or two different functions, high-priced models score with a variety of massage programs . Below we present the different massage programs:

Massage Chair Shiatsu Function

This is a traditional Chinese pressure massage that applies force to specific energy pathways. Acupressure releases these blockages.

Vibrations Massage

This Massage Chair often the only form of massage to be found, in conjunction with a heat function. The trembling calms the muscles.

Roller massage

This program is also known under the term stretch massage . The massage rollers move along the spine and simulate the typical strokes of a masseur. The stretching of the spine favors the relief of the intervertebral discs.

Air pressure massage

It usually takes place at leg and seat height. Integrated air cushions exert a certain pressure on the muscles by sucking in and outflowing air. In the calf area, this function supports blood circulation and prevents thrombosis.

Tapping massage

The tapping massage has a similar effect to the roller massage along the spine. It loosens the muscles with the tapping movements.

Knet massage

The massage mechanism moves horizontally and vertically at the same time. This promotes blood circulation and muscle building.

Are Real Relax PS6000 massage chair with heat function good for health?

This question is especially asked by people who have had a herniated disc in the past or have been affected by other back problems. If you have acute health problems, consult  your doctor or physiotherapist before buying this massage chair. You will receive a meaningful recommendation based on your state of health.

Basically, Real Relax PS6000 massage chairs promise the desired success, especially with slight tension. If you have stubborn problems or even chronic back problems, let yourself be treated by a physiotherapist.

When using the massage chair with or without a heat function, always listen to your body and see the new piece of furniture as a supplement and not as the sole solution. If the pain worsens, stop the massage immediately. If you are suffering from an acute herniated disc, using a massage chair is  not recommended for the time being.

Common complaints are muscle cramps. Vibration massage is a good treatment for this and even helps prevent future cramps. The heating function is also important here.

All massage chairs are suitable for back pain . Because even the cheaper models focus on this area.

If you are a woman and wear high heels a lot, or if you like hiking, a massage chair with a foot and leg massage is particularly pleasant. In this way you can prevent sore muscles and tension in advance.

People who do computer work are particularly tense in the shoulder and neck area. In addition to the vibration massage, which relaxes you all around, the roller massage is a wonderful balance after work. It feels like little balls are stretching and stretching your body.

A massage chair with a heating function is also available for relaxation . Some high-end models even offer relaxing music. A stand-up aid and practical extras such as a stool, a remote control or a lying function further contribute to good health.

How long and how often can I use this massage chair?

Most massage chairs switch off automatically for safety reasons. As a result, the electric massage chairs can not overheat if they are inadvertently used continuously. Nevertheless, pay attention to the relevant certificates that confirm the harmlessness of the device. The CE mark guarantees that the massage chair complies with all European regulations. The GS mark stands for “Tested Safety”, but only applies to products that are ready for use upon delivery.

As a rule, the same settings for the duration of the massage can be made with the usual massage chairs as with a massage by a therapist:

  • 15 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes

How often you can use the massage chair is entirely up to you. There’s even nothing wrong with a daily massage, as long as you don’t have to worry about power consumption and the associated costs. If you have stronger tension, a daily application on your massage chair may even be appropriate in order to feel more well-being again. For less severe tension or if you just find it comfortable to have a massage, one or two sessions a week are usually sufficient.

Tips for application

Whether you choose a Shiatsu massage chair , a Comfort Delux e massage chair or a comfortable TV chair with massage, the tips given here should ensure trouble-free use and the longest possible service life for your massage chair:

  • Start with a low intensity and gradually increase it.
  • Switch on the heat function before use, especially in winter, so that the massage chair with heat function can preheat.
  • Even in summer, wear thin clothing for maximum comfort.
  • Choose a low heat at first to avoid burning yourself.
  • Clean your massage chair carefully with a damp cloth and some soapy water.
  • It is best to remove stains on light -colored massage chairs immediately.
  • Don’t rub too hard on any stains, as this can seriously damage the surface.
  • Do not sit on a light-colored massage chair with new, dark jeans before the first wash , as there is a high risk of discoloration

Five reasons why you should buy a massage chair with heat function!

It helps against headaches

Because of tense muscles, people, and maybe you too, easily suffer from headaches. These so-called tension headaches are caused, for example, by the sticking together of muscle parts, which then press on the nerves. The symptoms almost always appear in the back of the head as a throbbing pain. A massage chair with a program that relieves the pressure on the affected muscles and thereby reduces the pressure on the nerves helps. The affected muscles are located in the neck, shoulder and upper back.

Massages fight foot pain

If the massage chair has an integrated foot and calf massage, you can use it to prevent pain in your feet and legs. Unfortunately, the cheaper models rarely include massage functions for the lower body area. However, people who have to stand or walk all day at work often suffer from complaints below the hips.

If you belong to one of these professional groups, you should take care of your legs and feet. Because when you are in pain, you automatically tend to adopt a protective posture, which can have a negative effect on the rest of your body. Examples are hip problems and a crooked spine. Other parts of the body can also be affected. This is precisely why I would like to emphasize once again at this point that you should also pay attention to the massage of the legs.

back pain

Most people think about buying a massage chair because of back pain . 20-30 minutes often help to loosen the muscles with the built-in heating. In the case of a herniated disc or a bulging disc, a massage chair cannot work miracles. Nevertheless, relief is always possible.

The massage chair activates the body

The various massage programs and the warmth of the often built-in heater activate and promote blood circulation. This has positive effects on the entire body. It can recover sooner and transports the nutrients to the individual cells more quickly. This in turn supports, for example, the regeneration of the skin and makes you more alert overall. The better blood circulation also promotes the removal of toxins that we ingest every day. This is of great help to our well-being. Improved blood circulation also strengthens the immune system.

Massages help you fall asleep

Nighttime sleep is intended as a recovery phase for the body. If you can’t get away from the thoughts of the day and they’re always floating around in your head, sleeping and resting won’t work. A massage chair is perfect for this. Sit or lie comfortably in the upholstery of your massage chair and let yourself be pampered by the various massage programs. This frees you from everyday problems and you finally come to rest.

How much does a good chair cost?

If the purchase is due to the many different functions of a premium massage chair with heat function , the manufacturers demand several hundred or even thousands of dollars more. Of course, the price also depends on the material used. Most massage chairs are upholstered in faux leather, with a few in genuine leather.

Is it worth buying at these prices? Clear: “Yes”! Because if you buy a high-quality massage chair with the appropriate massage functions, you can assume that you have an almost fully-fledged substitute for a therapist at home. You can expect the following physical improvements as a result of a full-fledged massage chair :

  • Relaxation
  • recreation
  • Better, deeper and more restful sleep
  • less tension
  • pain relief
  • more mobility
  • wellbeing
  • good mood

Even if the purchase of a premium massage chair with heat function is not cheap, the cost-benefit calculation is still clear.

After all, depending on your desire and pain, you can have a massage every day without having to rely on your partner to massage you. There are even scientific studies according to which deep regeneration and relaxation through a massage chair contributes to an improvement in the ability to concentrate. And memory performance is also noticeably improved.

The answer to the question “What does a massage chair bring?” is therefore: An effective improvement of physical limitations, provided you are willing to invest in a high-quality and effective massage chair model.

This Massage chairs have seating furniture that are almost always equipped with a reclining function . Outwardly, they are more reminiscent of ordinary television or relaxation chairs . Inside, however, they come up with complex electronic devices. Air cushions, air streams, rollers or rollers imitate the typical movements of a masseur. Some massage chairs have both a heating function and a massage function. However, real massage chairs stand out from cheaper models due to their extensive setting options.

So before you decide to buy a massage chair for home use, I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of a massage chair in the form of a clear list , compared to a classic massage.


    • muscle strengthening
    • Heated massage chairs are perfect for stress relief at home
    • better concentration and memory performance through regular use
    • used regularly, you save costs in the long term compared to massages from a masseur
    • every family member can use the device
    • high user weight is not a problem with most massage chairs
    • Full body massage with top armchairs
    • very good choice if you love getting a massage but don’t like being touched by strangers
    • Daily massage for more well-being of body and mind
    • have a massage in your own four walls, whenever you want
    • Strengthening of the connective tissue
    • Relief of the neck and shoulder area


  • comparatively high acquisition costs for a high-quality model
  • requires a lot of space
  • does not help with severe back problems or extreme tension
  • cannot replace the interpersonal connection to the masseur

Material and Design of Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair

In most cases, you can only choose between leather or synthetic leather when it comes to the material . High-quality material basically stands for longevity and is generally considered to be more noble. However, imitation leather convinces with its easier care properties.
Regardless of the upper material, the designs of the massage chairs are often very expansive. Assume a total length of about two meters . Therefore, pay particular attention to the ease of care and the dimensions of the piece of furniture when it comes to the external finish. The following properties are also important for the components:

  • Supports or stools at the foot end are important for optimal relaxation
  • Headrests must be well padded
  • Although plastic rollers are cheaper, they are also more sensitive and less comfortable than rubber massage rollers
  • The more massage heads , the more individually the program can be set

Whether you choose real or artificial leather for the upholstery is a matter of taste and budget. However, make sure that the built-in massage rollers are made of rubber and NOT plastic . The rubber rollers are more comfortable during the massage and at the same time more robust than plastic.

In relation to this item:

  • 8 preset automatic routines, one-button zero gravity design, SL-track, automatic human body detection
  • The massage and airbag pressure can be adjusted to five different levels of intensity.
  • Airbag massage for the shoulder, armrest, waist, thigh, and calf, handrest shortcut key control, USB charging port, and foot roll kneading
  • massage
  • Built-in Bluetooth and a waist heating function
  • Limits on height and weight: 6.5 feet and 400 pounds, respectively.

Robotic Hand Massage System SL-track

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair rollers are pushed from the head to the thighs by the SL-track, ensuring a full-body massage; Robot From head to thighs, hands inside the backrest interact with SL-TRACK to deliver a comprehensive massage to comfort and calm you. Up to 12 distinct massage styles are available with our robot-hand rollers.

Heating from the back

With a heating system that promotes blood circulation and maintains a steady temperature, you may enjoy a safe and comfortable heating experience.

Massage system for the feet

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair has Thai-style scraping massage is provided by the foot massage system, which includes airbags and rollers. It gives unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction, relieves foot stress, and enhances night sleep quality.

Extension of the Footrest

PS-6000’s footrest mechanically stretches to accommodate the user’s particular leg length and comfortability. It can accommodate people ranging in height from 5.1 to 6.5 feet.

USB charger and armrest controller

The user can control the shortcut keys on the armrest for easier access. Instead of pausing massaging to look for the hand controller, you may control the angle, mode, and on/off while enjoying the massage.

Bluetooth Speaker Built-In

With Bluetooth, the user can listen to their favorite music while massaging.

Scan of the Auto Body

After turning on, the device will automatically scan your body and customize the massage areas to fit your needs based on your height and body shape.

Customer questions & answers

When you turn the unit on, it simply scans your shoulders.

Where is the method for detecting whole-body scans?
I don’t believe a full-body scan is available. It merely uses your shoulders to give you a broad notion of your body type and location. Once it determines where your shoulders are, you may manually raise or lower it using the up-and-down arrow on the key touchscreen pad to fine-tune its position before it begins the massage cycle you selected.

What is the SL length? track’s

It takes around 54″ to massage a 6’6″ from neck to buttocks.

What is the warranty on this item?

Thank you for contacting us. This product comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Only the order ID must be provided by the buyer. If the attachment simply has an issue, we will resend the new component to you directly. If the new part does not fix the problem, we will send you a return label so you can ship the chair back to be replaced. However, we do not advocate for house repairs.

Is it made of leather?

Is there a hot foot massager?

No. There are only rollers, however, they are not heated.

Is there a way to massage the hips and buttocks using this?
Yes, it is correct.

Is self-assembly required?
No, it doesn’t work that way.

The United States Reviews:

Medina, Mervin

This chair is a fantastic deal!
It didn’t take any assembly, was delivered on time, was nicely packaged, and had wheels for easy transportation. It had two settings: automatic and manual. The auto mode’s pre-set programs are diverse and target many regions. You can target a specific area of your back during the massage if you use the manual mode. You may change the massage and airbag pressures to your preference. The “L” track pattern will massage your buttocks all the way down. I fell asleep the first 3-4 times I used this chair! It was fantastic! Very soothing. The provided little control tablet is really useful, and the chair also has its own set of controls.

Ortiz, Luis

This chair was purchased as a gift for my wife, and it is well worth the money. The delivery was superb, and the time was impeccable. To be honest, I had low expectations, but the quality and appearance in person are breathtaking! The foot rollers are amazing, and the lower back heating is excellent. My wife and I tried several seats at various expos and retailers, but this chair outperformed them all.

The massage settings, both auto and manual, are wonderful. With my eyes closed, I would suggest this chair to everyone. Every day after their individual sports, my entire family uses the chair; believe me, it makes a difference. Don’t forget to acquire the five-year warranty as well.


What a fantastic chair! There are numerous options. Before going to bed, I like to get a sleep massage. If there’s one thing I’d change about this chair, it’s the loud hum it emits, but the massage compensates for it. My husband and I both adore this chair, and we really appreciate the fact that it arrived already constructed.

Bradley, Jonathan

The controls are considerably easier to use and understand than most. The size of the chair astonished me; it’s as nice as any chair I’ve ever seen in a salon. Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase.

Serrano, Guillermo

Except for the fact that you can have a session longer than 15 minutes, I like practically everything. Everything else works out well for me. Thank you very much.

Ryan Coe

The chair was as stated, so far an excellent experience.

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