Osaki OS-3D pro dreamer massage chair

Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair Review 2024


Welcome to my post on the “Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair 2024.” Today, we will go through the best Osaki OS-3D Master Dreamer Massage Chair in depth. Before purchasing any massage chair, I recommend reading a lengthy discussion on ” Best Massage Chairs Buyers’ Guide [Comprehensive] “.

Review of the Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair has rapidly become one of our favourites. The Dreamer is the latest addition to Osaki’s new Pro Series line of luxury massage chairs.

The OS 3D Pro Dreamer is one of the most comprehensive full-body Japanese Brand Massage Chairs available today. It features some of the best roller technology we’ve ever seen in a massage chair, as well as a stylish and incredibly comfortable design.

Osaki OS-3D pro dreamer massage chair

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The Dreamer includes a unique 3D roller mechanism that allows it to access difficult-to-reach regions. The rollers can extend more than 3 inches over the body, offering one of the greatest deep tissue massages available.

What exactly is the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair?

The 3D Pro Dreamer is one of Osaki’s high-end massage chairs. This chair stands apart from the crowd thanks to its 3D roller technology (more on that later!). The 3D rollers in this chair deliver a forceful, deep tissue massage. On a scale of 1 to 10, the 3D Pro Dreamer can perform anywhere from a 7 to a 10, with 1 being moderate and 10 being deep tissue intensive. Deep Tissue Intensity Capability That being said, it’s the ideal chair for anyone interested in deep tissue massage!

Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Specifications

  • OS 3D Pro Dreamer is the model.
  • Osaki is a brand.
  • Brown colour
  • Metal and synthetic leather are the materials used.
  • Size: XL Weight: 231.5 lbs Dimensions: 58.3 x 35.4 x 48 in
  • Highlights of Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer

Many of the characteristics we look at are equivalent to those found on the majority of mid-level and even entry-level Osaki chairs. These characteristics include zero gravity, computerised scanning, and lumbar heating.

Technology of Acupoints

Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair contains 350 acupuncture sites on his body, roughly 100 of which are on his back and neck. The OS 3D Pro Dreamer Zero Gravity Massage Chair uses a number of ways to precisely target acupuncture sites.

GPS Body Scanner Computer

For optimal massage accuracy and efficiency, the 3D Point Navigation System employs pressure sensor technology to digitally map your back (up to 200 square inches).

Zero Gravity

Position your body in a relaxed, stress-free manner, minimising pressure throughout your back and spinal region. It’s simply a convenient function to have in a massage chair. The zero-gravity tilt on the Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair is one-touch (two-stage).

Simply pressing a button causes the dreamer to recline, the seat to raise, and his knees to be positioned over his heart. If you hit it again, it will recline further more into the second weightless position.

This position promotes circulation and further relaxes your body, making your massage session more pleasurable. Most massage chairs with 3D rollers nowadays do not have a zero-gravity tilt, which distinguishes the Pro Dreamer.

3D Massage System / 3D Roller System

The massage heads can be extended up to 8 cm using 3D technology for a more powerful and deep treatment. There are five levels of 3D intensity, ranging from low to high.

The 3D Roller technology distinguishes the Pro Dreamer from the competitors. What exactly are 3D rollers? These are rollers that can move up and down and extend all the way to your back, providing one of the best deep massages we’ve ever had on a massage chair.

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair scans and creates a virtual map of your back using pressure sensor technology. It analyses your spine’s curve and then performs 3D micro-adjustments to apply consistent pressure where it’s needed. The roller can modify the body by more than 3 inches.

S-Track 2nd Generation

Because most of you have probably never heard of “S-TRCK,” let me briefly explain the concept.

Rollers for S-Track

Contrary to popular perception, its spine is not perfectly straight. A healthy column, believe it or not, is shaped like a “s.” Of course, it is not shaped exactly like an “S,” because everyone would look funny if it was. If you desire, it’s an enlarged “S”!

The S-Track technology allows the rolls to follow the natural curvature of thorns. This simply makes back and neck massage considerably more relaxing and effective!

Osaki’s 3D Pro Dreamer has well-known terrible rollers that follow a total of 31 “of the neck on the scene.

Track 2nd Generation

The S-2 generation is improved by the second-generation Track. S-2 of one generation of the first generation increases substantially more than the first generation.

Massage Head System with Four Rollers

Dual rollers simulate the feel of real thumbs and fingers, which improves the massage experience.

Incredible Foot Roll

The acupuncture points will be stimulated while two rows of rollers rotate, and the airbags will inflate to provide a far deeper massage. Foot rollers on the Dreamer rub the soles of your feet. Two rollers rotate to massage different acupressure spots on your feet. Airbags inflate by exerting more pressure on the bottoms of the feet.

Everyone will like the Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Foot Rollers! They’re not as forceful as other massage chairs we’ve tested, but they’re still fantastic for delicate feet. By pressing a button, the pedals can also be disengaged at any time.

Stretching Massage on Demand

The calf and foot massager can be adjusted to fit the length of each individual’s leg.

10 Massage Programs That Work Automatically

Adjustable amplitude and force, a huge LCD screen that displays the time left, the type of massage being used, the massage region, intensity, pace, and other information.

To keep you entertained, the Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer comes with a number of pre-programmed massages and hand massage techniques. Each pre-programmed massage provides a full-body massage sensation by combining roller technology and airbag compression.

The Dreamer begins by scanning the body in 3D, telling the 3D robot where to massage and where not. It detects depth and accurately adjusts to the curve of your spine. In fact, you can feel the roller by adjusting the pre-programmed massage settings in 3D.

Massage using Air Compression

The utilisation of 42 airbags in the Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair results in a very good air compression system. It employs multi-layer airbags and several engines to deliver a more humanistic compression massage.

Airbags work by compressing your shoulders, back, hips, arms, hands, calves, and feet. This promotes lymph flow and circulation throughout the body. Seat and back airbags inflate independently and apply hip rotation in some of the pre-programmed massage modes. Airbags can also be deactivated manually.

Each airbag part has its own control, and there are five intensity settings to alter the compression force. Airbags can be used in conjunction with manual massage techniques to customise your massage further.

Timer – Auto

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair may be set to use for 5 to 30 minutes. This is a safety feature that prevents the massager from continuing to work if the user falls asleep, which could result in damage.

Chromotherapy LED Lights

Ambient LED lighting is included with the Pro Dreamer massage chair. The cool-toned LED lights are concealed behind metal plexiglass and are only visible when turned on. In a dark environment, the LED light will reflect a cool blue colour on the surrounding walls, creating a peaceful ambience.

MP3 Player Integration

The chair features an integrated mp3 connection to enhance your massage experience. As a result, you may listen to your favourite music on high-quality speakers placed near your ears for clear, direct sound. You may manage the volume and song selection directly from your MP3 player.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Osaki OS-Pro Dreamer Massage Chair


  • Most heights and weights are accommodated!
  • The 3D rollers take massage to a whole new level!
  • It’s a big compression chair with 42 airbags!
  • The second-generation range is more focused on the backbone.


  • The 31′′ track span may be a little longer for a chair this price.

Who Should Think About Buying The Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair?

Is there anyone out there searching for a heavy compression massage chair?

The Osaki 3D Pro Dreamer, with 42 airbags, is a fantastic chair for those who enjoy compression massage. The 48 airbags were placed in regions that were unreachable to the rollers.

Is anyone looking for a deep fabric intensity?

There are only a few massage chairs that can produce a profound intensity of fabric. One of these chairs is the 3D Pro Dreamer Osaki. That being said, if a deep massage of the fabric is a must-have for you, you should absolutely consider this chair. Remember that while deep tissue may appear to be beneficial, it may be very intense and, while tenders can be extremely helpful, it is not for everyone. Before you buy, make sure this is what you want!

Who can afford to pay?

We go between basic and medium chairs. Poor chairs like this are not sold by insects, and the price is not affordable for everyone. If your budget allows, the Osaki 3D Pro Dreamer is a fantastic chair to consider!

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Anyone who is interested in a smaller track!

As previously stated, 3D chairs typically have shorter rolls. If you have a 31 “interval, go to the 3D Pro Dreamer. However, if you have a longer track (where the rollers track your tendon), you should consider purchasing a bag L. in several LAM chairs, including the 4000ls, Pro Maxim, and TP 8500. By clicking on the links, you may read the comments.

What are your options for purchasing this chair?

When it comes down to it, there are only a few options. Amazon, on the other hand, is the one I recommend.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you purchase 3D Pro Dreamer through my affiliate link, I will receive a commission. My primary goal in conducting these analyses is to educate and advise so that I may make an informed purchasing decision. The disclosure of any potential incentive/commission helps me to be completely upfront with my readers.


The Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer massage chair is without a doubt one of the best massage chairs available. There aren’t many full-featured massage chairs with the feature set and versatility that the Pro Dreamer model has.

It can accommodate people ranging in height from 5ft 2′′ to 6ft 5′′. For that delicate user, you can provide a deep massage by extending the 3D rollers or a milder massage by retracting the rollers.

If you want a terrific neck and shoulder massage from your massage chair, choose the Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair. The 3D rollers can stretch and massage the shoulders and neck deeply. The Dreamer also has pre-programmed massages that specifically target this area, or you may do a custom setup yourself.

Simply choose a manual massage style and focus on your neck and shoulders using the local function. From here, you can adjust the rollers’ depth using the five 3D depth settings. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest massage chair neck and shoulder massages we’ve ever had.

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Q: Is it the Japanese firm Osaki?

While the name Osaki is Japanese, the corporation is not and is headquartered in the United States. The truth is that the majority of Osaki’s best-selling massage chairs, as well as over 90% of their whole product line, are manufactured in China.

Q: How good is the Osaki massage chair?

The Osaki OS-Pro First Class is by far the most popular massage chair in our showroom for those of short to medium height who want an outstanding neck/shoulder experience as well as an exceptional body treatment. Massage should be gentle to deep, but never too intense.

Q: What materials are massage chairs constructed of?

Artificial leather, sometimes known as faux leather, is currently used in 99 per cent of massage chairs.

Q: What exactly is a Zero-G Chair?

Zero-G stands for Zero-Gravity and is a feature found on a limited number of massage chair models. This NASA-inspired innovation causes the chair to recline into a position where the knees are lifted just above the heart, allowing you to sit in a comfortable position. The chair felt completely weightless.

Q: What exactly are massage chair airbags?

Airbags are bladders integrated into massage chairs that can fill with air and then deflate in pulses with the push of a button. This chair’s existence in any model provides it with a second choice for massage therapy. (massage rollers are the main massage technology).

Most airbag massage chairs, like roller massagers, allow the person seated in the chair to vary the strength of the massage produced by the airbags.