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Luraco Massage Chair Review 2024

luraco massage chair
Written by Atique Ur Rehman

Before buying a massage chair, you really need to consider the placement first. After all, Massage chairs are large items and need to occupy a large space. If you don’t determine the location, you will start rashly. When the goods arrive, you will find that there is no place to put them. Returns can be very troublesome.

This Luraco Massage chair has been used for almost half a month since it was received and installed, so I decided to talk to you about the experience of using this massage chair.

At present, there are many brands and models of massage chairs on the market, and the price difference is relatively large, and because massage chairs are large-scale consumer goods, the cost of trial and error is very high, so I also want to use some knowledge about massage chairs that I know and this period of time.

Let more people have a more intuitive understanding of the Luraco Massage Chair, and at the same time, they can also understand the most basic configurations that a massage chair in $12490.


For massage chairs, the movement is the core of technology, and it is also the display of the strength of each brand. The strength, speed, angle, rhythm and range of the massage chair are ultimately executed by the movement.

The movement is divided into 1D, 2D and 3D according to the mainstream classification method. For a massage chair , the first thing to do is to have a 3D movement as standard. However, it is also a 3D movement, and different brands still have it. The big difference is that the Luraco Massage Chair uses an intelligent 3D soft-feeling movement.

The so-called soft-sensing movement is actually a flexible swing arm manipulator, which can massage up and down, left and right, front and rear. It is softer, there will be no pain and stiffness, and the progressive finger pressure channel can reach our deep muscles very well. This kind of finger rubbing is even better than the massage techniques we experienced in the massage parlor.

The 3D soft feeling movement of Luraco Massage Chair can bring us 3 shoulder width adjustment, 5 intensity speed adjustment and 11 massage techniques. The manipulator can achieve a wide adjustment of 6-18cm, so that when massaging the shoulders, it can cover a wider range, and the massage for our trapezius muscle will be more in place. impossible.

Guide Rail

If the movement determines the comfort of the massage, then the guide rail determines the range that the movement can reach during massage, because the movement is installed on the guide rail and moves along the guide rail.

The design and length of the guide rails are very important for a massage chair. According to the mainstream classification method, the guide rails of the massage chair can be divided into straight guide rails, S-type guide rails, L-type guide rails and SL-type guide rails.

At present, mid-to-high-end massage chairs mainly use SL-type guide rails, because SL-type guide rails belong to the combination of S guide rails and L guide rails.

The 12000-dollar massage chairs basically use SL guide rails in the design of the guide rails, but there will be some obvious differences in the length of the guide rails, so remember to check this data when choosing.

Generally speaking, the coverage of SL guide rails below 120cm is still not enough to completely cover the shoulders, neck, back, waist and hips of the human body.

The lengthened SL guide rails of 130cm can achieve more complete coverage, while the lengthened SL guide rails of more than 130cm can achieve complete coverage. In order to completely cover the shoulders, neck, back, waist and hips of the human body, the length of the guide rail is also a very critical component.

Luraco Massage Chair adopts SL-type guide rail with a length of 133cm, and the guide rail material is a high-hardness stainless steel frame, which is very strong and durable, not only more stable but also has a longer service life.


On the massage chair, the movement can simulate kneading, tapping, fluttering, kneading, shiatsu and pinching, but the movement must move along the guide rails, so these massage actions can only affect the shoulders The neck, back, waist and hip areas, and the limbs and both sides of the human body cannot be covered by the movement. At this time, the airbag must be used to massage these other areas.

The airbag adjusts the volume by inflating and deflating, and produces a pinching action on the limbs and both sides of the human body. The number and distribution of the airbags determine the massage comfort in these areas.

Under normal circumstances, a  massage chair, the total number of airbags is more reasonable at about 40, the key is to see the distribution of these airbags, the reason why I choose this Luraco Massage Chair is because Because the 40 airbags designed by this massage chair are distributed very reasonably, and the 3D enlarged flexible airbag design is adopted, this design will be more reasonable and friendly for the elderly to use. After all, after buying this massage chair, it is mainly Used by my parents.

Massage program

If the hardware is the foundation of the massage chair, then the program is the soul of the massage chair. To get a more comfortable experience, a reasonable massage program is the key.

The richness of massage programs and more settings that can be independently selected determine the applicability of a massage chair, especially in the case of multiple people in the family, because the tolerance levels of the elderly, girls and boys are very different.

When using the massage chair, you can freely adjust the massage time and massage intensity, which is undoubtedly a plus.

Luraco Massage Chair has designed a total of 9 sets of automatic massage programs, especially the rocking sleep and warm SPA are particularly satisfying to me.

How is the experience of Luraco Massage Chair?

After talking about why I chose this Luraco massage chair, I feel it is necessary to talk about some practical experience during this period. Before that, I would like to make a conclusion: this massage chair It is indeed very comfortable.

First of all, let’s take a brief look at the appearance design of this massage chair. As a large item that will be placed at home for a long time once it is purchased, I personally think that the appearance design is also very important. I believe that the massage chair that is out of place with the decoration of my own home and is very abruptly placed there will not be so pleasant to look at every day.

Luraco Massage Chair has a total of three different colors, including this Black , Chocolate and Cream. If you need to be more versatile, Black will be a better choice color.

The PU leather used in this massage chair has a very good touch, and it is soft to the touch. Even in the winter when the temperature is low, it will not feel that stiff. I compared some lower-priced massage chairs on the market. It is found that they are all PU leather, but the PU leather used in this massage chair is much better.

Luraco Massage Chair is equipped with a detachable headrest, which can be lifted back when the headrest is not needed, and can be directly removed for cleaning when it needs to be cleaned, which is very convenient to take care of.

Luraco Massage Chair is not only designed with a hand controller, but also has shortcut operation keys on the right armrest, and it can also be controlled by AI intelligent voice. It is a gift when you buy this massage chair. After connecting to the network, you can easily control the mode and function of the massage chair directly through the voice.

I believe that friends who often use massage chairs will definitely feel this way, especially in autumn and winter, when the hot compress function of the massage chair is turned on, it will always feel uncomfortable.

Why is there only a small part of the waist and a small part of the calf? There will be warmth, and the rest of the body will be cool. This is actually because the traditional massage chair has a lack of hot compress function, especially for the elderly, a larger hot compress area is very necessary.

So when I choose a massage chair this time, I hope to find a model that can achieve front and rear 3D wrapping and heating. Luraco Massage Chair is just such a massage chair with all-round heating. The heat compress cloaks on both sides can cover the upper body when in use, thus breaking the limitation of traditional massage chair heat compress. Very comfortable.

And this heat compress cloak is detachable, it can be taken off when it is not needed in summer, and it can also be turned off by the control switch. It is precisely because of the design of this hot compress cape that Luraco Massage Chair has an automatic massage program of “warm SPA” compared with ordinary massage chairs. Changsha is indeed still relatively cold during this time.

In addition to the “warm SPA” program, the “swing to sleep” program of this massage chair is also very useful, because work is busy during the day, and I often need to work overtime at night.

After a while, I liked to lay the chair in the study room to rest. Since I bought this Luraco Massage Chair, I will lie on the massage chair and choose the “swing to sleep” program. It’s about to go to sleep, and as long as you lie down on this massage chair for 30 minutes, you can relieve the fatigue of the day.

Luraco Massage Chair has designed a total of 9 sets of automatic massage programs, which can fully meet the massage needs of different groups of people. In addition to the warm SPA that my parents like very much and the rocking to sleep that I like very much, there are also body stretching, neck and shoulder focus, Sedentary stress relief, exercise recovery, Thai stretching and other very professional special programs.

How comfortable is a massage chair?

In addition to the movement, the airbag is also very important, because the movement can only move along the guide rail, and the massage action can only affect the shoulders, neck, back, waist and hips, such as Our limbs and both sides of the human body cannot be covered, so we need to use air bags to cooperate.

After using Luraco Massage Chair, the reason why we feel that the use experience is very good and the comfort is very good is actually a big reason is that we are very satisfied with the airbag design of this massage chair. This massage chair does not use the so-called seventy or eighty airbags as a gimmick like some brands, but adopts a very reasonable layout design with forty flexible airbags to achieve the coverage of the sides, arms, legs and feet of the human body.

Forty flexible airbags can achieve circular pinching massage during the working process, and there are 5 adjustable strengths, and compared with other massage chairs of the same price on the market, Luraco Massage Chair upgrades the shoulder airbags to The butterfly-shaped airbag has been enlarged, and the palm airbag has been added to the front hand, which can realize kneading and massage of the palm.

In addition, the calf area has also been upgraded to an extended wrapping airbag, and the airbag of the foot has been extended to the ankle. These upgrades The comfort of using this massage chair has been greatly improved.

Different people are different in height, shortness, fatness and thinness. If a massage chair cannot be differentiated from person to person, the massage experience that people with different heights, shortness, fatness and thinness can get will appear when they lie on the same massage chair. There is a big difference. At this time, the massage chair needs to be adjusted according to different body types.

Luraco Massage Chair adopts Hall detection technology. With the combination of high-precision sensors, it can detect shoulder positioning and identify different heights and shapes. At the same time, it will adjust the massage movement to make it more suitable for our back. Curve, so that it can be different from person to person, this function is really helpful for the actual use of our home, because the body shape of our family members is quite different.

When we feel that a certain part of the body is particularly sore, we hope to perform fixed-point massage for the sore part to relieve the discomfort, which requires the massage chair to have the function of acupoint fixed-point massage.

The fixed-point massage of Luraco Massage Chair is designed very well. , allows us to independently choose the sore point or area, and then use our favorite massage techniques to perform key continuous massages. I personally prefer deep acupressure and back scraping massage, while my parents prefer delicate kneading and hammer kneading.

Because of the nature of my work, I need to sit in front of the computer for a long time, and my shoulders, neck, waist and buttocks are very sore after a day, so every day after get off work, I will lie down on this massage chair to relax myself , Use the fixed-point massage function of Luraco Massage Chair to focus on the shoulders, neck, waist and buttocks, because the 3D soft feeling movement of this massage chair can adjust the width of the shoulders and the back in three gears.

When the shoulder and neck position is used, it can cover a large range, especially the massage of the trapezius muscle is very good, and the effect of soothing soreness is quite good.

For Foot symptom, you can choose a combination of leg and foot care, and stimulate the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet by scraping the soles of the massage chairs with 3D rollers. Use leg and foot airbag massage to soothe the calf muscles, and use hot compresses on the calf to relieve soreness and swelling, so as to relax the tired feet and improve the cold state of the feet.

Luraco Massage Chair also has a very interesting function, that is, this massage chair is designed with 3D surround sound on both sides of the head. After connecting with the mobile phone through Bluetooth , you can massage and rest while enjoying the immersive 3D sound. Surround sound, playing some light music can make it easier to relax yourself.


Originally, I wanted to briefly talk about some of my actual experience of using the Luraco massage chair cushion, but I accidentally wrote so much. Well, after thinking about it carefully, it is probably that I am really interested in this one. I am very satisfied with the massage chair. After all, it is indeed a pleasant thing to share my heart with everyone.

As a 12,000-dollar massage chair, Luraco Massage Chair is indeed a model worth choosing. Whether it is an intelligent 3D soft-feeling movement or a 3D enlarged flexible airbag design, it has greatly improved the massage chair.

The comfort of use, especially the all-round heat compress design of this massage chair, breaks the limitation of traditional massage chairs that only have heat compress effect on the waist and calf, and can bring us a warm 3D wrapping of the whole body, especially for the elderly People or people who are cold and afraid of cold are very friendly.

For more experience and experience of daily use of massage chairs, you are welcome to interact in the comment area, I am a dream and a pig, goodbye!

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