Best Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs Buyers Guide 2024 [Comprehensive Guide]

Welcome to my most demanded article “Massage Chairs’ Buyers Guide 2024”. I have explored and offered a lot of features to guide you before buying the Best Massage Chair for you in 2024. You will be confident after reading this detailed article so that you may purchase a massage chair that fits you.

massage chair is a direct gift from God. I mean, who doesn’t like to relax while watching TV or a movie in front of the TV? And all this directly from the privacy of your own home? I don’t know you, but count me in!

Fatigue, overwork, and stress are realities that we would gladly do without. The consequences can be numerous and muscle pain is often one of the first symptoms to occur. If the massages in the institute are often very effective, it is necessary to have large financial means to be massaged regularly. Fortunately, there are many often very effective massage devices, which allow us daily massages.

There are several solutions, from the simple vibrating seat top to the very complete massage chair. Here you will find some clarifications which help you to make your choice.

Best Massage Chair
Best Massage Chair

What is a massage chair?

It goes without saying that a massage chair is a comfortable chair that mimics the movements of a masseur thanks to certain incorporated technologies.

The benefits of massage chairs

They can improve your circulation, relieve stress, and even benefit some people with certain health problems, such as anxiety or high blood pressure.

Most presidents focus on a few issues instead of one. These are just a few examples, we will explore later.


1. The different types of massage chairs
2. How to choose a massage seat top
     2.1. The dimensions of the massage seat
     2.2. Comfort and ease of use
     2.3. The massages offered
     2.4. Some options
3. Choose a massage office chair
     3.1. Selection Criteria
     3.2. Possible options
4. Choose your massage chair
     4.1. Different types of massage
     4.2. Massage areas
     4.3. Inclination
     4.4. The look of the chair
    4.5. Features to look for
     4.6. Some Tips

The different types of massage chairs

3 Types of massage chairs

There are various types of massage chairs that are slightly different to meet different needs.

  • WholeBody:

A chair that allows your whole body to relax.

  • Ottoman:

This is a more traditional-looking chair, similar to an armchair, with a separate footrest.

  • Recliner:

The most popular massage chair, cheaper than others.
zero gravity: The most expensive option, it is inspired by space travel. Its design evenly distributes your weight, reducing stress on your legs and back.

How to choose a massage chair?

A much-appreciated solution for its simplicity and its purchase price, the massage chair is placed on a chair or armchair that we already have in our furniture. It is very easy to store and install, so it does not take up much space at home.

There are differences between each of them. The size of the seat, the amplitude of the massage, the types of massage, the comfort of use, the possible configurations, and the different options will make the difference in your choice.

  • Massage seat dimensions

This is an important criterion because not all seats are necessarily suitable for all body types. A seat that massages from the lower back to the shoulders or neck will not be as satisfying for a 1.60m person as it is for a 1.90m giant. As a general rule, if you measure between 1.65 m and 1.80 m, for a normal complexion you will not have a problem and almost all massage chairs will adapt to you.

However, the parameters are important. In fact, some chairs like the Homedics SGM-425H-EU offer many configurations, allowing everyone to adapt the massage surface to their liking. Thus, all morphologies find their account. Of course, between a massage seat that offers adjustment possibilities and a standard seat, the prices vary enormously. This way we can regulate the height but above all the width of the massage. In my opinion, this is an essential element to ensure that you use this equipment correctly.

  • Comfort and ease of use

These are important criteria because some massage enthusiasts will find it difficult to adjust to devices that offer very hard massage heads. Some

manufacturers also choose gel-infused heads to make the massage gentler and often more pleasurable. This is the case of the Homedics SBM-600H-EU.

In any case, even if your massage chair hurts the first few times, know that it usually takes a few massages to get used to before you finally get much pleasure out of it. For this reason, you always have to suffer a little at first to finally receive the long-awaited pleasant and relaxing massages.

For the easiest possible use, it is preferable to choose a seat equipped with remote control with a sufficiently long cable. In this way, you can make the various settings and start a program that is already perfectly installed.

  • The massages offered

This is where the various devices will be noticeable. For example, you can find massage seats, such as the Medisana MC 810, which will simply offer relaxing massages by vibration. There will be several possible areas (lower body, upper back, shoulders, buttocks, etc.) and different intensities, but no massages as such. However, the vibration massage allows the user to relax and there is no risk of pain. Sometimes you can also use this type of massage seat in the car.

Then we can find the balance. This is a massage technique that is carried out thanks to the action of rollers or balls present in the mattress of the device. The rollers then move up and down, left and right, and can rotate on one or more axes moving along the spine. This effectively relaxes the muscles of the entire back, but also the neck and shoulders.

Shiatsu massage is present in more and more models of massage chairs. The massage heads here should replicate the movements that a masseuse performs using those thumbs, the palm of the hand, or the elbows. This type of massage is performed using more or less significant pressure combined with percussion. It is a program that aims to be revitalizing and perfect for preparing the body for physical exertion. It is also very good for relieving muscle tension.

Sometimes you can also find a 4 hands massage. This allows you to work several areas of the back at the same time, and thus relax more quickly. It is then possible to choose between shiatsu, rolling, or touch, but with 4 support zones simultaneously. It is effective and above all very pleasant.

A few options

The main option found in many references is that the seat or the massage heads are heated. This allows muscles to relax more quickly, and it is obviously more comfortable to use, especially in winter. Please refer to our tests to see if this function is truly effective on the device you’re targeting. Indeed, some massage seats have this option, but we do not notice a big difference when the latter is engaged.

Rarer but nevertheless very interesting, the option to target and stay in a fixed area gives the user the possibility of getting rid of a persistent muscle knot. It is generally the relatively high-end massage seats that offer this functionality, which may be essential depending on your profile and your needs.

Choose a massage office chair

For this type of Massage Chair, do not expect miracles in terms of performance. There are indeed only massaging office chairs that simply offer vibration massage. However, this product should not be denigrated, as it can be a powerful ally, both for your ability to stay focused and to relieve muscles that have been numbed for too long by a sitting position.


Indeed, the vibrations provided by this type of device can relax muscles and nervous tension. This gives us the possibility in a few minutes, to lower our stress level, relax, and thus start working again with a high level of performance.


Selection criteria

The first important point for choosing this type of chair is obviously the seat. Before thinking about the well-being of the massage, you must be seated as best as possible. It would be a pity to have to relieve the back discomfort that your chair has caused. Homcom has understood this well, and the manufacturer thus offers a very comfortable armchair, offering a very good quality seat whether you weigh 60 or 100 kg.

It is also necessary to ensure the solidity and robustness of the chair. It is of course a work tool that you want to keep for a long time. It will welcome you every day, and the fabrics and materials must be as resistant as possible.

Finally, the number of massage zones is of course essential, the more the better. Then you can switch up the joys by selecting other programs. Sometimes you will appreciate the vibrations in your lower back, and other times it will be your shoulders that need to be relaxed. There must also be a variety of intensity levels. You will require more or less power depending on your build or feelings.

Possible options

Usually, you won’t have anything else to offer other than the soothing heat option. This is always a plus in order to properly and quickly relax the back muscles. It is really very appreciable, especially in winter if you have trouble heating your office, you will be almost delighted to get to work.

In principle, your massage office chair is mounted on casters, in order to be moved as easily as possible. If not, it’s best to make sure it’s not too heavy. It’s a seat that you handle several times a day, so it has to be as simple as possible.

Choose your Massage Chair

The one that is really called the “massage chair”, is the chair that generally finds its place in the living room and which will be used as much to relax in front of the TV, as to practice some massages. Here the price differences are really huge. You can find massage chairs for a few hundred euros like the Homcom lounge chair and its simple vibration massages, or you can turn to very complete devices, which generally cost 10 times more expensive like the Prince Tecnovita, but which allow incredibly and above all very effective massage sessions.

We will therefore necessarily choose this massage chair according to our means, but not only. There are many criteria to allow us to choose the massage chair that will be best suited to our needs.

How to choose the right chair for you?

There are some factors to consider when buying a massage chair.

  • The most important thing is whether your house has enough space before considering the price. They are not small, and many people don’t even think about it when they buy them. Then they created another problem at home.
  • We have already mentioned prices, so try to find something within your budget.
  • This is closely related to the reputation of the brand and can therefore affect its overall price.
  • So you have to look at the features that are most important to you.
  • Read our detailed discussion on the best massage chairs under $1000.

Features of the massage chair

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular features customers are looking for:

  • Auto Power Off:  Very useful as it prevents overheating.
  • Body Scanning Technology: Scans the shape of a person’s body and adjusts to meet specific needs.
  • Remote Control: Some devices have a touchscreen, wireless, or built-in remote control.
  • Space-Saving Technology: Great if you have a smaller workspace or apartment.
  • Swivel Base It is very useful if you also use the chair as an office chair.

Different Types Of Massage

Just like massage chairs, massage chairs can offer different programs and massages. As specified a few lines above, the lower models are usually simply chairs that offer vibrating massages. It’s good, it relaxes, but nothing to do with a real massage that kneads the muscles.

Of course, Shiatsu is very present in most mid-range or high-end models. On some devices, you will actually get the impression that two hands of a masseuse are working your muscles, rubbing and kneading your back with great efficiency.

Percussion or beat will also be part of this. This gives the impression of a light pat on the back, a bit like a Swedish or Thai massage. It is ideal for increasing blood flow and thus eliminating excessive muscle stiffness.

Bearings or bearings are in principle in the program. They allow stretching of the muscles on both sides of the spine. It is a very popular massage that usually relaxes very well and allows you to fight various back pains. A little painful at first, you always end up asking for more.

Massage Areas

Some chairs only massage the back, others are also applied to relax the neck, and finally, some especially take care of the calves and even the feet. It’s all a matter of wanting and needing. Some athletes will need a full massage, especially on the legs, to recover or prepare for physical exertion. Others simply need to have their shoulders and neck massaged effectively. Therefore, it is necessary to know all the possibilities offered by the different massage chairs and make your choice accordingly.

The Reclination

Some chairs offer a very slight recline and others offer a full recline. This is obviously important, because the steeper the slope, the deeper the massage. The weight of the body exerts more pressure on the massage heads when lying down and therefore exerts more effective pressure on the muscles. Some chairs recline up to 135° and others up to 180°. Although we don’t always use the full recline, it’s a significant advantage to be able to fully recline the backrest.

The look of the chair

Of course, even if you have found the armchair of your dreams in terms of use and massage functions, it still has to fit perfectly with your furniture. It is not a piece of furniture that can be put away once used. It takes up space, is heavy, and is therefore often found in your living room or an important room in the house.

Fortunately, manufacturers have understood this restriction and generally do not offer fluorescent pink armchairs with green polka dots, but rather a sober and modern material. Thus, massage chairs are often very similar from one brand to another and fit in with most interior decorations.

Choose a chair that you love because it will stay before your eyes for many, many years. A piece of furniture that becomes unpleasant to your taste will end up giving you the opposite of what you are looking for in a massage chair. Relaxation is also the aesthetics and visual comfort that an object gives us.

Features to look for

Some of the features that differentiate massage chairs from regular chairs are numerous. Here are some examples:

  • Airbag massager
  • Intensity adjustment
  • Pressure point detection
  • Displacement node

Of course, there is more, but you get the idea.

Some tips

For a massage chair that costs several thousand dollars, be sure to check that it has a large enough warranty. The most serious manufacturers generally offer a 5-year guarantee, beware of devices with very short guarantees, the manufacturer does not show that he has confidence in his product.

There are also trial periods of 30 to 90 days. This is once again a guarantee of quality. If the manufacturer offers you to try the device for free and to reimburse you in case of dissatisfaction, it is because he believes in his product and in his ability to seduce you. So you have very little reason to doubt.

It is a mechanical and electronic object, so there is a risk of malfunction. Now, most massage chairs are modular in design, which means that most parts can be easily removed to be replaced or repaired individually. However, this is not the case for all devices, and sending such a heavy wheelchair to a repairer can be very expensive.

Finally, although it is possible to find second-hand massage chairs at often very attractive prices, it is a solution that we do not recommend. In fact, it is really a sensitive device that is better to know again.

You can buy a used chair, and have the impression that everything works well, but with a performance that ends up being inferior to that of a new product. Not to mention that you will have no guarantee and that the final price will end up inflating in addition to the repairs. For these types of devices, the choice of a new massage chair in 2024 is essential.



Ans: 3D massage rollers mimic human hands. Coils can go from left to right, up and down, in and out.

4D massage rollers go one step further. They provide a deep tissue massage and move in different directions and angles that 3D rollers cannot reach.


Ans: S-Tracks are most common on massage chairs. They usually extend from the neck to the tailbone and are shaped like an “S” to maintain constant contact with the body.

L-Tracks are extended tracks and start where S-Tracks end. L-Tracks have a longer range of motion and can massage the glutes and hamstrings.


Ans: Does the chair you are considering offer a trial period? It would be a good idea to test the chair at home for so many days and return it if it doesn’t work or improve.


Ans: A guarantee is a good idea for massage chairs as they are expensive. Make sure the company at least covers labor and parts if something goes wrong with the chair when you first receive it.