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7 Best Massage Chairs – Getting a Massage After a Great Day at Work Can Be Very Relaxing

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Written by Atique Ur Rehman

Whether you are a person who works long hours on your feet day by day or someone who experiences muscle or joint pain due to a chronic illness, the idea of ​​getting a full body massage whenever you want sounds like a dream. We have been thinking about this recently, but paying for professional massage therapy appointments as often as we would like is not possible.

Of course, he does not even ask a reluctant family member to rub our shoulders at the end of their big day! We tried all kinds of rolling wheels and more, but the impact was small and we could not help but feel that there was an even better choice out there. Then we had the opportunity to try a friend’s massage chair and suddenly everything changed.

Now, we have seen massage chairs in the past, but they are usually found in malls and airports. Until recently, we had no idea that they are manufactured and can be purchased for home use, and at lower prices than we expected.

Being research enthusiasts, we immediately started looking for our various options to make sure we knew what kind of features and details we would be looking for and we could really prepare to put our money into the best choice for our needs

What is a massage chairs?

The massage chair is a comfortable lounge-style chair designed to offer you the experience of receiving a relaxing and beneficial muscle massage without having to make an appointment with a massage therapist.

These chairs are equipped with different cushions, straps, tilt angles and surfaces that allow different parts of your body (usually your back, neck, arms and legs) to feel vibrations, compression and pressure under the outside chair surface.

These movements, made of structures and systems built into the pillows, mimic the emotions of massaging your muscles and, in the best chairs, massage your muscles well enough to offer real relief, rather than reassuring you with a similar effect.

How do massage chairs work?

The specific ways in which the massage chair will work depends on the type you are buying. In general, however, you will find that massage chairs have different materials and systems under the surfaces of their comfortable cushions.

Some massage chairs have vibrating devices that process the generalized stress energy stored in your muscles, while others have motors that control the plastic rubber balls to make them push and rotate so that they can hit specific points of tension.

There are also chairs that use air compression to close the cushioned parts of the chair around your limbs, applying light pressure to the muscles. Most massage chairs are adjustable so that you can lie on your back or lift your legs.

Regardless of the type of systems in your chair, there will be electrical components. You need to place the massage chair near an electrical outlet so that you can plug it in. You will also want to place it in a warm, dry place. Quality massage chairs are quite durable, but require the same safe conditions as any other household electrical appliance.

Who should buy a massage chair?

Massage chairs are really very beneficial for virtually everyone! Whether you are experiencing pain that you are trying to alleviate, you are trying to manage stress and anxiety, or you just like the feeling of a massage and want to relax, using a good massage chair can offer myriad benefits. These include:

  • Exercise and relief of common points of muscle tension
  • Relief of pain caused by hard or prolonged use of muscles, many hours of standing or sitting in one place or manual labor
  • Relaxation and reduction of stress and anxiety (which can also contribute to better sleep and therefore increase energy)
  • Help with joint pain that worsens or causes relative muscle tightening
  • Encourage better blood flow and therefore circulation of temperature in the extremities and extremities

We have your full attention now, but are you still hoping for further guidance on the actual models and the options themselves? Then see the list of pros and cons of the seven best massage chairs we came across in our search.

1. Full electric Shiatsu massage lounger with integrated heat treatment

If the ideas of vibrating movements and heat treatment sound like things that would benefit the specific points of intensity and painting, then this first model of massage chair from Best Massage may be the best choice for you. This chair is adjustable in almost every way and is designed to offer you a real full body massage.

It has speed control, volume control, controls for perfect placement of your bag, legs and head, and even adjustable heat settings for particularly painful days. All controls and settings are easy to navigate on a backlit digital keyboard. The chair combines vibrations and air compression to target different parts of your body,

While most previous buyers were absolutely thrilled with this chair, some had a rather unique complaint: they actually found the highest settings in some parts of the pillows too loud, especially on the shoulders.

Keep in mind that, for any chair you buy, it is important to check the settings quickly to see what is right for you, so that your use is really beneficial.


  • Adjustable seat position and volume controls on the control panel with easy-to-navigate digital backlit display
  • Combination of air pressure and vibration motion for a varied massage experience
  • Heat settings for particularly painful days
  • Massage points from head to toe


  • Some people actually fund the higher settings in this chair more or less strong for their muscles

2. Shiatsu Full Electric Electric Zero Gravity massage chair with Bluetooth heating and foot roll

If you were to invest in a fancy massage chair, would you prefer some extra features from the massage itself, for a more caring treatment? Then you just have to look at this model from Smagreho.

This full body massage chair is called a “zero gravity” chair because it is specially designed to rock you back and forth gently, taking pressure points on your back and legs where they support your full weight all day.

It is able to lie down completely to place your feet higher than your heart to lower blood pressure. It has lower back heating and combines both cylinders and airbag pressure, both of which are fully adjustable.

Previous buyers have reported overwhelmingly that they are extremely happy with this chair and all its features, but that is only after they could put it together. According to many people, adjusting this chair is actually quite difficult and the instructions are of little use. It is manageable and they were happy as soon as it was done, but it took longer than expected and is reported to be slightly disappointing.


  • “Zero gravity” reclining force to remove pressure on back and legs and put feet above the heart to lower blood pressure
  • Combination of air compression and roller massage
  • Adjustable volume settings and optional lower heat
  • Bluetooth speaker for connecting to a smartphone for music during the massage


  • Difficult setup process and ineffective instructions

3. Foelro Full Body massage chair

Are you the kind of careful buyer who would rather see more than one version of a feature before choosing the model to buy, just in case? Then be sure to check out this zero weight massage chair from Foelro.

However, the angles of this particular chair, the possibility of reclining and the placement of massage points, are designed to relieve the gravitational pressures on the vertebrae that cause chronic back pain.

This chair features heat therapy all the time, leg and neck rollers, and air compressors that give both compression and fermentation to the arms and lengths and the entire length of the back. This chair is also quite customizable,

Although most previous buyers have been very enthusiastic about the ease of adjustment and the quality of the massage function offered by this particular chair, some have expressed frustration with the effectiveness of the zero gravity feature.

The chair definitely tilts and does so in a way that relieves tension at the base of the spine as advertised, but the angles it provides are not comparable to other chairs that lean drastically for a zero gravity experience that really differs from the middle lounger.


  • Bluetooth speaker for use with a smartphone for music
  • Compressors of air compressors and cylinders
  • Choose from six preset massage cycles or fully customizable individual massage settings, selected individually
  • Reclining possibilities for reducing pressure at the base of the spine


  • It does not actually lean back like most “zero gravity” sunbeds that actually put their feet above the heart

4. Osaki OS-4000 massage chair

Have you really endured in the hope of finding a massage chair that you can use at least once a day and that can withstand how often you run it in a durable and reliable way? Then perhaps you would do better with this fully equipped massage chair from Osaki which is designed to do a full body scan.

This chair is specially designed to withstand multiple uses in one day, so it is covered by a durable vinyl cover that is anti-broken and anti-year. It is also a zero-gravity chair, but it lies in two stages, so you can choose between a lighter, relaxing corner and a more dramatic one for blood pressure benefits.

Like most chairs we have shown you so far, this one is considered to work very well and really offers the benefits of being advertised in terms of how its functions really affect the body.

This particular model, however, is reported to have a knitting flaw: the digital control panel is actually a bit confused to learn at first. Most users with this review said that it was not so bad when they got hit by its controls, but that its use definitely comes with a learning curve and the instruction manual is only marginally helpful in understanding this aspect of the chair.


  • Two-stage zero gravity reclining experience
  • Extremely durable PVC exterior designed for repetitive daily use without tearing or tearing
  • Backlit digital wireless control, separate feature setting and six preset full massage cycles
  • Combination or cylinders, vibration massage and air compression


  • The controls that allow you to navigate digital options and adjust settings come with a somewhat difficult learning curve

5. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive body massage chair

If you are a person who needs bigger screens for easier vision and accessibility, but we have also caught your eye with all this idea of ​​durable outdoor chairs, then you can find this design from Osaki that best suits your needs.

This chair has a durable PU cover that has been upgraded from the previous models of the brand, with additional flexibility in the areas that move and are compressed to avoid slits.

The wireless abstraction that controls individual point settings and six preset massage cycles is larger than usual, with a larger screen than the average. The buttons that give you control are also large and clearly marked.

Despite the mostly positive reviews, this president received two repeated points of criticism. The first is that it usually takes much longer to send the confirmation email status you will receive.

It is detectable, but drives also lag more often than not, so it requires either pre-scheduling or patience. The second thing to note is the heat treatment function. Although it works and is reportedly very useful, it takes some time to warm up and get started.


  • Extremely durable with heavy duty, flexible material
  • Predefined massage cycles and individually adjustable settings
  • Speed, intensity and heat treatment options that are customizable
  • two gradient zero gravity tilt characteristics
  • Large digital display on large controls for easier visibility than most chair controls


  • Delivery is usually delayed more often than not, so it takes longer than expected
  • Adjusting the heat treatment is effective as soon as it heats up, but it takes a surprisingly long time to build and start

6. Massage President Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

If you prefer a massage chair that has all the features you have seen so far, but can be more easily controlled by a tilt, then you may prefer this remote control offered by Real Relax.

In addition to all the massage possibilities, this chair has bluetooth audio connectivity, as well as built-in LED lights that are adjustable and make reading while you make your massage easier.

The chair is made with zero gravity with a touch that is designed to feel almost weightless and contains eight rollers on the neck, back and legs, as well as 50 airbags around the shoulders, arms, hips and calves. . The remote control, which is clearly marked,

All in all, this chair has received real reviews for virtually every feature and aspect it offers. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

This complaint is that some of the higher settings for compression foot massages are actually very loud for comfort. This affected whether some people enjoyed one of the predetermined massage cycles that has a foot massage volume adjustment as part of its routine.


  • Possibility of reclining zero gravity
  • Good label and easy navigation on the remote control
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity and adjustable LED lights built-in for reading during massage
  • Combination of eight cylinders and 50 airbags, all strategically placed at perfect points of contact


  • Many people found that the higher volume settings in foot massages were too high, affecting their enjoyment by one of the predetermined massage cycles.

7. Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Recliner

Have you really hesitated to buy a massage chair because you are now big and heavy enough and you are not sure you can find a permanent place to put it that does not require moving at least occasionally? Then you are the perfect person to consider this design from Favolcano.

This chair actually has wheels at the back that, despite its durability when normal, make it very easy to lift the chair and roll it into a new position despite its size. In addition, the chair features zero-gravity reclining features, bluetooth audio connectivity, lower back heating and a complete combination of airbag compression and strategically placed rollers.

While the actual function and results of this chair are very well reviewed, some previous buyers have had problems with the setting. Aside from the fact that the instructions, although not terribly awesome, could certainly be a little clearer, the chair also arrived confused.

Due to its large size, the pieces for the chair were divided into three separate boxes. These boxes, however, did not appear to be full of any organisms and finding the right pieces was a challenge.


  • The wheels on the back make it easy to tilt the chair and move to a new position (despite the weight and size)
  • Possibility of reclining zero gravity
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity
  • Combination of air compressors and cylinders
  • Lightweight stabilizer and compression sides for migraine relief


  • Spare parts arrive in three separate boxes, but seemingly unorganized, making the parts difficult to find in the assembly

Types of massage chairs

Brands and companies are always trying to find new and unique designs that will not only benefit their customers even more, but will trend and sell better than is already available.

However, there are still three basic types of massage chairs (although you can also find models that use a combination of these features to offer a versatile massage experience). In general, you will find:

Vibrating massage chairs:

Vibrating massage chairs have their unique, fast movement by specialized motors strategically placed under the chair cushion. They work like the portable shoulder massages you may have seen before, but this time integrated into a comfortable armchair.

They are usually positioned to convey their vibration, releasing tension in the back, legs, shoulders and neck. Some vibrating massage chairs are also built to combine their vibrations with other movements, such as a stroke.

These continuous movements slowly resolve the increased pressure and tightness in areas of the body that carry your weight throughout the day.

Cylindrical massage chairs:

The chairs Roller massage also uses rollers and relieves pressure, but it is done differently and thanks to a different range of motion. These chairs have rounded shapes that press on your body with low (or often adjustable) pressure and then either rotate in place or roll up and down (or maybe even sideways) along the muscles in this area.

This is designed to mimic the movement of a person pressing his thumbs or the heel of his hand into your muscle and rotating or sliding it along the muscle to relieve tension. The heated rollers are integrated into some roller massage chairs, which can help relieve muscle soreness and encourage more flexibility.

Airbag massage chairs:

The massage chairs Airbags also exert pressure, but of different types and with less moving parts and usually less varied settings. In these chairs, strategically placed expandable airbags are integrated into the cushions.

These fill with air and therefore exert light pressure on different parts of your body in different ways. These around the edges of the recess to which your limbs fit, for example, will extend inward, applying pressure to relieve the muscles by gently squeezing your arms and legs.

Other airbags are mounted on the back and neck of the chair, moving from side to side or up and down to mimic the movements of a masseur’s hands in the same way as a roller, but all thanks to air pressure. rather than hard,

If you know someone else who is considering investing in a massage chair on their own, share this post with them so they have some more suggestions, facts and options to work with.

Do you already have a massage chair that you are really happy with and would highly recommend, but do not see here on our list? Tell us all about it or connect us to the store listing so we can check it out too!

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