Kahuna Massage Chairs

Kahuna Massage Chairs Review 2024

I believe everyone knows that sitting for a long time is not good, but if you know what to do, when you have a lot of work, let alone sitting for a long time, you have to stand aside even when you are eating.

I attended a class reunion once before, and many of my classmates were working in big Internet companies. From the initial greeting, it finally evolved into a “health knowledge sharing conference”.

The atmosphere of each expressing their opinions was very warm, it seems that health problems are not an exception.

During the chat, I said that massage is good for the body, but I still know what I can do. I have exhausted all my energy when I get home from get off work every day, and I really don’t have the energy to go for a massage.

But when it comes to massage chairs , I get interested. I don’t know if I don’t talk about it. It turns out that massage chairs have become the standard configuration of students.

Everyone who has used them said that they can not only relax muscles, but also improve insomnia. If not for classmates, I might just go out and turn left.

How to choose a massage chairs

In fact, you still need to study carefully before purchasing a massage chair. After all, the price is thousands or tens of thousands. The master has summarized a mind map that needs to be considered when purchasing a massage chair. You can save it as needed~

1. Guide rail

The guide rail is very important for the massage chair. It is the carrier of the movement. Its length and shape also reflect the massage range from the tail vertebra to the neck and the degree of fit with the body.

The types of guide rails can be divided into linear type, L type, S type and SL type. In order to have a better fit and can also adapt to taller people, the array owner recommends choosing the SL type guide rail, and in terms of the length of the guide rail , the longer the better.


The movement, that is, the massage hand, is the key part of the massage chair. In short, the movement can imitate the massage technique more like a human hand, so the massage will be more comfortable and professional.

Now there are 1D, 2D, and 3D movements on the market. As the name suggests, it is the direction and variety of movements that the model can operate.

The so-called 4D movement refers to the addition of 3D movements. Additional tactile sensing or other functionality. As for the 8D transmitted on the Internet, it is quite outrageous, in fact, it is the 1D movement.

Here, the array master recommends 3D or 4D movement, which is also used in mainstream massage chairs on the market.

Generally speaking, when we choose a massage chair with a better cost-effectiveness, we can choose 3D movement, and the budget is relatively large. , you can choose the 4D movement in one step.


The airbag is a key point of the massage chair, which can help fix the body during massage, and the extrusion of the airbag is also an auxiliary massage.

Many massage chairs will advertise the number of airbags, of course, this is very important, but in addition to the number, we also need to look at the range that these airbags can cover and the reasonable degree of distribution of the airbags, such as shoulders, hands, waist, buttocks,

The legs are the areas that need to be paid attention to when purchasing.

Hot compress

Many people think that hot compress may be an insignificant function, but the array owner thinks that hot compress is actually quite important. Whether it is used to keep warm in winter or to relieve fatigue, hot compresses are very useful.

The points that need to be paid attention to with hot compress are relatively simple. As long as the temperature is comfortable and can be kept constant and stable, it is very good.

Leg massage

Legs are sometimes overlooked, but in fact we still need to pay attention to the massage of the legs. The focus of foot massage is also similar, including massage head, air bag and hot compress. For office workers like the array leader, foot and calf massage can relieve the fatigue and soreness of the day, which is quite important.


Although I put the size here, the first thing to consider when buying a massage chair is actually the size. The size here refers to the size of the door, which should not be too large to prevent the door from entering. However, if you want to buy it, you can also consult the customer service.

According to the experience of the array owner, some massage chairs can also remove the armrest to enter the door, so the size is The request will be smaller than the indicated width size. 

The second is that the size of the massage chair should match your body. If your body is taller, you should buy a larger massage chair, otherwise it will always look cramped when you sit in it.


For everything that touches the skin, the material should always be discussed, but the array owner thinks that this is not necessary to go into depth, because it is just like choosing a sofa, everyone can choose according to their own consumption standards.

Although the leather is high-end and luxurious, I personally feel that it is not durable. The PU leather for massage chairs is more beautiful and durable.

Massage program

The last is the massage program. If the front is all based on hardware, the massage program of the massage chair is a software configuration. More choices of massage programs can make the massage chair have more functions. 

In addition, many massage chairs currently have additional functions such as voice control and Bluetooth speakers . Although it is not related to the massage itself, it can indeed improve the massage experience.

Now We Discussed About Top 6 Kahuna Massage Chairs 

1.Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

Let’s talk about the experience and evaluation of this massage chair in detail. First of all, the main team chose the color matching of space gray, and the overall color matching was compared. Simple, the general design is not much different from that of most massage chairs, and it is just right next to the cabinet of the main family.


First of all, the owner took down the massage chair and looked at the guide rail and the movement. The first is the movement. The movement of the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is indeed an intelligent 3D dynamic movement, which can massage at all angles and strengths .

Through the flexible movement of the movement, the massage chair can realize various techniques such as kneading, tapping, and slapping.

SL Guide

The 133cm SL-type guide rail of this Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is also very good. The leader has researched many brands and models of massage chairs. The SL-type guide rail of this length is basically the standard configuration of a 2W-level massage chair .


In addition, the airbag distribution of this massage chair is also very reasonable, covering the neck, hands, buttocks, waist and legs. When you experience it later, you can also feel the important role of airbags in massaging.

I have to say that the airbag of this massage chair is really good, whether it is the squeezing and stretching of the shoulders, or the wrapping of the hands and legs.

There are sets of airbags wrapped around the whole body of the massage chair, and the airbags are made of flexible materials. Although they are tightly wrapped, they are not painful.

The next part is the real experience. The massage chair is still very good when sitting on it, similar to the sofa, and the wrapping is also very good.

Massage Program

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair has a total of 6 massage programs, ranging from yoga stretching, men’s exclusive, queen slimming, elderly mode, etc., to deep relaxation, cradle mode, which can be suitable for different people, different scenes, naturally all my family members can be used.

Zero Gravity

This massage chair contains three zero-gravity modes, and it is very comfortable to lie down like you are in a quilt. In addition, the ambient light will light up when it is turned on, and the equipped Bluetooth speaker will play some soothing music , which is really enjoyable.

Roller Massage

In addition to the roller massage, the foot of this massage chair also has a circular rubbing function for the calf. Compared with the simple air bag pressing and with rubbing function can better relax the muscles of the legs and relieve the legs.

The effect of external fatigue is also better. This function is very practical for the parents of the array master who often have to hold the small array master, as well as the array master couple who commute every day.


In addition to the above functions, the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair also has a hot compress function, which can better relieve fatigue while hot compressing. Moreover, the temperature of this graphene heating method is more constant, and the constant temperature hot compress at 40°C is very comfortable.

In general, the experience of using this massage chair is very good. My friend now goes to massage every day while watching the little formation master. It is often pressed to fall asleep, it is really very comfortable, and the effect of relieving fatigue is super good.


  • Cost-effective and worthwhile
  • Foot and Calf Massage
  • Air cells that are in tune for acupressure massage
  • dependable whole-body scanner


  • The apparatus is bulky.
  • needs to be assembled

2. SM 7300 Superior Massage Chair

SM7300 Superior  Massage Chair is one of the most selling Massage Chair in the World. So lets we discuss about all the features of this massage chair.

Zero Gravity

On the posture of the massage chair, the “zero gravity mode” is very interesting. By adjusting the posture of the body, it can simulate the physical feeling of the zero gravity state, disperse the pressure on the spine and joints, and make the body involuntarily completely relax.

Only one button is needed to adjust to zero-gravity mode. People lying on it can feel the changes of the body very naturally, and the reduction of body pressure is also noticeable. In addition to the “zero gravity mode”, the biggest highlight of SM 7300 massage function is the immersive massage experience. The headrest is very comfortable, and there are airbags on both sides of the shoulders to assist massage.

SL Guide

SM 7300 Massage Chair have super-long SL guide rail fits the curve of the spine very well, and the whole person will feel wrapped, and because the back has a uniform heating function, it can also accelerate blood circulation, allowing muscles to relax faster.

V hand Massage

At the same time, there is the most commendable “intelligent control V-hand” under the headrest, which is the most famous “V-hand massage” of  SM 7300 Massage Chair. This is a complete massage system, the core of which is the V-hand that imitates the tiger’s mouth massage.

With dual 360° massage balls to simulate acupressure, it can achieve a massage experience comparable to that of a real person.


At the same time, there are corresponding airbag massage in other parts, such as the arm, and it is a hidden design, which does not affect the hands-on when not in use. When arm massage is required, it can provide a fully immersive massage experience.

Calf and Foot Massage

The last level is the massage of the calf and foot. SM 7300 Massage Chair uses the airbag to press on the calf. The overall pressing feeling is very gentle, which can slowly relax the calf, and also has a pedicure function blessing.

It is no problem to wear shoes and legs when not massaging, and it can instantly become a reclining chair or a single sofa. The angle can be adjusted under different massage programs to obtain different massage effects, and the same can be done with one key

Massage Program

There are a lot of preset massage programs in SM 7300, ranging from waist and hip, neck and shoulders to whole body pressure relief, the most special of which is the “Dream Assist Mode”, which is an artifact for friends with sleep disorders. It was only later that I found out that what my classmates said was true.


  • Warranty for 2 Years on Parts and Labor
  • convenient remote control
  • yoga’s flexibility components
  • Rollers for SL-Trac


  • A better remote would be desirable.
  • The massage functions are a little too strong.

3. SM9000 Massage Chair

Before buying a massage chair, you can go for two massages or pedicures in a month. Although a massage chair cannot be 100% manpower, it is more convenient. You can press it every day at home. After all, this year is more precious than money. It’s time and health, isn’t it?

In addition to the choice of brand, we pay more attention to [movement, guide rails, airbags and their own massage functions] when purchasing massage chairs. The intelligence and specialization of massage chairs have gradually become the criteria for judging the core competitiveness of the current massage chair market.

So what kind of massage chair is SM9000 and how does it understand you better?

Massage Program

In addition to the preset programs of the machine and the massage programs automatically generated by intelligent AI algorithms based on body information, the SM9000 Massage Chair also supports the greatest degree of custom design.

This custom setting really enables people to “control” the massage chair, and can freely set the massage technique, strength, posture and time according to personal preferences.

Instead of being limited to a fixed massage program, it has really achieved thousands of people, allowing massagers to gain a unique and comfortable experience.

The setting is also very simple, just drag and drop.

Scenario-based multi-round voice interaction

Different from rigid voice commands, the newly upgraded scene-based multi-round voice interaction  can more flexibly understand the needs. There is no threshold for parents to use it, and they can also enjoy the joy of massage while listening to the news.


The movement is the core part of the massage chair, which is equivalent to the heart of the massage chair. If the guide rail determines the massage stroke, then the movement determines the massage “method”.

At present, the 3D movement on the market basically meets the needs of most users. It can be done up and down, left, right, front, back, deep three-dimensional massage, kneading, beating, pressing, and grasping.

However SM9000 Massage Chair adopts the newly developed 4D brushless frequency conversion temperature sensor movement. In addition, the 3D wrapping airbag massage for knees, legs and feet + foot rollers, cycle pressing to release the pressure, allowing the body to completely relax

This Massage Chair can adjust the front and rear position, left and right, and the massage range can be extended to the shoulders, which can satisfy the massage of the neck and shoulders to a greater extent.

It is especially suitable for working in the office building and typing on the keyboard for a day. It can relieve the fatigue of the shoulders and neck.

Guide Rail

The function of the guide rail is mainly for the movement of the movement on it, so as to achieve the purpose of massaging various parts of the body! The quality of the guide rail directly determines the feeling of use, so it is a very important purchase point.


Not only that, SM9000 Massage Chair is also equipped with multiple sets of airbags in all directions, covering the shoulders, arms, waist and hips, calves, and outer airbags of the knees, wrapping the whole body to assist in extruding body massage.

Even if you have back pain and numbness in your buttocks after a long day of sitting at the office, you can get a good relaxation.

In order to provide a more advanced and comfortable experience, SM9000 is very ingenious in the design of various details. The position of the pillow core and cushion is filled with a large amount of high-quality latex, which is skin-friendly and comfortable, and supports stable.


The outer cover is newly upgraded microfiber leather, which is more wear-resistant than genuine leather while maintaining the delicate touch close to genuine leather, with long life, easy to clean,

In addition to designing a child lock to prevent children from accidentally touching, it also innovatively developed an intelligent anti-pinch sensing technology.

During the process of retracting the massage chair, the calf can intelligently identify obstacles and automatically stop to avoid collisions and pinch injuries.

Covered Low Area

Moreover, considering the indoor space problem, the new body has a front sliding design, and only 12cm needs to be reserved for the massage chair and the wall, so as to realize the real wall placement.


Speakers are also designed on both sides of the headrest, which can be connected to devices such as mobile phones through Bluetooth.During the massage, “sunk” in the chair, surrounded by beautiful music, with LED themed soothing lights, it couldn’t be more comfortable.


A 3-stage graphene heating is added to the calf, with high, medium and low heating, which is safe and fast. Cooperate with the 3D wrapping airbag massage for knees, legs and feet + foot rollers, and cycle press to release the pressure.

Body Scan

It is specially equipped with a soreness detection magnetic pole sensor. Through the signal collection of the human body’s stress response, it can intelligently detect the sore points of the body, and actively formulate a targeted massage plan, so that the massage can be more effective with less effort.

Touch System

This touch panel is also full of advanced, clear and clear, and you can understand it at a glance. Click various small icons on the screen, you can also lift the chair back, lift the feet, various sitting and lying positions, etc.,

it is really VIP-like treatment; the massage intensity can also be adjusted separately, suitable for the whole family; massage Times can also be adjusted so that your personal massage can be customized.


  • able to fit a variety of body types
  • Design that saves space
  • smooth transitions and gliding
  • Massage of the spine and buttocks using the SL-Track system


  • Amazingly large design
  • needs to be assembled

4. Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair


The movement of the Massage chair is the core of the massage chair, the main component of the massage function. Its quality directly affects the massage experience. The mainstream in the market includes 2D movement and 3D movement.

Then someone will definitely ask if there is a 1D movement, of course there is, if any massage chair is still using 1D, it is either stupid or broken.

The 2D movement literally means plane massage, but there are limitations in the technique and fewer functions, so the 2D movement is generally used in low-end massage chairs.

The 3D movement, as the name suggests, can achieve 3-dimensional bionic massage, and on the basis of 2D, it can be stretched and stretched by the motor to achieve the effect of grasping and pinching. It’s like having hands massaging your back.

And a good massage chair can also achieve body shape detection through the 3D movement. A massage chair with this function has a higher massage fit and comfort, and a better user experience.

Really do thousands of people thousands of faces, I didn’t expect, ah, I didn’t expect that you still have this massage chair with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

There are kneading, Swedish, pounding, shiatsu, slapping, and tuina in the switching of techniques, and the keys are switched in this order.

The realization of these functions depends entirely on the 3D fascia hand of Exquisite Rhythmic massage chair, which is an important part of the massage chair.

As can be seen from the name, the movement of Exquisite Rhythmic massage chair is 3D. It can simulate human hands to perform actions such as pinch, stretch, and tap.

15 kinds of back massage techniques can be selected on the hand controller, and the strength, pressure and speed can be adjusted at the same time.

SL-type and HSl-type Guide Rail 

Massage chair rails can be divided into straight rails, S-type rails, L-type rails, SL-type rails and HSL type.

S-rails have a better fit than straight rails, but have a shorter stroke, the same as straight rails.

L-shaped guide rail is extended and upgraded on the basis of straight guide rail

SL-type guide rail , needless to say, combines the advantages of S-type guide rail and L-type guide rail. The SL-type guide rail, also called the space curved rail, can massage 360 ​​degrees without dead ends, allowing every inch of skin and every acupoint of the body to enjoy the ultimate massage effect.

Is there any other form of rail? Yes, that is without guide rails, and without guide rails, it is also called a massage chair? Mostly called a massage pad.

Massage Technique

The program is a relatively general term, which roughly includes the techniques and strength of the massage.

The massage techniques are nothing more than kneading, beating, acupressure, massage, tapping, patting, kneading and beating, etc. There is also Thai Lajin. The more methods, the more suitable the crowd.

Strength, this is still very important, especially for people who are more sensitive to massage pain, or especially friendly to elderly people. Massage is not the more painful the better, more will backfire.

It’s like exercising, people who have never practiced go up and run a full marathon, and they don’t even dare to think about it.

The 6 massage techniques can be viewed horizontally as ridges and peaks under the simulation of the 3D fascia hand. The difference is obvious and the techniques can be switched on the hand controller.

It looks a bit similar from the animation, but your body will tell you the difference and which one is better for you.

There are two modes to choose from for each back massage technique. There are eleven different massage modes in total. My arrangement and combination are not very good.

The sweet dream mode swings up and down, simulating a shaker, and occasionally experience the feeling of returning to the age of children, and it seems that it is better for adults to be static. But there are also people who like this mode, and they like it very much.

15 Massage Program

Among them, the upper part of the manual button is 15 automatic massage programs: chase mode, dream mode, fatigue mode, queen mode, shoulder and neck focus, waist and hip pressure relief etc, which can basically meet the needs of most people. If you are Qiao Shan, the father of health care, you may have to manually adjust the intensity, pressure, but there is always a gear that suits you.

low Space Covered

Many people are afraid that the massage chair is too large and has a large deformation angle, which makes it difficult to place or the placement is not compact enough. I don’t have that much space at home, what should I do? It can’t be placed in the middle of the living room.

Exquisite Rhythmic massage chair has a very good “zero wall experience”. Because of the front sliding design, the back only needs to be 6CM away from the wall to be able to lay down with peace of mind. It is especially friendly to friends with small apartments.

He is like a one-seater sofa, not small, but very “flexible”.Unless your home is a big house, most people’s placement method is against the wall, exhausting the depth in a limited space.

Head Massage

The headrest can be effectively supported when used as a single sofa, and can be turned back during massage. There is also a small headrest that can be adjusted in height.

Bluetooth Speaker

There is a Bluetooth speaker on each side, you can search by Bluetooth when you turn it on, and the sound quality is not bad. Don’t turn on the sound too much because it’s right next to your ear. I just like this kind of music that surrounds you and the breeze is coming. The song “I THINK I” pulled back my thoughts, but my body honestly echoed the comfort brought by kneading and beating.

Automatic Scan body

Press the standby button, Exquisite Rhythmic massage chair will lie down at a certain angle, and then choose an automatic massage program at will, the machine will automatically detect the body shape, from height to spine curve, etc., to achieve the best massage position.

About half a minute later, after the detection, the word “BACKREST SCANNING” flashes on the upper part of the screen of the hand controller and is accompanied by a prompt sound of “Di Di Di Di Di”, and then directly enters the automatic massage mode.

It is a pity that this sound cannot be turned off, nor can the volume be adjusted or changed to vibrate.Every time the automatic massage program is activated, the machine will perform a body shape detection.

It is worth mentioning that there are three types of seat back adjustment angles in the 15 automatic massage programs. Among them, the Dream Mode, the Fatigue Relief Mode and the Waist-Hip Pressure Relief Mode are basically lying flat, and the Queen Mode is the lying flat state.

In the drama mode, the angle is only about half-lying. This half-lying state is the most comfortable for watching TV. With the full body massage, the body has already enjoyed a real comfort before an episode is finished.

In addition to these, it can also be adjusted manually, and the Exquisite Rhythmic massage chair backrest can be adjusted arbitrarily between 126° and 150°.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity can reach 126°±7°, simulate the zero-gravity elevation angle of the space capsule, close your eyes, imagine yourself in outer space, can’t take the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft, then feel at home with the astronauts Well, let the body relax in a natural state. It is also a good choice to take a nap in the afternoon.

Easily Watch TV and Drama

LD likes to follow the drama mode, the massage chair will not be flattened at a large angle, but given a tilt angle of about 135°, which is the best angle to watch TV. You don’t need to hold your phone with both hands even to look at your phone.

But I like the shoulder and neck focus. After sitting for a long day, my neck and shoulders are a little tired. This mode is very good for working workers. In addition to focusing on the shoulder and neck massage, it also takes into account the waist.

From time to time, there will be a waist stretching movement. I cooperate with a strong shoulder opening, but maybe I have a thick body and two shoulders.

The down force point of deployment of the side airbags is a bit off. However, there is no such annoyance in LD, but this does not prevent me from loving this mode.

Airbag Experience

Exquisite Rhythmic massage chair is equipped with 38 airbags. It can be seen from the illustration that it is distributed on the shoulders, hands, buttocks, legs, etc.

Use the airbag massage where the 3D fascia cannot reach the hands to increase the massage experience. It needs to be emphasized here that the number of airbags is not the better, and it has to work with the manipulator (movement).

Too many airbags will affect the work of the manipulator, which is not worth the loss.

The shoulder airbag is two-piece, designed to generate inward and downward pressure. This action can also be seen from the moving chart. When the airbag is opened, the LD can clearly feel the inward and downward force, which has the effect of opening the shoulders.

The landlord may be a little fat, and only feel the inward force, but not the downward force. If the position of the shoulder airbag can be moved, the effect will be better.

Different from the massage of the manipulator, the airbag presses gently without losing strength, and it is a model of softness and rigidity. The cycle of inflation and deflation can effectively decompress the massage area.

It is worth mentioning that the Exquisite Rhythmic massage chair hand airbag is long enough, even if it is lying down.

The foot airbags are divided into upper and lower groups, namely the calf and the foot, and the wrapping strength is sufficient.

The feet have airbags similar to those of the shoulders, and the airbags on both sides are pressed down at the same time to achieve the purpose of pressing the instep. Cooperate with foot roller scraping, foot health care set to take away.


The use experience of Exquisite Rhythmic massage chair has exceeded my expectations.It is outstanding in the price/performance ratio among the massage chairs. Especially after a tiring day, the relaxation of a specific part, that feeling, can only be known after using it.

It can be seen from the rush to use it every night, I bought the right one, so the preliminary work still needs to be done.

In addition, in my city, in many large shopping malls You can see his special store, giving people a sense of steadiness. The advantages have been said above, so let me pick on the bones. As a product, there are always imperfections.


  • strong 3D massage
  • Excellent Anti-Stress Head Massage with Air Cells
  • Controls for mobile apps
  • High-end Bluetooth speakers
  • contemporary heat therapy


  • The settings on the machine are fairly harsh.
  • The quality of the remote control is not too good

5. LM-7800 Massage Chair

After a circle of “stepping on the spot”, after experiencing it, the appearance and performance of the LM-7800 Massage Chair  are more suitable, especially the price.You can enjoy the comfort of the massage chair in advance at the same price as the big promotion, so choose him.

The massage chair is very compact, and it is more than enough to put it together. Watching TV while massaging, the angle and distance are just right. After the massage chair is placed, it will not affect watching TV while sitting on the side of the sofa.

The soft pillow can be used as an ergonomic chair when not massaging, and the head and neck are very comfortable to rest on.The headrest is reversible, and it needs to be turned down during massage, so that the neck is closer to the massage roller.

Pure Leather

The seat cushion part is made of soft PU leather. Now the performance of PU leather is completely comparable to that of leather, and it is better than leather in terms of wear resistance and bending.

Using artificial materials, in addition to better performance, can also reduce the consumption of animal fur, which also contributes to environmental protection.

The seat cushion is designed with plaid quilting in the part that bears a lot of pressure on the human body, which not only improves the sitting feeling, but also shows the grade.

Massage Technique

The arm massage area can cover the forearm to the back of the hand, and the airbag simulates the effect of “pressing” and “kneading”, which has a good effect on relieving the fatigue caused by doing housework for a long time, operating the keyboard and mouse, and the mouse hand.

For the calf, the surface of the foot and the sole of the foot, the large-area pressing of the air bag and the rolling of the sole of the foot can accelerate the circulation of the calf and eliminate fatigue.


The massage airbags on the legs and feet have a very good coverage, which can completely wrap the calves and feet, and the airbags are flexible massage, so even the elderly will have no problem using them.

Actual Experience

Due to sitting and working on the computer for a long time, at night, my upper body is rigid, so hurry up and relax with a massage chair. My height is 174cm and my weight is 70kg. After sitting in the massage chair, I feel that the size is very suitable, and all parts have a very comfortable support.

After I sit comfortably, there is still room left inside the massage chair, which is loose and comfortable.

Automatic Scan the Body

After starting the massage, it will automatically detect the position of the human shoulder to accurately identify the body of the person being massaged. In addition to automatic detection, we are also able to perform manual compensation.

Various parameters can be customized, but I feel that the default is very suitable, and there is no need to manually set it.

Longest L-Track 

The LM-7800 has the longest L-track system of any Kahuna chair. It has the effect of gradually preparing your body to go inside an oven when combined with the full-body massage provided by this device.

Space-Saving Technology

You’ll like this unit’s space-saving design whether you have a limited amount of room or are simply attempting to maintain a minimalist aesthetic. Due to the recline’s sliding forward function, which does not require a significant amount of wall clearance, you can conserve room.

FDA-Approved Medical Device

Do not worry if you are still unsure of this unit’s advantages. The FDA has registered this item. You will therefore receive a massage chair that is both effective and therapeutic.


  • outstanding client service
  • Bluetooth speakers installed
  • a zipper cover that may be changed for simple cleaning
  • Available home warranty
  • Design that saves space
  • position in zero gravity on various levels


  • It is not in 3-D.
  • needs some assembling

6. Kahuna LM7000 Massage Chair

Everyone will have some occupational diseases more or less. If you often sit at your desk and write, your neck and waist will definitely be riddled with holes. If you often talk about it, your arms and muscles will definitely be sore and swollen.

Is there a good way to relieve some of the stiffness, soreness that we all have? Yes, I recommend you to buy massage chair for yourself and your family

Kahuna LM7000 Massage Chair can not only relieve fatigue, but also relax the body and help sleep. Add a massage chair to your home. Since you want to buy, you must first research and understand what brand and model are good.

This  massage chair with affordable price and easy placement.There are 12 massage programs to choose from, there is always something suitable for you.Although small, it has many functions.

3d multi-dimensional massage movement, intelligent combination of 6 massage techniques.The biggest pain point of massage chairs is that they take up space, so be sure to look at the size and reserve a place for placement.

Seat Width

The meaning of the seat width lies in the tolerance of the massage chair for people’s height, shortness, fatness and thinness. If the seat is wide, naturally more people at home can enjoy the comfort of massage, and slim people are also more comfortable.This Massage Chair has 30 inches width.

Pure Leather

Next is the material that makes up the appearance, which is also very important. The material that is close to the skin must not be an irritating material, and the experience brought by different materials is not the same.This Massage Chair is made up of soft leather.


It can move in three directions: up and down, left and right, and front and back during massage, so that it can cooperate with various programs to achieve various techniques of percussion, kneading, and acupressure. Different designs can achieve different effects.


The last is to choose a good airbag. As an important part of the auxiliary massage, the airbag is also an important factor for people’s comfort. In general, the more airbags, the greater the comfort.

Good massage chair airbags are generally distributed in five areas: shoulders, arms, waist, buttocks, calves and feet; waist and buttocks airbags are particularly important for modern people.

Because the waist and hips belong to the curved parts, and the manipulator can only massage To the front, the side of the waist and buttocks cannot be massaged. Adding airbags can wrap the waist and buttocks in a more comprehensive way.

in addition to the shoulders, arms, calves and feet with airbags, new waist and hip airbags, and the shoulders are upgraded to two-layer airbags.

The calf air bag is lengthened, almost extending to the knee, and the massage area is larger.

L type Guide Rail

The movement determines the “method” of the massage, and the guide rail determines the stroke of the massage. In the beginning, the massage chair did not have guide rails, just like using a cheap ball massager on an ordinary sofa.

In the second generation, there are guide rails, but the massage is straight up and down.

In the third generation is S-shaped guide rails, which are more sticky It fits the back curve, but the stroke is short, and it is difficult to massage the waist and buttocks.

In the fourth generation is the L-type guide rail, which is not as good as the S type, but the stroke is long, and can massage from the shoulders and neck to the buttocks.

In the fifth generation is the SL-type guide rail, It combines the advantages of S and L shapes well, and can even cover the buttocks and thighs.

Massage Effect

On the basis of choosing the right movement, guide rails, and airbags, we also need to consider massage procedures, operation methods, etc., as well as their combined feelings, which all need to be based on experience as the basis for decision-making.

Kahuna LM7000 Masssage Chair has added the function of hot compress on both sides when performing back massage, which can relieve muscle tension, but unfortunately there is no hot compress function on the legs;

The hot compress area for multiple parts is larger, and the massage experience is better, especially for the elderly.


  • outstanding client service
  • Bluetooth speakers installed
  • a zipper cover that may be changed for simple cleaning
  • Available home warranty
  • Design that saves space
  • position in zero gravity on various levels


  • It is not in 3-D.
  • needs some assembling

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