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Top 10 Osaki Massage Chair Review 2024

One of the world’s most well-known and respected massage chair brands, Osaki Massage Chair has a reputation for making high-quality chairs. The brand’s quality and customer service have remained constant over time even as they continue to incorporate technology into their massage chairs. Along with some of the best electronic massage chairs, Osaki also produces high-quality back supports, palm massagers, and foot massagers.

Our Buyer’s Guide will feature these top Osaki massage chair reviews. We take a close look at the top 10 Osaki massage chairs and evaluate each one individually. This involves a detailed investigation of each massage chair, as well as a close look at all its characteristics. We will also give an overview of the new brand Osaki. We thoroughly examined a number of Osaki chairs and came to the conclusion that these 10 were the best of the day.

Top 10 Osaki Massage Chairs

What Is Osaki?

A well-known manufacturer of massage products in Japan is Osaki. The Osaki 1000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 7200h, and Dreamer are just a few of the well-known massage chairs they’ve produced.

One of Osaki’s greatest accomplishments is her ability to change with the times. You’ll see that Osaki has been a technological forerunner all throughout our evaluation guide. Their own airbags, gravity adjustments, and luxury program implementation are examples of this.

  1. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Massage chairs can help relieve the aches and pains that come with long days. Osaki is a leader in the massage chair market. The OS-4000 model is highly regarded in its lineup, so it’s worth taking a closer look. We’ll take a closer look at this remarkable model in our Osaki OS-4000 zero-gravity massage chair review. This will help you make informed purchasing decisions.


It can be difficult to choose the right one among the many massage chairs available. Take a closer look at the features of the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair here so you can determine if it is the best choice for your needs.

Materials And Color Options

For the Osaki OS-4000 zero-gravity massage chair, the company chose durable, industrial-grade polyurethane. This choice can lead to chairs from other companies that are not comfortable but durable.

However, a cursory look at online reviews of the Osaki OS-4000 reveals that most people love the softness and flexibility of the surface materials. The current availability of this gravity chair is in either black or brown.


Osaki OS-4000 uses the latest technology to improve adjustment and promote a more comfortable position. The Osaki OS-4000 uses a series of rollers to measure the curvature of the user’s back with amazing accuracy.

This results in a better overall massage experience designed to hit every key area. The advanced chair offers a great massage experience regardless of body type. Osaki OS-4000 can even adapt to your body, so each massage is unique.

Massage programs

To ensure that each muscle group is optimally massaged, the curvature of the back is mapped with the rollers mentioned above. If you have lower back issues, you’ll appreciate the heated lower back massage mode. The heated lower back massage mode uses two heated pads to heat the entire lower back area.

The massage is more comfortable as the heated pads relax the muscles throughout the process. But even the best zero-gravity massage chairs are relatively useless unless the body is aligned in a comfortable position. Osaki OS-4000 gently stretches the legs and back to enhance and enhance massage programs.

Massage speed and intensity

The Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair has five different massage settings to choose from. These settings can be adjusted to start gently or increase the intensity for a more intense massage. The initial intensity setting is extremely relaxing with a very gentle series of touches all over the back.

The highest intensity massage is extremely firm in comparison and is a great option for those with more serious back problems. There are five speeds to choose from, so the massage options don’t end there. Each different massage program is paired with a speed level that can be adjusted for each body part. This is a fantastic opportunity

Wireless remote control

This massage chair has an easy-to-use remote control to choose the type, intensity and speed of the massage. You can choose from a variety of massages, such as rolling, tapping and kneading. This strain is excellent for those looking to vary their massage choices to improve their overall health.

Users can also choose the duration of the massage program from 5 to 30 minutes. The timing of the massage session can be adjusted, but only in 5-minute increments, which should be enough for most users.

Two-stage zero gravity

NASA pioneered zero gravity positioning, which was used for their astronauts during launch. In this lying position, the body weight is evenly distributed over the entire body and not on the spine and back muscles. The weightlessness position allows the back muscles to relax completely, which prepares them for a massage.

The OS-4000 offers two stages to reach the zero-gravity position. The two stages differ in that the back is reclined and in the second stage the knees are placed higher than the heart. This improves blood circulation during the massage and improves the relaxation effect.

Air Massage Technology

The Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair has a series of airbags that cover the entire body. However, Osaki has worked hard to make the cover efficient, use fewer airbags and reduce power consumption.

This increases energy efficiency and reduces noise levels. The massage chair is equipped with 38 airbags. They are located as follows: 2 shoulders and 3 necks, 1.8m, 8 calves, and 2 lower backs. 6 side seats, 3 hip, and 8 hand airbags.

Auto Timer

You can set the auto-timer from 5-30 minutes in 5-minute increments.


On the left side of this massage chair is a control panel mounted on an arm. It keeps it out of the way when not in use. The control surface can be pivoted in many directions, making it easy to operate in different positions of the chair. An LCD screen displays the current program information on the control panel. The bottom of the panel features quick access controls to make quick posture adjustments.

You can move this section down to access buttons that give you full manual control over all of the chair’s functions. On the left side of the control panel are the preset programs and the six massage modes of the OS-4000. A wireless handheld remote control is located on the right side of the control panel, allowing the user to control the chair in the fully reclined position. You don’t need to reach for the control panel or strain your muscles to adjust the chair. Osaki added vibration massage functions that use a high-frequency plate under the thighs. This vibration massage is soothing and relaxing for tired thighs.

Heat therapy for the lower back

Many modern massage chairs have heat therapy options because they improve circulation and promote muscle repair. The OS-4000 has a pair of heating pads in the lumbar area. The lumbar region is most prone to muscle strains, so it makes sense to place the heat pads lower. However, it is important to understand that these heat packs should not be used for more than 30 minutes per day to avoid overheating problems.

Automatic leg scan

The Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity massage chair has a foot and calf massage function. This automatically adapts to the length of the user’s legs and ensures a relaxing massage.

The massager extends to its maximum length and then retracts until it meets resistance from the user’s feet. The control panel can be used to adjust the length of the massager if it stops at an incorrect length.


The Osaki OS-4000 massage chair comes with a 3-year limited warranty. This guarantees that if the parts fail in the first year, their massage chair will be repaired or replaced. This warranty does not cover replacement parts after the first year. This warranty does not cover general wear and tear or defects caused by improper assembly.


  • The large, easy-to-read LCD display on the control panel is visible
  • It is extremely relaxing because of the zero gravity feature
  • For those suffering from back pain, the heat massage feature is a great option.


  • The massage chair only lasts an hour before it needs to be cooled down.
  • The back cushion can be uncomfortable for shorter users.

2.   Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

A full-body massage after a hard day’s work is the best gift anyone in the world can give you. The pleasure and comfort are doubled when your recliner chair is able to deliver a heated, full-body massage to you. There are many of these loungers on the market and they are in high demand. The most popular ones have padded cushions and heating technology to relax your muscles, and that experience is even more valuable. One of the top-rated recliners is Osaki, and it’s also priced to suit almost any budget.


  • The reclining full-body exhibition chair with heating technology is the best relaxer for a tired body. Below are some of the benefits of the seat.
  • The chair is equipped with Bodyscan technology that gives you the experience of a 3D massage
  • The quad roller attached to the seat provides a head massage and actually offers the best feeling. The 79 cm roller coaster stroke ensures an excellent full-body massage.
  • It is a 2-level lounger that uses zero-gravity technology and contains a compression method of 51 airbags.
  • Effective in instilling three types of treatment: heat, songs, and chromotherapy.
  • The presence of a pillow that is multi-layered and therefore simply ideal.


  • Some of the best recliner reviews have mentioned that the chair is best used in a fully reclined or vertical position.
  • Although the heated full body massage table is easy to build, it comes down to 2 pieces.

Product rating :

The first and most important eye-catcher of the full-body massage table from Osaki is its own beautiful upholstery. The material is quite soft and smooth and has a luxurious look and feel tremendously comfortable.

The Osakis OS-7200H’s body scanning technologies help you enjoy human bliss like a relaxing massage. The massage rollers are designed to handle a wider and deeper range of motion. The massage can be performed in 5 levels and these vary from normal to super strong.

The quad roller heads in OS 7200H are equipped with two rollers that give the feel of human fingers and thumbs, making it worth the experience. Here, too, the 79 cm roller stroke massages the entire body from the neck to the coccyx very efficiently. This recliner chair can adjust and massage users with a height of 13cm 5cm in 15cm 13cm.

The OS-7200H has a multi-level automatic reclining system without gravity. With the push of a button, the chair reclines, pivots, and elevates your leg into the zero-gravity position. The compression system of this recliner is equipped with 51 airbags strategically positioned in the vital massage phase such as shoulders, arms, neck, hands, feet, back, torso, and calves. In addition, the placement amount of 5 intensities gives you the opportunity to customize your massage.

There are 3 main therapies imparted by this recliner, namely heat, music, and chromotherapy. During the heat treatment, the two shoulder heat pads help to relax the muscles and admire them deeply. The storage compartment located behind the remote control has a connection for connecting various MP3 player speakers. When the seat is connected to the audio, it creates a vibration massage to the beat of the music.

The multi-layer cushion between the two pads in the neck and head area controls the intensity of the massage. The high degree of massage increases as the pads are removed.


This relaxing and comfortable chair can massage the shoulder, head, leg, arm, hand, feet, and other regions. This comfortable, beautiful-looking recliner is your best zero-gravity full-body massage seat with heated technology. It is your best recliner to relax and unwind those stressed muscles. The dimensions of the seat are perfect for people between 13 cm 5 cm to 15 cm 13 cm in height and can withstand a maximum weight of approx. 129 kg. At an affordable price, it’s easy to see why this is considered one of the best full-body massage chairs.

3. OS-4000T Massage Chair

One of the most advanced massage chairs is the Osaki OS-4000T. The fully human body is positioned ergonomically by the automatic backrest. Your body is analyzed by a computer scanning system that adjusts to your needs. Five levels of intensity and speed are available for you to choose from in order to massage your muscles at various rates and with various forces. If you experience intense pain one day and less intense pain the next, this is helpful.

After using this massage chair, you’ll find that Osaki contains hip, shoulder, and lumbar squeezes. Since it delivers a calming and gentle pressure to the hurting areas, this is quite advantageous for those who have been injured.

The reduction in the number of airbags in the OS-4000T was Osaki’s most intriguing decision. It certainly sounds horrible. By lowering the amount of airbags in their environment massage technology, Osaki was able to increase the massage’s surface and volume area. As a result, the chairs are mechanically more durable and outlast their competitors.


  • without regard to gravity
  • There is a brand-new foot roller now.
  • air massage technology
  • Legs are automatically scanned.
  • Six automatic programs are available.
  • a computerized body scan
  • To unwind and relax, massage the muscles in your legs and feet.
  • Heat therapy for low back discomfort with an automatic recliner and timer
  • There are five different options for speed and intensity.
  • completely expanded legs
  • Vibrational massage chair


  • The advised load capacity has been decreased (104 kg.)
  • The adjustment of the shoulder pads is limited.

4. OS 4D-Pro JP Premium Kiwami Mecha Massage Chair

Osaki constructed this massage chair with premium Japanese components made by Fujiyroki. This is one of Japan’s top manufacturers of massage chairs. Innovative aesthetics are created using bespoke massage techniques, air massage technology, and body navigation scans.

One of Osaki’s newest and most cutting-edge massage chair technologies lies at the core of the OS 4D model. The Kiwami Mecha is required by Osaki and is designed to give users individual control over the roller machine.

The variable control of roll width, speed, and strength is a key component of the 4D kneading system. It differs from previous systems since it can access parts of your body that are difficult to reach, including the upper neck or shoulder blades. Osaki set up a deep tissue massage to target certain places and relieve any tension in the muscles there.

Osaki placed a heavy focus on total control, including five pre-programmed auto routines (whole body, shoulder, and waist rejuvenation, and whole-body stretch and rest), which were strengthened when Kiwami Mecha mode was activated. Osakis 44 airbags that are thoughtfully placed throughout the vehicle further enhance the model. Finally, Osaki aimed to replicate the complex subtleties of a skilled massage in a massage chair.


  • 10 pre-programmed automatic routines with 4D Knead Kiwami Mecha Ball System body scanning
  • Roll rate flexibility
  • personalised massage techniques
  • Electric recliner with Air Magic Massage and 3D waypoints
  • Back cushion and removable cushion
  • roll width and adjustable foot massager
  • 3 seat environment possibilities (arms, shoulders, feet, calves & waist)


  • Lean back if there isn’t zero gravity.
  • foot rollers are absent
  • Absent is the inversion treatment component

5. OS-6000 Massage Chair

One of Osaki’s more current massage chairs is the OS-6000. S-track roller technology, which is a key component of the main computer scan design, distributes a steady massage load throughout your entire spine. The OS-6000 is built on this technology, and all other features are integrated to enable that functionality.

There is one significant distinction between the OS-6000 and conventional massage chairs. The linear vertical movement of traditional chairs prevents equal pressure from being placed on the upper and lower backs. The OS-6000, on the other hand, provides massage rollers that concentrate on the spine, neck, and shoulder regions and evenly distribute pressure to fit your body’s curves.

We had to investigate Osaki’s roller systems because they placed so much emphasis on them. The thickest pliers’ most remarkable feature is their ability to closely resemble the feel and touch of human fingers and thumbs. With the air and pillow cushion in the neck and head region, this felt quite calming. Your lower body is pampered with a foot and calf massage and an extended mode with inflatable airbags, while your upper body feels completely supported.

Before utilizing this chair, pregnant women should speak with a doctor. It is not intended for non-residential settings, according to the manual, so don’t use it for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

6. OS-3D Guru Dreamer Massage Chair

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer’s name might lead you to believe that its main feature is making you fall asleep. Although it will make you fall asleep more quickly, that wasn’t what people focused on. Instead, it was the chairs’ capacity to adjust to the fast-paced way of life. Osaki used a combination of massage techniques, including shiatsu, clapping, tapping, rolling, vibrating, and kneading, to accomplish this.

The 3D rollers are the technology underlying the Guru Dreamer’s deeper massage capabilities. Compared to standard massage tongs, they are made to provide a deeper and wider massage. Additionally, Osaki created the 3D engineering of the Pro Dreamer to more thoroughly and precisely massage all of the body’s acupuncture points.

The Pro Dreamer’s flexibility in its own massage is made possible by Osaki’s accuracy In locating specific areas on your system. Users have the option of either zone or point massage. The point massage enables you to massage a particular body part. The zone massage, on the other hand, exits the 3D port at a specific location and massages the area within an 8 cm zone. Users have complete control over the speed and power of the massage when this function is combined with customizable intensity.

  • The rear cushion is fixed in place.
  • is it not a fantastic hamstring massager?
  • memory placement is absent.
  1. OS-1000 Intelligent Deluxe Massage Chair

One of Osaki’s smallest massage chairs is the OS-1000. Because there is no large LCD panel to control the chair, the design is more compact. A more compact, slimmer remote is available, and it fastens to the chair’s armrest. The OS-1000 performs better in smaller rooms and areas than the OS-4000 or OS-6000. For those who live in condos or apartments, this can be incredibly useful.

The OS-1000’s massage function’s stroke length was its most notable feature. With a 74cm inch stroke, it can reach all the way from your neck to your tailbone. By including neck massage, extending the lower back reach, and employing a sophisticated four-roller technique, Osaki constructed around this area.

Two fundamental ideas form the foundation of this OS-1000’s identity. The first is small in order to conserve room and appear contemporary. Then, with increasing reach, force, and reclining, a full-body massage experience is created. The lack of heating and the 15-minute reset are the only drawbacks.


  • effective body massage
  • 4 roll device
  • a set of five automatic programs
  • three adjustable width settings
  • the leather used for the upholstery
  • Manual massage speed controller
  • 170 degrees is reached in full reclining.
  • A new neck massager is included
  • Increased Variety of Lower Back Massage
  • stroke length of 74 cm inches
  • 20 airbags’ high neck area to their lowered tailbone area is covered by rollers.
  • massage of the calf and seat
  • Rolling and floor- and wheel-protecting casters


  • There are no heating elements or pads
  • A 15-minute massage is all you get before you have to get back to work (difficult if you want to sleep with the massage on)
  1. OS 3D Evolved Pro Cyber ​​Massage Chair

The 3D Pro Cyber chair’s most significant advancements were very minor ones. The position of the airbag was one of the final modifications. Since 8 of the 36 airbags were located in the hand and arm massage functions, Osaki concentrated on enhancing these. The mechanical upgrades, like the addition of sturdy spandex to the massager arm’s lower portion.

What does this do, you might be wondering?

The Guru Cyber is generally of high quality. Although Osakis believed that upgrading modest functions would have a significant impact; the product’s identity relied on these improvements.


  • The newest massage technique is air massage.
  • automatic examination of the legs and body
  • Tech Acupoints
  • Double-roller foot massage
  • For low back pain, use heat
  • MP3 audio connection
  • Lumbar & Hip Squeeze
  • Easy-to-use LCD display
  • 9 different massage settings (preset)
  • 5 steps of massage head operation
  • lengthy days with a hand and arm massage


  • Because of its tiny construction, this massage chair is not suited for people who are taller than 1.80m.
  • Despite being compact, the chair does not save much room because it takes 15 to 41 cm to fully recline.
  1. Galaxy Kuma Massage Chair

Your Galaxy Kuma’s functionality is divided into two parts. The first is the body-centric S-track massage work. The L-track massage function, which concentrates on the buttocks and hips, comes next. The combination of the two roller tracks, which are both made for full extension coverage, is utilized to massage the entire body.

From the neck to the buttocks, the L-track rollers follow the complete extension. This capability is enhanced by the S-track, which gives the rollers a more consistent massage in the upper and cervical (shoulder and neck) regions. The body is in a position where each intervertebral disc can be separately decompressed and separated thanks to double coverage in the S-track and L-track. This lessens total pressure on the spine and enables the disc tissue to absorb nutrients adequately.

The massage’s level of intensity varies considerably. Sometimes a massage is really strong, and other times it feels a little feeble. You have to continually change the massage intensity, which might be bothersome. However, the Galaxy Kuma’s wide range of massage coverage is one area where Osaki excelled. The arms, calves, and shoulder regions are where stress bags and rollers expand their reach.

  1. TP-8500 Massage Chair

The Osaki TP-8500 was modeled around technologies created by NASA. To combine weightlessness and massage, Osaki went to a zero-gravity position.

How did they manage that?

To find the ideal position of comfort, they concentrated on the spine’s alignment. The correct sitting angle is ensured and stimulated by the back’s posture with respect to the thigh. Osaki went a step further by maximizing the TP-8500’s zero-gravity capabilities by utilizing its sophisticated massaging features.

We discovered that doing so enhances the massage’s intensity, which some users may enjoy and others may not. We found that it considerably lessens the vertical load on your spine, which is one major advantage. Additionally, we discovered studies that demonstrated how raising your legs above your heart increases blood flow throughout your body.

Overall, the chair’s streamlined and thin form gives it a futuristic appearance. It is supplemented with an all-black appearance that contributes to the contemporary style.


  • Computerized Body Scan
  • Cover in synthetic leather
  • six types of massage
  • swift execution
  • USB charger for phones, tablets, etc. with automatic leg scanner.
  • 5 automated programs
  • Ultra-compact LCD remote control
  • 136 kg.
  • L-track technology with a load capacity
  • 2-part lateral surface heating system
  • 3 degrees of customizable intensity and 5.


  • The writing is difficult to read since the remote control buttons are so tiny.

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