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Titan Massage Chairs Review 2024

Titan Massage Chair
Written by Atique Ur Rehman

Do you usually consider several key factors when buying a massage chair are price, brand, movement, guide rail, massage program, adjustable strength, zero gravity space. The functions of the cabin, yes, these must be considered, but the massage chair industry is very deep, in addition to these factors, we also need to consider some inside stories, such as real 3D or fake 3D, movement material, massage chair frame material.

The net weight of the massage chair, airbags (quantity, size, coverage area), after-sales service (national warranty, return and exchange rules, postage, and door-to-door delivery), as well as the door width of your own, whether you need to remove the armrests after the goods arrive later .

First, the classification of the movement

At present, there are already 1D/2D/3D/4D/5D movements on the market. How to distinguish and look down.

1D This is a fixed massage ball massage, fix a part, just spin in place, good a little May be it can be reversed.

The 2D massage ball can move up and down, left and right, but it is also a very mechanical mobile massage, and some of the strength cannot be adjusted.

3D movement, which is the mainstream movement on the market at present, can realize the massage movement up and down, left and right, front and rear, and can also adjust the massage intensity, and some can adjust the massage range to be wide or narrow.

Here I have to talk about the difference between the real 3D movement and the fake 3D.

As mentioned earlier, the 3D movement can move up and down, left and right, and back and forth. Generally, fake 3D can move up and down, left and right. Here we need to see if there is an introduction on the details page or consult the customer service movement.

The data of “stretching amount”, and whether it can be stretched or not, if it cannot be stretched, it cannot be moved back and forth, and the true 3D movement can adjust the massage intensity and the width of the massage, although it is also a 3D machine. Core, but the massage experience is no different from 2D.

Classification of 3D movements

(1) Ordinary 3D movements are advertised by some merchants as elastic movements, which can be moved up and down, left and right, and back and forth as I mentioned earlier, but cannot adjust the massage intensity and massage range. This is suitable for those who do not pursue massage experience. crowd use.

(2) Airbag 3D movement , which merchants will advertise as pneumatic movement, 3D airbag pro movement, etc. In fact, it is the airbag movement, which is a kind of 3D movement. Compared with the ordinary 3D movement, this kind of machine The core massage strength can be adjusted by adjusting the inflation volume of the airbag to achieve the strength of the movement according to the body. This type of movement massage is powerful, but also very soft, suitable for the elderly and girls.

(3) The gear 3D movement is the kind of fascia movement, MAX movement, etc. that the merchants call. The massage is stronger and the massage is more accurate. It is suitable for women and men who are under stress. The general massage strength of the core can be adjusted in multiple gears to expand the user group, so that more people who are not stressed can also use it, which is convenient for family households to use.

(4) The temperature-sensing 3D movement is usually a silicone massage head, which is warmer than plastic and gears. Usually, the temperature is also caused by the massage contacting the human body.

The 4D movement refers to the adjustment of the speed of the massage ball on the basis of 3D. Because 3D is still a mechanical massage, 4D can control the speed at which the massage head presses through the muscles. For example, the waist is relatively sore in this part. If the massage stays for a longer time, the massage intensity that the massage part bears will be changed, and the massage experience will be more precise and comfortable, especially in the places prone to soreness.

The 5D movement adds the dimension of “pressure” on the basis of 4D, that is, it can accurately find the sore points of the massager’s body.

Just like when an experienced master presses our cervical and lumbar vertebrae with his hands, he can tell us which position is strained and which position is more serious according to the feedback given by our body, because the overall hardness and rebound strength of the problem part are different. Yes, this is something that only human hands can do, and 5D can do it.

  1. The composition of the massage chair

Basically divided into 3 categories

(1) All-steel movement : The entire movement, including the main board and the manipulator, are made of stainless steel, which costs the most, and provides the best massage experience. The massage is accurate and the product is durable.

(2) Stainless steel + plastic combination movement : The part of the movement is made of stainless steel, such as the main board, and the manipulator is made of plastic. In this case, the massage accuracy and durability are slightly worse than all stainless steel.

(3) All-plastic movement: The entire movement is made of plastic, and the massage experience and durability are the worst.

  1. Frame material

The massage chair frame is composed of a bottom frame + a back frame, which is used to support the weight of the entire massage chair and the user lying on it. The quality of the massage chair frame is very important for the overall massage comfort and even safety. For the massage chair The service life itself is also crucial.

Some massage chairs with different functional configurations have different prices. In addition to the brand effect, most of them may be different in material cost. The domestic industry standard thickness is 1.2mm. A good massage chair will make the thickness of the bracket far exceed the industry standard.

Usually, the thickness of the bracket is not marked by the merchants. You need to consult the customer service. The customer service of some stores also asks three questions.

At that time, we have to judge from other places. For example, the massage chair with the same price and the same configuration, we Let’s take a look at the net weight of the massage chair. Generally, the frame structure of a massage chair less than 70kg is definitely not all stainless steel. Most of it is a wood frame.

This kind of frame is easy to be unstable and not durable, which affects the safety of use. If you use it for a long time, it will grow bugs and the like. Unlike Japanese massage chairs, the leather and frame are independently tested, and they are also tested for mites.

  1. The number, size and area of ​​airbags

Many times when we buy a massage chair, we only notice the number of airbags marked on the business details page, but ignore the size and coverage area of ​​the airbags. The more the number, the better, but some airbags are small and cover a large area. Small, for example, when the back and waist are massaged, it will be uncomfortable and there will be a feeling of splicing.

General massage chairs should be as comfortable as massage, such as shoulders, waist, buttocks, arms, legs, and soles, which need to be covered with airbags, and it is best to have large airbags and the strength can be adjusted to be comfortable.

When purchasing, we can pay attention to whether there are airbags and the size of the airbags. These details pages are not written. You can consult customer service. Some businesses are very chicken thieves. Although the airbags are large, the effective area will be very small. Those that cannot be inflated need to be carefully identified.

Now We Will discussed detailed about top 3 Titan Massage Chairs 2024

  1. Titan Pro Alpine Black Zero Gravity L-Track Recliner Massage Chair

When you came out to work, you always had a sore back, especially if you were designers before, and  had to sit in front of the computer all day, sitting on the office chair , that is, when we were eating, and then the lumbar intervertebral disc was herniated. , The situation was very painful lying in bed unable to move.

In addition to the Titan brand, L-type guide rail, 3D finger-sensing fascia movement, 6 automatic massage program switching, and dual heating of waist and legs are the reasons why I chose this machine, and these functions are added together, the price is less than 7000 dollar, cost-effective Really very high! To know that these functions are put on the market, at least they are in the price range of 1-2W.

What impresses me the most is that the personalized memory function allows you to customize your own massage program, which means you can take care of your elders. For example, our parents often come to play at home. The previous machine had a stronger massage.

When they lie in the massage chair, they will feel more pain, but if there is a customized massage, the massage intensity is also what it likes, and there is no need to adjust the machine.

And it is a touch screen + intelligent voice guide. The touch screen is very sensitive and the machine will execute it after clicking. When the phone is turned on, the voice is a wizard-style female voice, like speaking softly in your ear, and the experience is not bad.

Foot Roller Massagers

The foot massage position is also designed with rollers, which can be easily moved. Don’t worry about it being difficult to move when you want to change the position. The girls can also drag it. It’s not very heavy.

Acupuncture points will be stimulated as the rollers spin, and the air bags will produce a much deeper massage down the bottoms of your feet as they expand.

Airbag Massage

The airbag is also a point to consider when choosing a massage chair. This machine has 3 layers of airbags on the shoulders, which can take care of thin shoulders.

Compared with the massage chair with 2 layers of airbags on the shoulders, the pressure of the 3-layer airbags is more docile and in place.

The leg position is also upgraded with 16 airbags, built-in and external airbags, which can be fully wrapped to the calf for massage, and the foot has a three-stage roller scraping, with the leg and foot airbag pinching and pressing, the effect is very good.

Auto Massage Program

After clicking to start the massage, you need to select the mode you want. Generally, it is very comfortable to choose classic. The machine will also perform body shape detection according to your height and position.

The massage movement will detect from shoulder to leg along the guide rail of SL. , to adjust the position and angle and other massage methods, so as to make the massage experience better.

The 3D finger-sensing fascia movement on the waist not only relieves soreness, but also feels very comfortable when massaged. It feels really good after the experience. The strength of the massage is very good, and the most important thing is that it is very comfortable after the massage.

Neck Massage

The massage extends from the neck to the root of the thigh, and the width of the massage can be adjusted. It is very suitable for people of different sizes in the family. You can have a full-body massage experience at home.

The one-piece space capsule is full of comfort, and once you sit on it, you can start a “big health care” massage at home!

3 Sets of Automatic Massage Program

There are many functions to choose from. I have tried the massage techniques designed and I feel that the massage techniques are really good. If it is relaxation and relief, choose classic Thai massage. If it is relief after exercise, you can choose exercise recovery.

So many functions are integrated into one, and you can experience different massage effects. I think it is really fragrant to have one at home~

6 Bionic Massage Manipulators

This machine mainly has 6 different massage fingering methods, including kneading, tapping, kneading, tapping, rubbing, and acupressure. The style suits you~

In the control panel, there is an option of manipulation, click to start massage, if you switch, you just need to click again~

The massage in the GIF on the picture is a kneading technique. Rolling kneading from bottom to top is the most common massage technique. It simulates the delicate touch of the human hand and effectively relieves muscle soreness.

Personally, I like this kneading technique the most. Very much like a real hand massage. It is especially suitable for after get off work, when you come home and lie on the massage chair, you can relax here after a day’s fatigue~

Knocking technique: also tap from the bottom to the top, you can see that the position of the airbag on the shoulder is also moving, simulating the tapping feeling of the human hand, which can relieve soreness, and according to different functions, the shoulder and the leg will be affected. There will be different effects.

Kneading technique: I think this technique is a combination of kneading and percussion. It is very energetic and the massage effect is great. It is especially suitable for relaxing massage after exercising. If I feel particularly sore today, I will use this function~

There are 6 different massage techniques, which can be suitable for many scenes. After I received it, I tried it, and I really had a different experience.

The feeling of tapping is very similar to the feeling of real hand tapping on the body, and the strength is very good, the rubbing technique is more vigorous, suitable for those with stronger soreness, and the relief is better~

Hot Compress Mode

The function of hot compress needs to be turned on manually. Generally, it will not be automatically turned on when the machine is turned on. Although it is not very useful in summer, it can also take care of girls in special periods. In winter, this function is definitely needed the most.

I tried it. After I clicked on the hot compress, the heating speed was very fast. The waist was a little hot in about 30 seconds, and it was completely hot in about 2 minutes, mainly on the waist and legs. I feel very comfortable. Definitely very satisfying in winter.

Moreover, it is suitable for young ladies who have been sitting and standing for a long time. If you stand for a long time, the leg position will be very sore. The hot compress function will have a good relief effect for this situation.

Zero Gravity Mode

According to the principle of zero gravity of human simulation space capsule, on the touch screen panel, you can select the zero gravity mode, which can be opened with one key.

Adjust the legs to a pressure-free state of 126±7º with the body, so that the weight of the whole body is evenly distributed on the massage chair, just like the whole body is floating in the clouds, relaxed and comfortable.

There are two gears to choose from in the zero-gravity mode. The first gear is zero-gravity, with the shoulders slightly lower and the legs slightly raised.

The second gear, zero gravity, is a deep relaxation, with the shoulders down, the legs raised more, and the relaxation on the massage chair in a lying position.

I have tried two gears and it feels very good. The zero-gravity mode is really suitable. When I want to lie down and sleep, I can really relax my body. I personally test that it is very comfortable to lie down and sleep in zero-gravity~

  1. Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair

The appearance design of Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair belongs to the “space capsule” type, but due to the use of a large amount of leather, at first glance, it looks less technological and more like a high-end sofa. Considering the decoration style of the home, I chose the fuchsia version. The same model also has black and brown.

From the point of view of workmanship, Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair is definitely top-notch. Although it is only at the mainstream price, the workmanship and materials used can still show its intentions.

The leather feels very delicate, and there is no odor, and it is soft and comfortable enough to sit in the massage cabin. In addition, the inner lining of Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair can also be easily disassembled and washed, which is more convenient and hygienic.


In addition to the Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair also includes a lot of airbags, which can relax muscles in the arms, shoulders, etc. The number of airbags is very considerable.

Massage Program

In addition to the guaranteed hardware, Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair has a lot of built-in massage programs, including but not limited to neck and shoulder relaxation, waist and hip relaxation, body pressure relief, etc. Of course, it also includes a nighttime dream mode.

Remote Control System

All operations can be set through the remote control that comes with the fuselage . Common functions are made with separate buttons. Each button has a text and graphic introduction, and everyone should be able to play it.

Zero Gravity Mode

It should be noted that Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair has a “zero gravity mode”, and with the nighttime dream mode, you can experience the feeling of lying on the clouds, you must try it.

Leg And Foot Massage

In addition to the upper body, the massage of the legs and feet is equally important. Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair includes a 3D leg foot massager, which can be adjusted according to the height, and can be used by yourself and your family.

Different from the general foot massager, the massage experience of Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair is more delicate, tightly wrapping the calf in place, no matter kneading or massage, every change can be clearly felt, giving the legs a deep relaxation.

In addition, there are three types of foot massager in Titan PRO Jupiter XL B Massage Chair. One is the normal massage state, and the second one is to turn the massager over, which turns it into a footrest, which can be used when resting. Finally, all the massagers are placed under the massage chair, and it can be turned into a single sofa.

  1. Titan TP PRO 8400 Massage Chair

The Titan TP Pro 8400 Massage Chair is equipped with airbags on the shoulders, arms, legs and feet, and the airbags are multi-layered to increase the adaptability of various body shapes.

There are three layers on the shoulders, and the real ones are all airbags. There are basically two layers of airbags on the shoulders at the same price on the market. Most of them are two layers of airbags. The massage of the shoulders is done in great detail. When I get up, my shoulders are wider, and the massage does not feel particularly tight. My daughter-in-law is thinner and can fully massage

Foot Massage

The position of the legs and feet is equipped with 16 airbags, which provide excellent wrapping feeling for the calves and feet. The foot massage can reach the instep, and my thick legs can also be massaged, but the stovepipe feels tighter.

Head Massage

The massage head is made of soft silicone material. Although the massage is relatively heavy, it will not cause pain. It can only be said that it should be able to meet the standard for those who are more strenuous. For those who are not strenuous like me, it will be more comfortable to adjust the force a little bit.

Massage posture

The TP Pro 8400 Massage Chair provides three backrest angles, with a natural reclining position, which is the default position of the massage chair. This position is no problem for playing mobile phones and watching TV.

The platform with a little back is also very suitable for watching TV. Lie down, this position is not only comfortable to lie down, but also the massage force will be heavier.

His zero gravity is to lift the legs and present a natural relaxed posture. I have followed a blogger who teaches sleeping postures before. He said that the natural lifting of the knees is the best posture for sleeping, so place a pillow under the knees. To get better relaxation, this massage chair should learn from this.

Back massage technique

If it is an automatic program massage, you may not experience so many massage techniques, because they are all integrated into the program, and you can feel the difference only by testing them individually.

This slow movement is the silicone massage head exerting force from the outside to the inside, simulating the kneading action of the hand.

Knocking is hitting the back back and forth, because the movement can complete the movement in a large amount before and after, and the front and rear drop is large, so the force of the tapping is also very large.

Kneading is a combination of the above two sensations, rubbing inwards, and tapping back and forth.

Airbag massage technique

In addition to the massage of the main parts of the back, airbag massage is also very important. The massage of the whole body can definitely bring the effect of 1+1>2.

All subsequent animations are not accelerated, they are all native speeds.

There are a total of six shoulder airbags, and it only takes six seconds to fill. The massage process is the process of inflating and deflating the airbags, giving us a feeling of squeezing our shoulders. With the massage head on the back, whether it is wide shoulders or narrow shoulders, it can play a role in relaxing effect.

The forearm position massage is similar to the upper and lower air cushions on one side. It is basically full of air in 3 seconds. Combined with the air cushion design mentioned above, the TP Pro 8400 Massage Chair can basically be inflated to the edge of the air cushion, which can bring a better sense of wrapping and squeezing. sense.

The legs and feet have a total of 16 air cushions from the inside to the outside, which can be filled in about 7 seconds. From this animation, it feels that the human legs cannot be stuffed in, but if you sit inside, the massage feeling you get is still in place. .

In addition, there are acupressure points on the calf and the soles of the feet to help relieve the calf muscles. The soles of the feet are equipped with double-row rollers and front and rear acupressure points for scraping. Soreness from standing and sitting for a long time.

Constant temperature

The waist of the machine has a heating function. For girls, the heating function is very conscientious, and it can basically heat up in 30 seconds.

If the hot compress is not turned on, the temperature behind the massage chair will not be high, and you will not feel hot when sitting. The temperature of the entire massage chair is lower than that of the human body.

Other functions

The massage chair can adjust the massage intensity and massage range according to the detection of the seat. It will be automatically adjusted when people lie in, and the massage position will be determined according to the height. The massage equipment will focus on massaging the waist, back and other areas.

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