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Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair Review 2024

Real relax PS3000 Massage Chair
Written by Atique Ur Rehman

Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair  is the best-selling massage chair in the USA. The real Relax  PS3000 massage chair is the modified model of the Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair. 

Let us discuss the details of the Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair.

Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair  Review

This Massage Chair Is Available in 2 different color

Real relax PS3000 Massage Chair

Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair Features

Body scan and appropriate height

Body-Scan technology detects your height and adjusts the position of the rollers so that they hit all of your unique pressure points. A suitable height range is between 1.6 m and 2 m.

Various massages of the robotic hand rolls

3D robot hand rollers have beat, slap, finger press, rubbing, open back, rubbing and hitting, and various massage options to meet your different needs.

Heat therapy

Built-in heating for the hand, waist, and back promotes blood circulation. Enjoy the warm massage.

Fully assembled

Assembled before delivery! You open the box and simply enjoy your massage.

Castor and air cushion massage

The foot massage includes the caster and the air cushion massage. It effectively massages your feet and helps you sleep.This massage chair has 3D robots hands rollers that move from neck to hips. Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair  has preset auto programs and exclusive massage. 

This Chair has a Zero gravity design, 20 airbags placed on the arms and shoulder, and the foot covers the full area of your body. Real Relax PS3000 Massage Chair has a Heating function, and foot roller massage with a Bluetooth music player. Real Relax PS3000 Massage chairs tend to be fairly large and bulky. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the dimensions to determine if they will fit.

How does a Real Relax PS3000 massage chair work?

Special mechanical tools are installed in the PS3000 massage chair, which perform massage-like movements when the motor is switched on and thus affect the corresponding parts of the body. There are often air cushions in the PS3000 massage chairs into which air can be let in and out to also imitate massage movements.

These mechanical parts are integrated in the backrest and seat and, in modern massage chairs, also in the armrests, headrest and leg area. New technologies offer special massage applications through air currents, which can be used more and more precisely.

Shiatsu massage function

The trend today is towards massage chairs that have a Shiatsu massage function. Shiatsu is a Japanese method for feeling good and relaxing, which is also very popular with us today and is being used more and more frequently. With the Shiatsu technique, special finger pressure massages are made possible, which you can even enjoy fully clothed. The hands and elbows are often used to help with the Shiatsu massage.

The Shiatsu massage goes back to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , the aim of which is to release blockages so that life energy can flow again. Congestion and blockages, which can arise due to various circumstances, inhibit life energy and thus impair the feeling of well-being. With the Shiatsu massage, the blockages are loosened or eliminated by tapping or stroking, so that life energy can flow freely. Possible blockages can also be treated preventively.

Modern Real Relax PS3000 massage chairs also often have a scan function that scans the body. Based on size, shape and body weight, an individually tailored massage is then automatically carried out.

What types of  PS3000 massage chairs are there?

PS3000 Massage chair differ greatly in design. There are light and heavy models with different feet or wheels. The armchairs are usually offered in black or brown. They also differ in how they can be used.

There are armchairs that only offer massage functions in the back area or those for the leg/foot area. Depending on the nature of your problems, you should choose the appropriate armchair for you. Other massage chairs are mainly designed for Shiatsu massage. They also offer tapping, kneading, or rolling massage. Massage chairs can serve as a substitute for the TV chair or recliner ,

Massage Techniques & Zones

PS3000 Massage chairs are primarily designed to let you relax and feel good. But the new high-quality devices can do much more. This massage chair test shows a number of functions. You should definitely know these before you buy.

They offer different massage techniques, such as a classic back, neck and shoulder massage, special spot massages or an anti-stress treatment . There are also massage chairs with stimulating or relaxing massages .

You can see potential massage zones in the picture on the right. However, not every armchair offers the same zones. The more expensive the model, the more zones are usually served. Weightlessness modes , touch screens or body scans are among the latest functions.

Diagram of the massage zones in the massage chair
  • Many devices offer a Shiatsu massage.
  • Vibrations and their intensity can be adjusted individually.
  • Special sound systems are often integrated. Depending on the model, the musical sounds can be adapted to the massage or stimulation tempo.
  • High-quality, ergonomically designed armchairs adapt to the respective body shape.
  • Settings can be controlled either manually or using a remote control.
  • Disabled people or seniors can choose a massage chair with a sit-down and stand-up aid.
  • The part of the armchair where you sit or lie down can be pulled in and out.

The possibilities of the manufacturer are unlimited . However, not all functions are useful for users. Therefore, you should think in advance about which functions are important for you and which are not.

In addition to the functions, the nature of the massage chair is also important . If the technical parts malfunction, it is important that they are easily accessible. If the upholstery first has to be unpicked for maintenance or repairs and then sewn again later, the maintenance or repairs will of course be more expensive.

Pros and Cons

Like all technical devices, a Real Relax PS3000 massage chair has certain advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that almost the entire body is massaged. The relaxation value is very high due to the position. Our test winner also offers a weightlessness function, which increases the luxury even further. The disadvantage is usually the higher price compared to other massage devices. Ultimately, it is a compromise between price and need.

Real Relax PS3000 massage chair – high-quality and precise kneading rollers in the back

  • can increase physical well-being through daily massages
  • Massage can take place at any time of the day without an appointment
  • highest possible relaxation including stress reduction and music
  • Regular use strengthens concentration and memory
  • Saving money on massages in a massage parlor
  • Massage chair can be used by the whole family
  • Full body massage is possible
  • can be adapted to existing furnishings
  • Promotion of blood circulation
  • Reduce swelling in the legs


  • high acquisition costs for a high-quality model
  • does not help with severe back problems or extreme tension

Massage chair upholstery

This Massage chairs typically feature leather or faux-leather upholstery.

Here’s a list of different functions of the PS3000 Massage Chair.

  •  .Rolling massage: This massage Chair applies even pressure to the muscles for warming and loosening.
  • Kneading massage: This massage Chair helps relieve sore and tense muscles by stretching them.
  • Swedish massage: This massage  Chair helps relax the muscles with gentle rubbing and deep pressure.
  • Deep tissue massage: This massage chair type applies deep, methodical pressure and is ideal for chronic tension or injuries.

Some massage chairs also feature air-compression massage, which uses airbags in the chair seat, back, and beneath the legs to apply pressure to the body.

Massage rollers

Consider both the height and width of the rollers to determine how complete the range is your body size to determine what type of range is most effective.

Massage intensity

The power and intensity of a massage chair are determined by the number of motors the chair has.


Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair PS3000 is heated for an even more effective massage. The heat of the massage chair loosens the muscles so they’re pliable. This massage chair target the back.

Body scan technology

This Massage chairs feature body scan technology that actually detects the position of the body, the alignment of the spine, and areas with tense muscles.

Zero gravity feature

This Massage Chair has a zero-gravity function with three reclining positions.

Body parts

This armchair can massage almost all parts of the body. These include the following:

  • neck
  • Shoulders
  • move
  • poor
  • waist
  • legs
  • Feet

Purchase criteria – what you need to pay attention to:

When purchasing a massage chair, there are a few points to consider . Because the purchase can quickly amount to several thousand euros. It’s all about figuring out which features you need and which you don’t. On this basis, the search for a perfect massage chair is made easier. The following criteria are considered essential:


Massage chairs usually have a cover made of imitation leather or real leather. Real leather is very durable. It is robust and tear-resistant and can look like new for years with the right care. Real leather is also a lot more expensive than imitation leather. Faux leather looks amazingly similar to real leather, but is much cheaper. Faux leather can give off an unpleasant odor in the first few weeks.

Types of massage

A massage chair can offer several types of massage. You should choose your massage chair based on the area of ​​tension and the types of massage offered. The following types of massage are on offer:

  • Shiatsu Massage: Shiatsu massage is the oldest known massage to help people achieve more. Almost all massage chairs have this type of massage. All back problems can be treated with it without any problems. The pressure is directed to the acupressure points, relieving the pain in the affected body parts.
  • Roller massage: With the roller massage or stretch massage, the spine is massaged. It is relieved because the intervertebral discs are relieved by the gentle pressure. The stretching of the spine is made possible, whereby the body fluid can get back into the intervertebral discs and strengthen them.
  • Kneading massage: The kneading massage ensures that the entire body is better supplied with blood and stimulates the metabolism. The cushions of the massage chair move up and down after being filled with air. The speed of these movements can be adjusted individually.
  • Percussion Massage: The percussion massage is similar to loosening the back in a massage parlor. A pleasant tapping sound is felt from the neck to the end of the spine. Pinched nerve endings can be released.

Scope of application

Stress can cause tension in different parts of the body. Many massage chairs primarily relieve the back, upper and lower legs and hips.

Pre-programmed applications

Applications whose programs are already entered in the massage chair are particularly convenient. So you don’t have to laboriously adjust your massage chair yourself. With a push of a button on the remote control, you can enjoy a pleasant massage that relieves tension in your muscles.

Number of massage heads

Rotating massage heads exert pleasant pressure on the parts of the body lying on them. Depending on the type of massage, the massage heads move at different speeds and with different strengths. The more massage heads a massage chair has, the more parts of the body can be treated in a targeted manner.


The massage chair should be individually adjustable, especially in the area of ​​the backrest and footrests.

dimensions and the permissible user weight

Pay particular attention to the width of the seat so that you can sit comfortably. The massage chairs have an average width of about 75 cm. You should also pay attention to the permissible user weight. If the chair is subjected to excessive loads, the technical parts may be damaged. On average, the armchairs are approved for a weight between 120 and 170 kg.

Care of the massage chair

The leather or imitation leather massage chairs can be easily cleaned with slightly warm water with mild soap and a soft sponge. Avoid rubbing the stained areas too hard, otherwise the surface fibers will be damaged. With black massage chairs , wiping or rubbing too hard can cause light spots.

Leather armchairs are best cared for with a leather balm

Do not use cleaning products containing alcohol as these could change the color of the leather. To remove dust or loose dirt, soft cloths without any cleaning agent are sufficient. Conventional disinfectant wipes are also suitable for cleaning the leather. Because there are oils in these wipes, they make it easy to remove body oils. These towels are available everywhere. They are available with different fragrances, so that your armchair not only gets clean, but also smells pleasant.

Real leather should be cleaned from time to time with a special leather conditioner and moisturizer . This protects the leather and keeps it looking new for a long time. If several people use the chair, disinfection is important. The footrest in particular should be disinfected regularly. Commercial disinfectant sprays are sufficient to eliminate germs and odors.

What to consider when using

Some massage chairs have heated upholstery , which makes the massage particularly pleasant. The heat can be adjusted via the remote control. The heat relieves pain in the lumbar region and provides a feeling of comfort, especially in winter. Do not set the heating too high . You could get minor burns if you fall asleep in the armchair because of the pleasant warmth and soothing massage. In addition, you will find further tips below.

Tips for use

Regardless of whether you have chosen a Shiatsu massage chair or a comfortable TV chair with a massage function, you should observe the following tips so that you feel comfortable in your massage chair and it has the longest possible service life:

  1. In order to get used to the massage chair, it is best to set a low intensity at the beginning and gradually increase it.
  2. Especially in winter, you should first switch on the heating function of the armchair so that it is pleasantly warm before the massage.
  3. Don’t turn the heat up too high to avoid getting burned.
  4. In summer it is advisable to wear loose and airy clothing when using the massage chair.
  5. If necessary, you should clean the massage chair with a damp cloth and some soapy water. Stains should be removed immediately.
  6. Do not rub too hard as this could damage the surface of the chair.
  7. You should not wear new clothes that can still stain on light-colored massage chairs, as there is a great risk of irretrievably soiling the chair.

Effect on health

Massage chairs relieve pain from tension in the head, back and legs. However, if the tension is very severe, you should consult a doctor who may refer you to physiotherapy.

Frequency of use

You can use the massage chair as often as is good for you personally. If you have severe tension, you should use the massage chair once a day. For lighter tension, it is sufficient to use the massage chair once a week.

What is the price of a massage chair?

Inexpensive massage chairs are already available for around 200 euros . Pay attention to the necessary stability and workmanship with these inexpensive models. High-quality, robust massage chairs with many functions in the middle price range are available for 500 to 1500 euros. Luxury massage chairs that are equipped with new float technology etc. cost 6,000 to 8,000 euros and more.

Massage chair test & comparison – the conclusion

You are doing your health a favor by purchasing our test winner, the Real Relal PS3000 massage chair . It helps you to relax after a stressful day. The many massage functions relieve tension and create a feeling of well-being. It also offers the most functions of all models, such as a zero-gravity mode. In our Naipo massage chair test you will also find an overview of all the manufacturer’s models.

However, the price-performance winner is the Real Relax armchair . There are fewer massage types than the Rotai model. But the Real Relax F3 Plus offers several massage zones at a moderate price. This is also reflected in the numerous customer reviews on amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. How many boxes are supplied and are they easy to install?

Depending on the different sizes of our client group.

2. Does the chair have rear rollers?

Yes, this chair is equipped with four rear rollers that perform deep tissue massages.

3. Does this chair have zero gravity and body stretch characteristics?

Yes, all of our homes use massage chairs with the function of zero gravity and body stretching. You can enjoy these basic massage techniques however you want.

4. What is the maximum capacity of this massage chair?

It can hold a maximum of 300 pounds, some of our other models can handle more.

5. I live on the 2nd floor, is this chair easy to bring to the 2nd floor?

Yes of course. And it will be easier if you use a bunch.

6. Are there rollers at the bottom of the feet?

Yes, it is with 3 rows of rollers for foot massage.

And this simple massage will keep us fit and healthy

7. Does this chair massage your hips?

Yes, there are two large airbags and vibration to massage your hips and waist.

8. How often can the massage chair be used?

If you want, you can use the massage chair daily as long as you are comfortable with it. As a rule, the massage functions are well tolerated and even people who are not allowed to receive a professional massage can use the massage chair.

9. How much does a massage chair cost?

Inexpensive massage chairs are available for between 200 and 400 dollarsThe best massage chairs with a particularly large number of massage types and accessories are available for between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars.

10. How much electricity does a massage chair need?

Most models of the massage chair tests do not provide any information on power consumption. Wherever there are statements about the power, this is given approximately at 180 to 200 watts.

11. Is the chair easy to move?

Yes. So just put the chair on the line with slight force, then the chair can be moved easily to any place.Having a private masseur at home at all times – is not a dream. With a massage chair, you can always, if you want, relax and have a good time.Whether as a TV armchair, sofa bed, or a relaxation armchair, you will soon no longer want to be without this wonderful type of relaxation.

A massage chair comparison 2021 illustrates the differences in the equipment of the various branded massage chairs and the different types of massage. In this buying guide, we will show you what you should consider when buying, which manufacturers have particularly good offers, where you can buy a massage chair cheaply, and where the quality differences are.

12. What does a massage chair do?

The massage chair, also known as the stressless chair, is equipped with various massage functionsThese are used to massage different parts of the body from the legs, over the back to the shoulder and neck. With the help of rotating, punctual or partial types of massage, the work of a masseur should be simulated.

13. Why doesn’t a massage chair replace the masseur?

Cramped muscles are loosened and the pain is alleviated or even resolved – this is what massage chair test winners promise, as do cheaper models. Since the massage chair or the massage seat cover is always ready to use at home, many tensions do not manifest themselves in the first place.

The evening massage in your own armchair after a strenuous day becomes a habit and the symptoms subside or do not even occur.

Of course , even the best massage chair does not replace an experienced masseur . And even with severe and pathological complaints, you should not just sit on a massage chair, but consult a specialist.

But accompanying and preventive, a massage chair with a warming function and perhaps even an electric stand-up aid is a boon for body, mind, and soul.

14. Have massage chairs been examined by Stiftung Warentest?

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a massage chair test, so there is no test winner to be reported here. But in other massage chair comparisons, clear differences in price and equipment become visible. Decide whether the massage chair test winner is the right model for you or whether a cheaper massage chair is sufficient.

Experience has shown that test winners are in the upper price segment.

You should only buy these types of massage chairs if you use the chair regularly and frequently. In the case of sporadic use, a cheaper model with fewer functions is often sufficient.

Relax massage chairs with a heating function are already available in the lower price ranges.

So it doesn’t always have to be the deluxe version.

15. Which complaints can massage chairs help with?


When pain in the feet and legs a massage chair with the appropriate foot or calf massage can help. This function should be particularly important to people who have to stand a lot.

16. Are massage seat covers an alternative?

Massage mats are much cheaper than massage chairs and can be had for less than 100 dollars. Their advantage is their flexibility. They can be placed on different chairs or armchairs and even in the car.

17. Where is the best place to buy my massage chair?

It is also advisable to try out the massage chair and maybe even try it out. For this purpose, offering well-stocked retail or specific fairs. Since you have had such a product for a very long time and it will be in use a lot, you should compare and test it well.

18. How does a massage chair work?

Anyone sitting in the massage chair can usually access the functions via remote control. After choosing the type of massage, the intensity, and the body region, the technique begins its work inside and massages knead or pats the body.

Thanks to the remote control, you can change the parameters of the massage at any time and feel the result right away on your body.

19.  What should you look out for when buying a massage chair?


ThIn addition, the upholstery should be of high quality and well-made. On the one hand, it is responsible for the seating comfort, on the other hand, it should be easy to clean and long-lasting.

20. Can you rent massage chairs?

If you are not yet sure whether a massage chair is really the right one for you, you can, for example, rent an armchair at the Massage Chair Center in Germany and try it out.

About the Real Relax brand

Real Relax 2021 Massage Chairs are a USA brand since 2014. You were able to prove your expertise in the area of ​​massage chairs 10 years before the market launch.

Not only do you value the sale of massage chairs, but you also focus on the areas before and after the sale, such as customer service, and after-sales service, and also offer your chairs in local markets.

Conclusion – Real Relax Massage Chair PS3000 

This massage chair convinces with its futuristic design and offers many extras, such as Bluetooth and the Led light.

He doesn’t have to hide behind the expensive premium armchairs. However, in order to keep the price low, you have to do without some massage functions.

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