OHCO M8 Massage Chair Review 2024 – 4D Luxury Massage Chair

I’ve read more than fifty online reviews of the “new kid,” Ohco Massage Chair. Many excellent evaluations confirm the therapeutic advantages of these chairs.

Therefore, you might not know where to begin if you’re thinking about trying out a Ohco chair. A new product is always risky to test out. Especially one that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Ohco Massage Chair

The choice is naturally based on your own preferences and home environment. If there are more warm elements or log elements in the home, you can choose Black, which will be warmer. If you have a modern style or like a cool feeling, it is generally not wrong to choose gray.

Because I love Black, At first, I was a little worried that this Black would not look good, so I compared the official picture and basically all the pictures in the comments and the seller’s show, and I decided that it was a good-looking Black before I started.

At the same time, it can also be seen that the design of the side panel of the machine is relatively thin, which reduces the footprint and reduces the sense of oppression of the overall machine.

Therefore, I still agree with the official promotion of lightweight design, which is very suitable for the living room or the living room. In the corner of the room, small units can also be used.

The side of the machine looks smooth, and the arc shape of the back has the feeling of a space capsule. Different lines and color blocks on the side panel shuttle, but the main area is left blank, giving a simple but not boring design.

I think it is aesthetic online. You can look at the detailed picture. Although the side panel is plastic, it is very good according to the workmanship and texture.

I found that many massage chairs that sell for tens of thousands of dollars are mostly wrapped in leather on the side. Although they are very luxurious, they may not be suitable for pet owners.

Especially for cat families, the leather on the side is basically like a cat scratching board. The little guy can stretch a few times at any time. Considering that it will be better to live in peace like the picture below, instead of being scarred in the future. ~

The seat cushion and backrest are made of PU leather, which is commonly used in massage chairs. Because the massage head will rub against the back when in use, the high wear resistance and high toughness of PU leather are very suitable for massage chairs.

It can be seen that the diamond-shaped grid line is used on the seat back, which has better shaping and anti-deformation ability.

The headrest is very full. When you need to massage the shoulders and neck, you can turn the headrest up. Usually, you can turn it down when you sit on the sofa. It is quite comfortable to rest your head on it.

The headrest is very full. When you need to massage the shoulders and neck, you can turn the headrest up. Usually, you can turn it down when you sit on the sofa. It is quite comfortable to rest your head on it.

At the same time, the cushion part has also been upgraded. The thickness of the thickened sponge cushion is 4cm, and the feeling of sitting and wrapping is closer to that of a single-seat sofa.

I have tried sitting and reading books and playing games. It is the kind of feeling that you can sit down, and it is quite comfortable.

There is a shortcut button panel on the left armrest. The large knob controls the power on/off and massage strength. Other button functions are marked in Chinese, and you can use them at a glance.

But here I want to complain about the color of the lower panel. It seems that the panel parts of the three colors are brown. It should be designed according to the brown model.

The power interface and switch key of the massage chair are under the back of the machine. The length of the power cord is about 1.8m. If it is not enough, it can be connected to a drag board. There are two rollers on both sides of the rear. If there is a need for moving, it will save a lot of effort.

Sitting comfort

The first feeling of sitting on the massage chair is that the wrapping feeling is very good. The deep V structure of the 4cm-thick cushion is similar to the sitting feeling of a single-seat sofa. It is very comfortable to sit down in a completely relaxed posture.

If you want to relax and take a nap, the two zero-gravity modes are worth experiencing, simulating the zero-gravity elevation angle of the space capsule, and changing the gravity point of the human body to the hips, so that the spine and joints can be fully relaxed, and take a nap. A Tuen or something could not be more appropriate.

Body type detection

Before starting the massage, the machine will automatically perform a body shape detection. After all, the body shape of different people may be quite different. The triple adjustment system will automatically fit the human body. No matter how tall, short, fat or thin, you can find a massage that suits you.

The massage head will follow the curve of the spine and back, measure the height and body shape and ensure the fit, and then recheck the position of the shoulders to accurately confirm the position of the shoulders and neck, and improve the comfort of shoulder and neck massage.

At the same time, you can intuitively feel that the coverage of the 128cm long guide rail is sufficient, and the whole person “stroking” it from top to bottom. This guide rail is designed for bass, and the sense of presence is very low during operation. Those who like to doze off will have a good experience.

i-Hand3.0 air kneading 3D movement

The massage movement is the core part of the massage chair. The movement of the traditional massage chair does not have airbags. When the silicone head massages, it is easy to feel stiff and the massage depth is not enough.

This Ohco Massage Chair  has upgraded the air-kneading 3D movement. You can see that there is a black airbag design behind the movement, which can penetrate deeper into the fascia layer during massage, and the massage does not feel stiff The mechanical feeling, but the kind of feeling from the shallow to the deep, the combination of rigidity and softness, can be said to be very close to the experience of manual massage.

At the same time, the movement has also increased the adjustment of the massage arc in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the back opening range has reached 12cm, which can realize the massage body feeling of pressing and pressing the muscles with both hands. The method is quite surprising.

In addition, many massage chairs I have experienced before are weak in the part of shoulder and neck massage, and there will be a feeling of being superficial and perfunctory.

The depth of this movement can reach 10cm. When massaging the neck and shoulders, it finally feels that the massage is in place, which is very friendly to people who bow their heads.

After the backrest is removed, it is more intuitive. The depth of the massage head is indeed large enough, not only for the shoulder and neck massage, but also for the back muscles and waist and hip massage. muscle groups.

Of course, the intensity of the massage can be adjusted, and people who are struggling or not struggling can find their own comfortable state.

Massage Technique

The massage techniques of massage chairs are becoming more and more varied. The Ohco Massage Chair includes six types of massage techniques: kneading, percussion, massage, shiatsu, tapping, and Swedish style.

The changeable techniques combined with the air-kneading 3D movement just introduced really have the realistic feeling of restoring human hand massage.

Kneading: It’s the kind of feeling that someone is rubbing your shoulders, and the feeling of pushing the clamp.

Percussion is the feeling of lightly clenching the fist and beating the back. You can choose a dense percussion, or you can choose a percussion with a sense of pause.

Massage has a feeling of opening the back and relaxing, sliding up and down along both sides of the spine, and the feeling of relaxation is very good.

The deep feeling of acupressure is more obvious, and the massage head can transmit energy to the depths.The feeling of slapping is not in-depth, and it is mainly aimed at promoting blood circulation and relaxation on the surface.

The Swedish style has a feeling of combining various techniques, kneading and hammering, but it is very comfortable.

The above description of the techniques is based on my subjective experience, and may not be so accurate. At the same time, although these techniques are used, in the later experience, they are actually combined and used, so the body sensation of massage can be said to be very rich changeable.


In addition to the massage movement, I think the second most important thing is the airbag. If the air bag is powerful, it will add a lot to the overall massage experience and comfort.

I personally attach great importance to the shoulder airbags on both sides, because my shoulders are not wide, and the massage chairs I have experienced before are generally weak and cannot achieve the effect of relaxation at all.

This one is qualified in the experience of shoulder airbags. The ten groups of airbags on the shoulders have a very obvious sense of expansion after being pressurized. As you can see from my left shoulder in the picture below, the pressing effect is still very strong.

Of course, the pressurization of the airbags The process is slow and gradual, and the animation is the effect after speeding up the speed by 4 times.

Post a map of the airbag distribution of the whole machine. In addition to the shoulders, there are also airbags for the hands, legs and steps. There are a total of 50 sets of airbags, and the configuration is not bad.

If you want to be picky, there is still a lack of waist airbags, but I also know that one model cannot be perfect, otherwise how can different models be differentiated in terms of configuration and price?

By the way, although there is no waist airbag, the sitting feeling of the waist is not empty, and the waist pad is partially filled and has a heating function.

The hand airbag has a good wrapping feeling. When the massage is pressurized, the left and right hands are alternately performed. If the non-traditional models are pressurized at the same time, there will be no overall sense of urgency brought by the simultaneous pressurization of the limbs, and it feels more humanized.

Leg Massage

I don’t have much demand for leg massage, but many people need to walk or stand for a long time for work, so they still value the massage of legs and feet. Since it is part of the evaluation, I will also tell you in detail.

There are a total of 28 sets of airbags for legs and feet. The inner side of the airbag is made of skin-friendly fabric material, which provides a good skin feel when massaged, and the bottom is made of PU leather to enhance durability.

When the air bag is pressurized, the wrapping feeling is obvious, especially the foot will have a clear pressing feeling, so that the sole of the foot will be close to the bottom roller, there is a clear sense of division when the bottom roller is massaged, the forefoot feels rolling and acupressure, and the middle of the foot has The feeling of scraping by pressing the top, and the two-way massage of forward and reverse at the back of the foot, the sour feeling is still relatively strong.

Looking at the acceleration animation, you can see that the pressure of the leg airbag is alternately and gradually tightened, so that the maximum force will not be pressed all at once, and the comfort will be better.

At the same time, the legs and waist also have a hot compress function. It should be very comfortable to use in winter. The effect of massage and blood circulation is naturally better.

The position of the calf has an adjustable range of 17cm, and it can also be applied to long legs.

12 sets of automatic programs

The machine comes with 12 sets of scene-based automatic programs, each of which lasts about 15 minutes. The scene requirements for the program are clear at a glance.

The scene-based program is not only practical, but also increases the playability of the massage chair, maintains a certain sense of freshness, and avoids the boring feeling caused by using a set of massage programs for a long time.

Thai Stretch

I personally like Thai massage very much. The ancient Thai massage emphasizes pressing and stretching. Pressing the knees on the back is the most comfortable action for me. After pressing, I feel that the whole person is stretched out, and the back will be especially relaxed.

The Thai-style stretching experience of the massage chair is quite ingenious. At the beginning of the massage, the calf air bag will press and fix the leg, and then stretch down. The massage movement will press and match different parts of the back and waist at the same time. Some kneading and beating.

Afterwards, the airbags on the shoulders will work together, and the massage chair will fall backwards while fixing the upper body, so as to stretch downwards, just like the feeling of a Thai massage master pulling your hands back and knees on your back. .

From the animation, it seems that it does not have the visual impact of traditional Thai massage, but I believe that the degree of closeness in my experience is still quite high. If you also like Thai massage, you can try it out. I believe you will also experience the wonderful place.

Sedentary Office

This automatic program should be developed for white-collar workers. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time in the office, the shoulders, neck and waist muscles have a certain degree of stiffness and fatigue. When I come back from get off work, I choose this program to relax. Can’t go wrong.

The first half of the program mainly focuses on the shoulders and neck, with various kneading and beating. One operation really relaxes the entire shoulders and neck. The second half is to relax the waist and back.

The whole process is supplemented by foot massage and hand massage. Massage can be said to be quite pleasant. I feel that the company office is also very suitable for purchasing a massage chair. After a massage at noon, you can relieve fatigue in just 15 minutes and welcome the work in the afternoon full of energy.

Rocking Sleep

This program is very suitable for relaxing before going to bed. If you are prone to insomnia, you can try it. After the program starts, the entire massage chair will rock back and forth like a rocking chair, and people will immediately feel groggy.

After about five minutes, the rocking stops, and the next is a very soothing massage experience. It is recommended to dim the lights to use this program , the sleep aid effect is really good.

At the same time, I will share a tip. You can connect the sound of the massage chair with Bluetooth, and then play some white noise sounds, such as the sound of waves, rain, the sound of burning fire, etc.

The surround sound makes people feel like they are in Nature. The atmosphere will be doubled when you close your eyes and enjoy the massage, and the sleep aid effect will be better.


Let’s talk about the operating experience in the last part:

The operation of Ohco Massage Chairs can be described as comprehensive and diverse, including touch screen operation, mobile APP operation, armrest shortcut operation, and AI voice operation.

The touch screen control is simple and intuitive. After sitting down, you can directly slide and click with one hand. The operation is smooth and there is no difficulty in using it.

The operation of the armrest shortcut keys can be done blindly when you are familiar with the key arrangement. The pause button can stop during any massage program, and click it again to continue.

The knob key can be positioned without raising the head and touching it with the hand, and it is very convenient to switch the machine on and off and to adjust the strength.

The user experience is similar to the LCD screen operation. If you like to play with the mobile phone while massaging, then you need to do a little fixed-point massage after lying down, adjust the intensity, etc., you don’t need to go again.

After grabbing the LCD screen, you can click to complete it directly through the mobile phone.

AI voice operation is a bold experience to free your hands. If you have used smart speakers or other smart home appliances that can be controlled by voice, it will not be difficult to use. Another example is to press the neck, etc. There is a detailed voice command set in the manual, you can refer to it when using it.

I have given the instruction “I want to massage”, and the machine will randomly call up a set of automatic massage programs. If you want to specify a program, you only need to say the name directly, such as “Thai Stretching” .

Regarding the voice part, I think there is still room for improvement. For example, the feedback voice after waking up the machine is too long. If you need to adjust the strength, position, massage techniques, etc. many times during use, you have to listen to the sentence “Hello, little one.” Ao for you”, then the efficiency is a bit low, it is recommended to shorten the feedback voice, such as: “Yes, um, I am, hello, and other short words, so that the use experience will be better.

The four control experiences are all-round and relatively complete. In addition, a reminder to parents that if there are young children or naughty pets at home, you can turn on the child lock function, so that the control panel will be safely locked before unlocking and turning on the machine.

The touch screen also needs an unlocking step to open, and the safety factor will be full.


  • Body Scan Function Made in Japan
  • Body Scan Function Made in Japan
  • 9 Manual Programs,
  • 14 Auto Programs
  • Six rollers and 48 airbags
  • Multilingual High-Quality PU Leather Remote Control with LCD


  • Too Much Costly


Let’s talk about the frequency of use again. Many people worry that the massage chair will eat ashes after starting it. I would recommend you to experience it in an offline store first.

If you like the relaxation brought by the massage chair, you will not eat it after you start it. grey. Taking me as an example, when I feel tired or need to relax, I will naturally think of going to the massage chair to relax.

I use it about 5 times a week, and my family can use it together. I think it is quite worthwhile.

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