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Real Relax 4D Massage Chair Review 2024

Welcome to My Post ” Real Relax 4D Massage Chair Review 2024 “.Today, We will discuss Top-rated Real Relax 4D Massage Chair in detail. I recommend reading a detailed discussion on ” Best Massage Chairs Buyers’ Guide [comprehensive] ” before buying any massage chair.

After experiencing the massage chair, I feel that the massage chair is really a good choice, especially for people like me who don’t like being touched by others, it is simply good news.

In addition, I also considered that my parents will come to live with us after they retire. We are busy in life, and our body is always in a state of excessive fatigue. So I planned to prepare the massage chair before our parents came to us.

Real Relax was leading brand of massage chairs. The model is Real Relax 4D Massage Chair. It is a relatively new product in terms of appearance and technology.

The volume of the Real Relax 4D Massage Chair is still very large, the materials and workmanship are very good, and the weight is not light. The net weight of the machine is 90kg. If you move it directly, it is impossible for one person to handle it.

Real Relax 4D Massage Chair wheels are arranged at the bottom, so that as long as the package is opened, the rest of the installation process can be done by one person.

Because of the large size, you must confirm the door distance with the customer service before purchasing. Generally, you can enter the door of the house, but if you want to put it in the bedroom, you need to confirm it, so as not to be unable to enter after buying it. In addition, the friends upstairs had better confirm whether they can enter the elevator.

Usually, a large part of space needs to be reserved on the back of the massage chair for angle adjustment of the massage chair. However, Real Relax 4D Massage Chair is based on an ingenious structural design and does not need to take up a lot of space. It can basically be close to the effect of sticking to the wall. For small-sized users, it is still very suitable.

Cleaning agent is provided for cleaning the massage chair. There is also a drag line board, which is used as an extension line of the socket, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation caused by the insufficient length of the own line.

At home, the overall style is still very harmonious.

When choosing the color of the massage chair, I chose a light color to ensure that it is consistent with the overall style of the home. The color is Champagne. The appearance is streamlined and simple, which looks like the first-class cabin of the high-speed rail. The actual experience proves that the large-volume package feels very good.

The side of the fuselage uses a golden streamlined decorative strip with a metallic texture, and the surface uses a fading surface design that often appears in car styling, making the entire seat look more textured. Moreover, the plastic shell part of the basic surface is made of polished plastic material, which will not hide dirt and dirt, and is very easy to clean. You only need to wipe it with a towel every day. The colors used on the inside and outside of the massage chair are basically the same, which looks very comfortable.

The interior of the massage chair is made of soft materials as long as it can be in contact with the user. There are two types of soft materials: cloth and special PU leather. When choosing materials, the materials of fabric and PU leather are also very close. The characteristic of PU leather is that it is soft, and it is not easy to age after a long time, and it is convenient to clean, just use the cleaning paste provided in the package to clean it.

The workmanship of this massage chair, from stitching to zippers, from the craftsmanship of the seat surface to the embroidery of the headrest, where the leather and fabric meet, the craftsmanship is very good.

The control panel of the massage chair uses a traditional handheld remote control in the form of screen + buttons. The overall Black color scheme, the main functions and modes are clear at a glance, the buttons are backlit, and the touch is relatively soft. When entering the corresponding mode, the backlight of the buttons will light up, which is also very convenient for the elderly at home to operate.

Top switch, timing and pause buttons. At the bottom is the adjustment area for various modes and massage parameters.

There is a storage area for the remote control inside the seat , which is a very considerate design. It allows the user to put the remote control into the storage area during use, so as to prevent the massage chair from accidentally being placed on the seat and accidentally starting the massage chair.

The headrest of the head needs to be turned up when using it, otherwise it will affect the experience of the head. It is connected by a zipper, which can be removed and cleaned directly, which is very convenient. The headrest is lifted on the left. The massage area on the inside of the airbag and the back of the head is made of very soft fabric, which feels very comfortable to the touch.


For users, the better the massage chair feels, the more comfortable it is. This Real Relax 4D Massage Chair has absolutely achieved the sense of wrapping, and it is not inferior in massage experience.

The Real Relax 4D Massage Chair is preset with 27 commonly used modes: drama chasing mode, dream mode, fatigue mode, queen mode, shoulder and neck focus, waist and hip pressure relief etc.

These 27 modes belong to the fully automatic massage mode, which can cover all parts that need to be massaged daily. After selecting the desired massage mode, the massage chair will scan the body curve. At this time, you can feel that there is a device on the back scanning up and down, and at the same time.

After scanning, it will directly enter the fully automatic massage mode. It is completely possible to customize a precise and accurate massage experience for the user who sits on it. The massage is accurate in every part during the massage.

The 4D management massage of legs and feet is a highlight of this massage chair. During the massage process, the legs are fixed by airbags, and then the raised point rollers on the soles of the feet massage the acupoints on the soles of the feet. You may not be used to the massage at first, and it is extremely itchy , but after using it once or twice, you will get used to this feeling.

Automatic Massage and Parameter Adjustment

Selecting the dream mode will simulate a rocking chair to shake, and then perform a massage. There is no noticeable swaying sensation.

There are default massage parameters during the automatic massage mode, but the parameters may not be suitable for everyone. You can manually adjust the massage intensity, air pressure intensity and massage speed for multiple adjustments. There is always one that suits you.

Spot Massage

The fixed-point massage function is very good. By moving the position of the massage point up and down by remote control, you can specify the position for custom massage, and fully realize personal customization.

Adjustment of Massage Techniques

There are 13 built-in massage techniques: kneading style, Swedish style, hammering style, shiatsu style, slapping style, and massage style etc. The algorithm is optimized by completely simulating the way of manual massage. Through the soft elastic silicone massage head, it can fully restore the The manual massage method, the whole massage process is more comfortable than the mechanical massage.

Manual Massage Parameter Adjustment

If you don’t need the whole automatic massage process, but only massage a certain part, you can use the manual mode. In the manual mode, you can adjust the massage technique, strength, speed, sitting angle, foot massage technique and other methods. Moreover, using the remote control to adjust the massage position of the back can realize fixed-point massage, and the massage technique can also be switched at will.

Because different people have different reactions to the intensity of the massage, if you feel pain during the massage, you can manually adjust the intensity of the massage to achieve the intensity that suits you. Of course, you can also directly set other parameters manually to customize your own high-level experience.

Sitting Angle Adjustment

The sitting angle of this massage chair can be adjusted, and the two arrows on the bottom part of the remote control can control the tilting angle of the massage chair.

You can adjust the angle of the massage chair according to your comfortable posture. Of course, there are also different angle settings in the process of automatic massage. For example, in the drama chasing mode, the massage chair will be adjusted to an angle suitable for watching TV. Watching TV at this angle will not be blocked, and you don’t need to look up to watch it, and you can watch your phone normally.

Timing Function

Before starting the massage, you can use the timing button on the top of the remote control to set the duration of the massage. This time range can be set to 5-30 minutes, with a gear of 5 minutes. The time interval is relatively reasonable. If you feel that one time is not enough, then do it again.

About Airbag Massage

Real Relax 4D Massage Chair has 36 built-in airbags, which are distributed on the left and right sides of the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. The airbag massage has a very good wrapping feeling.

The airbags on the forearm, calf, and foot press the corresponding parts respectively, and the pressure of the airbag can be adjusted according to your own tolerance.

The airbag massage on the legs is very good for female users like LD who often wear high- heeled shoes . After all, wearing high-heeled shoes always holds the calf, and there is no sense of relaxation like sports and leisure shoes . For the sake of beauty, there are excusable circumstances. After the beauty, for the sake of health, it is recommended to give the calf and feet a comfortable massage to relax.

During the air pressure massage of the legs, the airbags will firmly grasp the feet and calves when they are inflated. The strength can be controlled by remote control, and the comfort level is still good.

Other Functions

Surprisingly, Real Relax 4D Massage Chair has a built-in Bluetooth speaker , which can be directly connected to a mobile phone for music playback. You can listen to your favorite music during the massage process, making it easier for you to relax. Regarding the connection of the Bluetooth speaker, when the massage chair is powered on, you can directly use the mobile phone .

Another very practical function is the waist heating function. This function may not be so obvious for male users, but it is very useful for female users, especially recently, the temperature has dropped sharply across the country, and it has started to snow overnight. For girls, keeping the waist warm is very important, and most girls may experience dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation if the waist protection is insufficient. Therefore, this function of waist hot compress is very practical for female users. Waist hot compress + massage, you will feel very comfortable, at least that’s what LD said after using it.

The zero-gravity at the bottom of the remote control is mainly to simulate the 126-degree elevation angle in the weightless state in the space capsule. To put it intuitively, some parts of the human body are used as fulcrums to disperse the pressure on the spine and joints and achieve a state of complete relaxation. . Zero gravity is divided into three states, which can be distinguished by the color of the button on the remote control.

The height compatibility of this product is still very good, the calf area can stretch 18cm, even if the height is 180cm, it can be very comfortable to lie on.

The height of LD155cm sits on it and can completely cover all parts.

Regarding The Use of Noise

Many people are concerned about noise, because massage chairs in movie theaters and airports make a lot of noise. Real Relax 4D Massage Chair has achieved effective noise reduction technically through the mute device, and the measured noise control effect is not bad.

In the process of use, there is only a slight noise during the angle adjustment process. In normal massage scenes, there is no obvious noise. On the contrary, this quiet state can allow users to achieve a state of relaxation and complete massage. An immersive massage. Although there are some beeps during the massage, the sound is not loud. Even if someone is resting at home, it will not be affected by the massage process.

About Product Power Consumption

Thanks to the low-power chip developed by the Real Relax team, the power consumption of this product is super low. When used for 15 minutes a day, it consumes almost 3 kilowatt-hours of electricity in a month, which is equivalent to no money when rounded.

Use Summary

My personal favorite is the shoulder and neck focused massage mode, because sitting in the office for a long time and driving for a long time, the muscles of the shoulder and neck are always in a relatively tense state. Usually, when LD presses it with his hands You will feel pain on one side and cannot relax. One-click selection of shoulder and neck is a must-have operation for me when I sit on a massage chair. After long-term massage, it is really effective.

However, what LD likes most is to watch dramas while massaging, not to be too comfortable. In addition, LD also likes the heating function of the waist. Because she is very afraid of the cold, the temperature in Shanghai has just dropped, but the heater at home has been on for more than a month.

In addition, LD and my mother both have serious wealth bags, and often feel tired. Chinese medicine recommends massage for treatment. I usually let me press it with my hands. Under normal circumstances, I feel sleepy after a few minutes. A massage chair can be a great helper for me.

In addition to relieving fatigue, eliminating fatigue, and relaxing the body and mind, the massage chair is another feeling during the use process that it is particularly easy to help sleep. If you press on the massage chair for fifteen minutes, you will be sleepy with the massage. and sometimes you will even fall asleep directly on the massage chair. The probability of falling asleep is still very high.

At last

Everyone has a different opinion on whether or not you need a massage chair at home. At the beginning, I didn’t know about massage chairs, but then I asked some post-80s friends around me. Most of them are three-generation families. In fact, as long as the space at home allows, many people have already used massage chairs at home. . So buying a massage chair is not a coincidence. In addition, the number of sub-health groups is gradually increasing, and everyone pays more attention to health.

Massage is not exclusive to certain groups of people. If you have nothing to do, press the button to relax your muscles and bones, enjoy a piece of tranquility in the fast-paced city, and find your own world.

The above is the sharing of this time, I hope it can help everyone.

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