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Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Massage Chair Review in 2024

Osaki Pro OS-4D paragon Massage Chair
Written by Atique Ur Rehman

Hello and welcome to my in-depth evaluation of the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair for 2024. Today, we’ll talk about the Pro OS-4D Paragon, a new model from the Japanese company Osaki.

A freshly updated 4D massage chair with L-Track and a heated roller mechanism are the Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon. The OS-Pro Maestro is Osaki’s most well-known and innovative 4D massage chair, but the OS-4D Pro Paragon is a modernised and enhanced form of the 4D massage chair. The voice recording, limited room expansion, and heated wheels on the footrest are just a few of the high-tech and opulent systems that Paragon is equipped with.

Additionally, the user can alter the heating settings in Paragon. The user can easily approach and operate the massage chair without any difficulty by using voice commands and simple remote control.

I eventually decided to purchase the massage chair. After conducting extensive study and consulting with experts in the field, I chose the most recent Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair.

Osaki Pro OS-4D paragon Massage Chair

It was enlightening after spending time and learning about the massage chair business. I had a $1,500 starting point and thought it would be worthwhile to increase it to get the chair I desired.

The Osaki household has gained yet another fantastic member!

Osaki is one of the few massage chair manufacturers I’ve encountered that regularly issues new models all year long. They release new, more creative units and make changes rapidly to existing designs.

That’s what impresses me about the Pro Paragon. Osaki greatly enhanced a model-based 4D concept!

I must admit that I’m quite pleased. It’s not that bad for everything it provides and its current price! Let’s get right into discussing the features of Paragon Pro since you’re presumably eager to learn more.

Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Massage Chair Benefits And Drawbacks


  • Thermal thigh and back rolls
  • Excellent calf and foot massages are provided by the leg support.
  • Full and timely treatment
  • Space reduction
  • simple construction
  • The cost is affordable.
  • superior encounter with massage
  • Adjustable seat positioning includes weightlessness
  • Modern 4D rollers provide an unparalleled treatment!
  • It’s a great deal for a 4D chair!
  • Operation is effortless with voice activation control!
  • Calf and foot rollers work together to provide a potent lower-body massage!


  • The remote is wired, which I prefer because its buttons don’t show up at night and the menu isn’t very clear.
  • Few speech commands can be used with voice recognition.
  • A wider range of pitches would have been great. The worst thing in the universe is not this.

Colour Schemes

There are 4 colours offered for the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair. (beige, black, dark gray, and dark brown). I ultimately chose to purchase the black one, and it’s excellent. You can view all available choices by selecting the picture below:

The Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair’s main characteristics

Massage 4D

Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon is a high-tech 4D massage method that is intended to be improved over traditional massage rollers by massaging wider, deeper, and more rhythmically. The pace and rhythm of the massage can be changed thanks to the 4D massage motor.

The 4D massage can be adjusted at 4 distinct levels on the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro. The user can tailor the massage to their specific tastes because of the range of adjustment levels. The Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon massage chair features four 4D settings and five degrees of speed control, allowing the user to customise their massage experience.

L-Track with many angles

The Paragon has a multi-angle L-rail function, in contrast to other L-rail massage chairs. The L-shaped roller moves up and down on the hamstring regions and has numerous angles of an L-shaped massage mechanism. The Paragon L-rail rises to provide more massage function when the massage chair reclines while the other massage chair rollers remain stationary and give fixed hamstring rollers. feasible in the hamstring region.

What is a rolling track, though? We all know what rollers are. Imagine it as a straightforward mechanism that enables the reels to move from position A to point B. Similar to how a train needs a rail to travel from point A to point B, a set of rollers also needs rollers! identical tracks!

The 49-inch L-Track on the Pro Paragon is unique in that it can press against and encircle the back of your thighs. This is not feasible in conventional L-lanes, and coverage is decreased.
You get the most massage area possible from the rollers because of their capacity to do this. It genuinely makes a huge impact!

The back is massaged with hot rollers.

Making the massage chair as “human” as feasible was the goal. The rollers act in many ways like a trained massage therapist’s hands thanks to automatic speed control. That is, the speed never remains consistent but constantly changes as the massage progresses. The 4D chairs were able to deliver a massage that was more similar to a personal therapist.

This summarises the development of the massage recliner. The 4D rollers are the most sophisticated ones available right now.

4D rollers are included with the Pro Paragon. The fact that Pro Paragon trainers operate hot is what makes them so unique. Osaki has created seats with heated wheels in the past as well. Heated wheels are also featured on Osaki’s Pro Maestro, another 4D chair.

Why is the use of hot rollers crucial? What other advantages do they provide?

If you ask me, the hot buns are enormous. I make this claim because adding heat to the treatment increases its potency. The muscles become more supple and less rigid as a result, increasing flexibility. Last but not least, heating the muscles gets them ready for the treatment.

Heaters are typically found on massage seats. They function perfectly well, but heated rollers offer significantly more coverage because the heat is dispersed everywhere the rollers go.

The most cutting-edge rear heating device is found in the Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon. A much larger heating area is possible thanks to the back heated roller.

Thermostats for foot rollers

Under the footrest are spinning reflexology rollers that give a soothing massage. The rollers stimulate heat therapy around the feet as they spin, applying mild to strong pressure and a warm environment to help people unwind and feel less worn out.

The Pro Paragon’s blades also warm up. Reflexology rollers that rotate on the underside of the footrest are used to massage the toenails, heels, and soles of the feet.

The methods mainly consist of rolling and kneading, but nearby air spaces also support the feet and give a compression massage. The heated foot casters of the Pro Paragon chair put it apart from other chairs. The foot area of most chairs isn’t heated, and when it is, heated rollers are less prevalent than heating pads.

If you ask me, heated roller blades are more efficient than conventional heating pads.

Kneading the calf

Reflexology pads that rotate beneath the feet offer a great foot massage. For a more comfortable kneading experience, the underfoot rollers will travel along the sides and midfoot. With the correct amount of pressure applied by the foot rollers, the calf area will swell and start to be massaged by kneading. Increased blood flow to the legs will aid in greater relaxation if the calf part is allowed to provide a kneading action.

Air massagers that rotate in circular movements above the leg rest give your calf massage a new dimension. Additional elements have been added to the foot portion to extend and massage the foot’s arch and heel. There is nothing else like it.

The massagers for the leg, bridge, knee, and heel are wonderful extras. Your calves will rotate in a circular motion as the top portion of the largest activates the air massage. In my opinion, donning pants is a good idea because the airbags can hurt your calves when they circle.

You can stretch and massage your foot’s arch and heel at the base of the leg support. It offers superb foot and leg massages.

Since you can change the intensity, I like this function and find it to be very comfortable. Therefore, if the pressure is too great, I would advise donning socks.

automatic thigh extension and a footrest that is covered

The beanbag will scan the wearer’s legs to determine the optimal leg length. The foot part expands and retracts 8.7 inches automatically. To tell the leg scanner that the length is in the desired and comfortable position for a better massage, simply apply weight with your feet.

Additionally, using the remote control, you can programme the leg component to expand or retract automatically based on the user’s customizable requirements. Additionally, the soles of the footrest are covered, warming the feet while the massage is being given. Blood circulation is stimulated to increase by warming the feet.

Body Scan Innovation

The neck and back will be mapped using the OS-4D Pro Paragon during a body scan to guarantee that the right amount of pressure is used during the massage. The shoulder height will be picked up by the scanning technology, which can then be calibrated after the survey is finished.

According to its advertising, the Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon can scan your body and map important neck and back regions. The massage chair will also be able to choose the right amount of power to use. I’m not sure how successful it is personally.

The only indication I have is that when I transition to certain programs, the remote will display a “body scan” popup and make a motion that denotes the massage rollers are calibrating and adjusting. But just giving an assessment isn’t enough for me. As a result, I am unable to give a grade.

Negative G

The Zero Gravity function on the Paragon raises the knees above the chest and improves blood flow to keep the user at ease. Your back is almost entirely supported by the backrest when you are lying in a weightless posture, which maximises the massage’s intensity.

By placing the knees above the chest in this posture, you will improve blood circulation and further relax your body. The user can choose from a variety of weightless system options that are most practical for them.

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon can operate in negative gravity. In Zero Gravity, the knees are raised above the chest, which helps the blood circulate. The power of the body and the massage chair is increased, by the NASA space capsule relaxation theory. To achieve the highest level of relaxation entails assisting in the reduction of strain on the heart and spine.

In nature, I find Zero Gravity to be especially soothing. In the same position that you would be in for a massage from an actual person. As mentioned above, this is an additional advantage. I unquestionably prefer treatments given while in zero gravity.

The massage chair has between one and three settings by default. The Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon appears to be mentioned as number one. But because I wasn’t entirely positive when I bought it, I wanted to be clear about this. The massage chair can be tilted and has three multi-angle sections that can be adjusted, but it only has one zero-gravity setting. The leg rest and backrest can be adjusted by users to suit their requirements. This is a very nice function that offers the user a variety of massage-receiving positions.


One of the most important features for massage chair users who want to make the most of their living area is the space-saving feature. While in weightlessness, the massage chair extends the room, the OS-4D Pro Paragon can free up to 3.15 inches of wall space. The massage chair expands the space of the home, so you don’t have to worry about space any longer.

What is conserving space?

This straightforward feature was created to make it possible to install massage chairs in confined areas without much available wall space.

What happens is that the chair moves forward on a base in addition to tilting back. We can position a chair much closer to a wall using this forward sliding action without having to think about bumps when tilting it. The Pro Paragon only needs 3.15 inches of room between the backrest and the wall.

Comparing the Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon to other full-sized massage chairs, it is a true room saver. It only needs 20 inches from the footstool and 3 inches from the wall.

The only free area between the backrest and the wall is taken into account when calculating space-saving. disregards or doesn’t enhance anything else! Always check to make sure you have enough room to the front and sides.

Wireless speaker

The backrest is surrounded by several speakers. The rollers can massage you to the beat of the music using synchronised massage therapy methods and a Bluetooth wireless audio player. Utilizing music therapy to unwind will improve the user’s blood and lessen tiredness.

The left and right armrests of the Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon have speakers near the head region. The overall calibre is at best average. The music isn’t particularly noteworthy, in my opinion. It will, however, be effective for calming sounds.

Turning on Bluetooth on your phone and connecting it as you would with any other Bluetooth device makes it very simple to set up. You can also charge your phone while receiving a massage by plugging it into the USB port located close to the armrest.

You can issue vocal commands thanks to voice recognition!

Osaki highlights this feature, which is the one that Pro Paragon markets the most, in all of their promotional ads. I agree that it’s a nice function and can see how it might be helpful.

If you need to make a change while seated in a massage chair, you typically have to lean forward, grasp the remote, and make the adjustment. The massage frequently ends as a consequence of this.

I’ve discovered that using a smartphone to control the massage recliner is a preferable substitute. (most massage chairs have this feature). The problem with this is that you still have to change the settings on your phone. Certainly, the least disturbing technique is being able to control the chair through speech/voice.

With voice recognition, the Paragon Pro makes a significant advancement in this area. It has an integrated microphone that can discern and comprehend up to nine distinct words and phrases, including “massage chair stop,” “pain relief,” “weightless start,” and others.

Even though the nine suggestions on this list might not be sufficient, they represent a significant improvement over the way your massage recliner currently functions. The main objective, as I previously stated, is to maintain operations as continuously as feasible. This is crucial if we want to accurately imitate the real thing (human massage).

Remote pocket and remote LED

With its easy-to-use buttons and detailed LED display, the Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon makes it simple to use the massage chair’s numerous functions. The LED display indicates the location of the rollers, the heated body area, weightlessness, and different massage functions. You can choose from neck/shoulder, lower back, auto, manual, advanced, or air massage by simply navigating the options using the buttons. The 5 to 30-minute massage timed setting options are available.

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon is lacking in many ways and comes with a connected LED remote control. Although the remote has a large number of menu choices, getting used to it will take some time. It’s difficult to see the remote in the dark because it doesn’t light up, and the user manual only briefly describes how to use it. There is also the persistent beep, which you cannot switch off. As a result, each time you hit a button on the remote, a beep sounds.

Generally speaking, it will give you everything you require to operate the massage recliner. Although I would prefer a wireless remote, the fact that it is attached to the massage chair means you won’t lose it. Personal taste is what matters.

Show Performance

The preset timer for each massage will be set to 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes. By returning to the menu on the remote control and choosing the desired length once more, you can prolong your massages.

thirteen self-massage apps

  • Recover
  • Relief
  • Stretch
  • Soft
  • Renew
  • Calming
  • Special
  • Refresh
  • Energy
  • Revive
  • Active
  • Relax
  • Healing

There are 13 different self-massage programmes in total. Recovering is calming, unique, relaxing, and stretches. There are Refreshment, Energy, Revive, Active, Relax, and Healing programmes in addition to the “Special” programme.

The user manual does not go into depth about what each programme does, and the names of the programmes are not very clear. I’m unsure of the distinction between Recover and Revive, for instance.

Each programme was thoroughly tested, and it was discovered that they all had a distinctive blend of Shiatsu, Kneading & Tapping, and Stretching massage methods. You’ll simply need to take some time to determine what you like. All are outstanding programmes in and of themselves.

Manual procedures

The manual programmes on the Osaki Pro Paragon 4D massage chair are one of my favourite elements. Additionally, it permits sporadic or limited treatments. I can devote as much time as I need to work on a particular part of my physique. There are manual options as well, including airbag intensity settings, five levels of massage intensity, speed, and four levels of intensity for 4D massage. The heat and rollers can also be turned on or off.

The manual programme menu, in my personal view, is not very user-friendly for users. You had to exit the screen, go back to the menu, and choose 4D+ to incorporate 4D massage. Then check the programme again to see if the 4D segments have begun. Before you can learn how to use the manual feature, you will need to get used to it.


These airbags are the second version. To put it another way, it has many layers and was sewn together. Additionally, it enables a stronger and much more reliable grasp. There are numerous inflatable pillows in it, each of which gives a full-body massage. Additionally, you can change the intensity’s degree up to five times.


In my view, this is one of the massage chair’s best features. Additionally, flexibility is covered in a separate programme. permits hip rotation, thigh flexion, and back extension (bridge). Particularly when the massage chair tugs on your feet, you can feel it.

For the money, a fantastic massage chair.

A great massage chair is the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon. Many of the fundamental characteristics found in a $10,000 massage chair are present here. You will receive top-notch massages, and I am overjoyed with my buy. When comparing costs, the majority of 4D massage chairs range in price from $8,000 to $10,000. Because it is a high-end 4-D massage chair without the $10,000 price tag, the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon is a fantastic purchase.

There are tradeoffs, of course. Some of the bells and whistles that many fans would swoon over are missing from the chair. Some automated programmes have up to 34 distinct types, among other things. The various massage techniques (kicks, taps, etc.) will still be used, just on varying schedules.

Knowing who will use the massage chair removes the need for such flexibility, and a massage chair that costs more can support more body types. Additionally, more expensive chairs might come with chromotherapy, more USB ports, and higher sound quality. I for one wouldn’t use all these additional features as an excuse to spend so much money. You should think about the Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro if you want a comparable chair with extra bells and whistles.

What sets the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon apart from its rivals?

Like other massage chairs, the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair has numerous movement systems and is noisy when in use. It’s not the busiest, though, compared to some of the others I’ve sat at.

The high calibre of treatments that the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair provides makes it a fantastic all-around massage chair. Less attention is paid to “nice-to-have” functions and more is paid to massage quality. Therefore, if you value a top-notch treatment, this massage chair will deliver. provides excellent treatments for the entire body. The head rollers were mentioned in the user guide, but Osaki made no mention of the head massagers.

I was surprised to feel the rollers in the middle of my cranium while in “Recovery” mode, and I was happy with how well they worked. Maybe the “neck” for taller individuals would have been that? I’m not sure, but the rollers halted in the centre of my head and gave me a very soothing massage. I’m of average height. Auto-scan technology ought to have been applied as well.

Final Conclusion

The fact that the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair is made by a reputable business is another fantastic benefit. Osaki Titan has a long history in the field and is supported by a very reliable guarantee.

I had my eye on the RELAXONCHAIR seats before deciding on the Osaki Pro Paragon. especially their most recent 3D MK-ION recliner, which costs $2,999. It appeared to work similarly to more expensive chairs and received many positive reviews on Amazon.

They are certainly good chairs, and they come with a 3-year warranty, but I couldn’t bear to pay over $3000 for an offline name. Naturally, the money you spend goes towards getting high-quality support when the massage chair develops issues years later.

However, I do not doubt that RELAXONCHAIR will begin to gain momentum and establish itself as a significant player in the market. With a business that has been around as long as Osaki, I felt more at ease. RELXONCHAIR is given honourable mention because they have so far produced some excellent seats. As a result, a lot of people seem happy with their merchandise and the price.

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