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Massage Chairs For Tall People

Massage Chairs for tall person
Written by Atique Ur Rehman


Anyone over 6 feet tall will have a difficult time finding comfortable furniture, let alone massage chairs. Market options are typically few and far between, not to mention expensive and impractical.

Most massage chairs either don’t have enough space for my head or leave my feet dangling when they should be tucked into the leg rest for a relaxing foot massage.

I understand. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been 6 feet 5 inches tall. Too many times have I been frustrated by my inability to fit into a massage chair that I had ordered online.

But I’ve come a long way since then. I’ve also discovered a number of dependable massage chairs that not only fit me comfortably but also perform admirably.

Consider seven of the best massage chairs on the market for those who prefer to be closer to the clouds.

Because of its non-ridiculously advanced technology, the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus is my top pick. When most people think of technologically advanced furniture, they envision impractical additions. A hovering feature or lighted base, for example, or voice controls or motion controls.

When you consider the chair’s functions, most additions aren’t very practical. It also raises the price to exorbitant levels. Fortunately, the Luraco i7 Plus is not one of them. The chair’s technological advancements have all been made to improve the therapeutic massage it can provide.

That is why this chair is ideal for me. It’s functional, comfortably fits tall people like me, has a variety of good massage techniques on top of its superior technology, and has a reasonable number of important features. Continue reading to learn why.


When looking for a replacement for my Luraco, I consider three factors: size, massage quality, and price. Take a closer look at these three elements:

  • Chair Size: Many massage chairs are designed for users under 6 feet tall. I like to make sure that the chair can accommodate both large and tall users. It should cater to people of all sizes, not just those who are tall.
  • Massage quality is determined by a number of factors, including:
  • Heat therapy is an important feature that will allow your body to relax while also facilitating blood flow throughout your extremities. Lumbar heat is also available in some units, which is beneficial. If you have back pain, prioritize a unit with lower back heat functions.
  • Deep tissue massage: this massage therapy technique aids in the release of tension in the body. This is also ideal for people who have sciatica.
  • Multiple massage programs: Ideally, there should be at least five preset massage programs available, with the option to control your chair manually. This provides a more personalized experience, allowing you to target specific problem areas. This should include a strong air massage, a sufficient number of massage rollers, calf massage, foot rollers, and body scan technology to maximize the effects of the massage track or roller track.
  • Price: Don’t be afraid to stick to your budget. To be honest, I wouldn’t have discovered how much I adore my Luraco if I hadn’t strictly adhered to my budget. This was before I realized I didn’t need cup holders or a second mini-monitor to watch movies. The price should be reasonable and within your price range.

So, now that you know what to look for, it’s time to decide which of these massage chairs is best for a tall person—or you.

1. Luraco IRobotics 7 Massage Chair: The Best Option for Tall People

This massage recliner is the most technologically advanced on the market. You’ll appreciate how Luraco worked to make this high-tech piece of medical furniture more therapeutic rather than focusing on cosmetic changes. In my massage chair ultimate buying guide, Luraco was ranked first as the best massage chair for 2020.

Consider the following features:

3D Massage Technology: Luraco’s 3D massage is unrivaled. I can confidently state that it is among the best in the industry for all chair types. Its rollers push forward to deliver a deep massage that effectively penetrates your neck and back muscles.

Enhanced Foot and Calf Massage: The Luraco i7 Plus targets your calf and foot areas with advanced rollers and air massage technology to achieve total body wellness. This will relieve strain on your feet and calves while also revitalizing your muscles.


  • The cushion is comfortable.
  • The control panel is simple to use.
  • There are five user memory settings.
  • warranty extension for five years


  • There will be no white-glove service.


This Luraco chair is the most technologically advanced massage chair on the market right now. You’ll appreciate the multiple-user memory settings, which eliminate the need to reprogram the chair every time someone else uses it.

2. INADA DreamWave Massage Chair: First Runner-Up

The Inada Dreamwave is a close second to the Luraco i7 Plus. This Inada massage chair has many great features and comes in fun colours like red.

This chair covers 1,200 square inches of the body area in total, making it the most extensive coverage on the market. This means it is unquestionably appropriate for tall and broad users.

Consider the following features:

Shiatsu Massage: You’ll love the shiatsu massage, which features varying motion programs that mimic the movements of a human therapist. This effectively relieves muscle tension and untangles knotted muscles.

Full-Body Stretch It’s no secret that stretching is good for everyone. It not only relieves body pain but also improves blood circulation throughout the body. It’s also critical for avoiding chronic back or extremity pain.


  • Youth massage for people aged 14 and up
  • Dreamwave massage signature
  • Inada Zero-Gravity Reclining and Complete Body Stretching Healthcare Programs
  • There is a white-glove service available.


  • Quite large
  • It takes two people to move or install something.


The Inada Dreamwave is an improved version of the previous Inada Sogno Dreamwave (which has been discontinued). This chair is more expensive, but it completely maximizes the therapeutic benefits of a massage chair. Choose this if you want a chair that truly feels like it was designed to heal your body.

3. Kahuna LM6800: Most Affordable Model

The Kahuna LM6800 is unquestionably less expensive than the top models I’ve listed here. However, this does not imply that its features are lacking. In fact, the number of features packed into this space-saving massage chair will astound you. It has almost everything you can find on a luxury model for under $2,000 and is an excellent starter chair for anyone new to the community.

Consider some of its most notable features:

Full-Body Shiatsu Therapy: Unlike other massage chairs, the LM6800 features multiple rollers strategically placed throughout the unit to provide a full-body shiatsu massage. This treatment focuses on specific areas such as your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, limbs, and feet.

Space-Efficient Zero Gravity: This massage recliner can be installed against a wall. The LM6800 slides forward as you recline it, unlike other units that require a lot of wall clearance, so you don’t have to worry about it reclining against your wall.


  • Heat therapy for the lower back and calves
  • Various speed settings
  • Various levels of air massage
  • Yoga stretches for chemotherapy


  • Customer service is inadequate.


In conclusion, the Kahuna LM6800 is a low-cost massage chair that offers numerous advantages. It’s loaded with great features and comes at a very reasonable price. It’s a good buy if you’re looking for something under $2,000, but only if you don’t have any issues with it. Otherwise, customer service is ineffective.

4. IT-8500 by Infinity

The Infinity 8500 is a fantastic full-body massage chair with zero-gravity features. If you’re wondering what distinguishes it from other chairs, consider this:

Air Decompression Stretch: To stretch your body, this chair uses airbags that compress and decompress in a specific pattern. This works in the same way that massage therapists knead your body to stretch specific areas. If you want to stretch your entire body, this chair works by gripping your shoulders and legs and slowly reclining you to stretch your spine.


  • USB-enabled speaker system
  • Heat therapy in the lumbar region
  • There are two zero-gravity reclining positions.
  • Spinal fusion therapy


  • Quite large
  • The unit is quite heavy.
  • is not built to last, and the customer service is atrocious.


This $4000 chair has some interesting features. However, you must exercise caution due to the price. It has some positive reviews attesting to how well it holds up to use, but there are some complaints that the customer service is unhelpful and that the chair does not withstand daily use very well.

5. Human Touch SuperNovo Massage Chair

The Super Novo is available in a variety of vibrant colors that will make a bold statement in any room. It also has a slew of useful features. Here are some of my favorite features:

User-Friendly Controls: I dislike it when more high-tech chairs come with difficult-to-understand control systems. This massage chair allows you to control its functions with the touch of a finger.

Hybrid Track: This chair’s S and L-track systems target more than just your back. The hybrid S and L roller track design includes rollers that target both your back and your glutes and thighs.


  • Heat therapy for the feet and calves
  • Massage rollers with four dimensions
  • Remote control holder
  • magnetic docking station
  • Heat therapy in the lumbar region
  • acupressure massage function


  • Because Alexa isn’t fully integrated, massage controls are limited.


The Super Novo is a technologically advanced massage chair with a plethora of useful features. However, it’s a shame that the voice control feature wasn’t fully integrated prior to its release to provide you with a more comprehensive set of voice controls.

6. Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair

The Ogawa Smart 3D is one of the best smart massage chairs available. It’s a great option if you’re more tech-savvy and want your wellness furniture to reflect that.

Consider the following features:

Controls via Smart Tablet: This massage chair comes with its own control pad. The interface is simple enough to grasp, though there is a slight learning curve, as with anything. Regardless, it’s been a very useful feature.

Multiple Custom Settings: The tablet is not designed to be aesthetically pleasing. It enables you to fully customize your massage experience and tailor the performance of your chair to your specific needs.


  • Several reclining positions
  • Reclining in zero gravity
  • Rollers for your feet
  • Heat treatment
  • Noise-canceling technology


  • It’s quite pricey.


Spend the extra money on your wellness if you have it! The only disadvantage of this massage chair is its high price. This one, on the other hand, is for those who value great features and a truly customized massage experience.

7. Apex Lotus Electric Full Body Massage Chair

I like the idea of ionizing the air. It’s a regular part of my day. In fact, I have a home-scaled ionizer just to keep the air clean and balanced at home. That was just one of the things I liked about this unit. Here’s some more:

Energy-efficient: This massage chair uses very little energy. It only uses 110-120 volts of energy at a time, making it an excellent choice for reducing energy consumption in your home.


  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Zero gravity reclines in two stages.
  • Signature roller soles


  • Bulky
  • It is quite heavy to move around.


If you have someone who can assist you in installing this behemoth, you’re in for a treat. This massage chair has a slew of great wellness features that are ideal for anyone who values total wellness.


The general guidelines for purchasing a massage chair are the same for everyone. Here is some important information to keep in mind when selecting a massage chair for any body type:

Size and comfort—think about what the chair’s construction is meant to withstand. A chair that can withstand up to 300 lbs is typically more durable than one that cannot.

You must also ensure that you are comfortable in your chair. Your feet should not dangle from the leg rests, and your head should rest comfortably on the massage recliner’s head support or pillow.

If you’re looking for a “big man massage recliner,” for example, the Titan Jupiter XL is a great option.

Consider the features very carefully. After all, some characteristics are more important than others. But, to ensure that I’m getting the right chair, I look for three characteristics.

Zero-gravity positioning: the industry currently has three zero-gravity positions. One is sufficient, but having all three is preferable.

Heat therapy is required if you want to encourage your muscles to recover faster. This allows your body to facilitate blood flow more easily, and it also relieves pain fairly quickly.

Deep tissue massage: Getting a deep tissue massage once in a while is always beneficial. In fact, if you frequently suffer from sciatica, this is the most recommended massage type.

Price: I’ll say it until the end of time. There is no need to go overboard on a chair. Never. Stick to your budget if you have one. It’s not a bad thing. After all, there are many great units available that are less expensive than their luxury counterparts.

In conclusion, remember that the chair should prioritize your comfort above all else. This includes physical, therapeutic, and financial comfort. When purchasing a massage chair—or any piece of furniture—make certain that you have the appropriate size, features, and price.

FINAL RECOMMENDATION. Which model should I select?

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus is my favorite of the massage recliners I’ve mentioned above. It’s a purely feature-rich massage chair with few to no extraneous extras.

That means you’re spending your money on therapeutic benefits rather than “convenient” features.

If the Luraco i7 Plus isn’t your style, I’m confident you’ll be able to find one that you’ll like if you keep a few things in mind:

Make sure your massage chair fits you comfortably. You should be able to comfortably rest your head on it, and your feet should not dangle from the footrests.

Massage Options: I prefer massage chairs with heat therapy, body stretching programs, and calf and foot massage options. This ensures that my body is well-cared for and that no parts of it are overlooked.

Price: don’t be afraid to stick to a budget. It is critical to consider which features you actually require. Some extra features, such as a handy cup holder or voice control, may appear to be a good idea, but are they really worth it? No, I don’t believe so.

Overall, the Luraco i7 Plus is my top choice because it is the most cost-effective option within my price range.

If I hadn’t stuck to my budget, I would have purchased a more expensive unit and probably regretted it because I now adore my Luraco. It’s been a fantastic massage chair with numerous therapeutic benefits at an affordable price.

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