Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair Review 2024


The Kahuna LM6800 has earned a reputation as the greatest affordable chair available. We put it to the test and came to the same conclusion.

Personally, I’d go with the LM6800s as an improvement. Yet, when compared to other top-rated massage chairs in this price range, Kahuna and their LM6800 series really exceeded our expectations.


AJX.Inc DBA GOODPRICE.COM manufactures and distributes the Kahuna chairs. The organization takes great pleasure in providing exceptional customer service. The Kahuna chairs are delivered through a unique, professional service. This ensures that your massage chair arrives on time and in perfect condition.

The FDA has also approved the Kahuna chairs as Health Goods. That means these aren’t your average massage chairs. Their design revolves around providing a human-like massage using high-tech technology.

They adhere to ethical business practices and take pride in having a clean and organized firm. The after-sales warranty and services are good. With a significant emphasis on making consumers feel valued.

Overall, AJX.Inc is regarded for delivering quality products on schedule. And if you have any issues with your purchase, their customer service staff is only a phone call away.

Kahuna massage chairs are of high quality and have a good customer service department. They are delivered by a trustworthy company that will not break their promises.


The Kahuna LM-6800 boasts a number of noteworthy characteristics that make it a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a high-quality, yet reasonably-priced best massage chair.

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

The S-/L-Track design is quite comfortable on your lower back. It is required if you have lower back discomfort or some type of sciatica. But first, let’s go over all of the LM6800 massage chair’s features in detail:

S-L Track Design

As you can undoubtedly see, this is by far my favorite feature. The rollers follow the natural curve of your spine all the way down to your feet. This function actually reaches every area along your spine.

It’s hard to believe how good L-track feels. I was skeptical of this feature at first, but it’s now one of the features I look for in a good massage chair.

We retain more stress and tension in our glutes than we know, and a good L-track, such as the one on the LM6800 massage chair, removes a lot of stress and anxiety in this area.

3D Body Scanning Technology

A body scan function should be included in any decent massage chair.

Before beginning the massage cycle, the Kahuna LM 6800 examines your measurements and adjusts the rollers and leg length to your individual size. That is, the S-L-Track will actually trace the curve and contour of YOUR spine.

Even if you consider yourself “average,” paying attention to personal characteristics is essential.

Zero Gravity Features

The finest massage position is Zero Gravity. It raises your legs, which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. You can relax even more because your heart isn’t working as hard.

There are three different Zero Gravity configurations on the Kahuna LM 6800.

Thus, whether you choose to be more upright or tilted all the way back, there is a solution for you.

I enjoy experimenting with three different positions. I sometimes adjust it all the way back so that my body weight is forcing me into the massage chair.

This can be really beneficial in breaking up those tenacious knots. I don’t go as far back when I just want a fast, lighter massage.

Despite the fact that there are intensity levels, the option to further increase or reduce intensity is what makes me appreciate this model.

Heat Therapy Features

Do you know the sensation of total relaxation that comes over you when you step into a warm bath? That’s what the heating pads in the back and legs of this Kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800 do.

Personally, I think the back heating pad could be placed a little higher up. My shoulders are stiff, and the heating pad just brushes against that one obstinate knot.

There is also only one heat option by default, which isn’t an awful temperature. However, it would be wonderful to have additional possibilities.

But, and this is a major one, the calf heating pads are a terrific addition. Even the most costly massage chairs do not have this feature. This is extremely useful if you are a bicycle or runner. After a hard workout, the calming heat just melts away the lactic acid accumulation.

Calf-Foot Massage

Well, this function is common in many chairs. Yet, what distinguishes the Kahuna in this category is that their footwells are flexible and stretched. So you don’t have to bend your knees or sit in an awkward posture to get your foot into the box. Extremely convenient.

I must admit that I’ve had a lot of my feet massaged over the years, so I’m fairly at ease with a deeper massage.

The dual roller and airbag combo on this chair’s foot massage can be a tad strong if you’re not used to it.

If even the lowest intensity level is too much for you, consider wrapping each foot in a hand towel before beginning the massage. A pair of thick socks can also work.

But believe me when I say that after you get used to having your feet massaged, you’ll appreciate the intensity.

Outstanding Design

This always sells me on a chair. Nevertheless, at the very least, if a chair does not have a space-saving design, it should have some truly fantastic characteristics.

It must compensate for the fact that rearranging furniture will be difficult.

Fortunately, the LM6800 massage chair just requires 3″ of wall space. That saves a lot of space.

I have to admit that it is a larger massage chair in general, but the fact that I can literally put it right up against the wall is a huge plus.

Body Stretching

The “Yoga Stretch” button on the remote allows you to stretch your entire body. It grabs your ankles and tilts you back and forth to stretch fatigued, stiff muscles. It’s lovely. It’s also a distinct characteristic that other chairs in this price range lack.

Yet, bodily stretching is not for everyone. The death hold around their ankles is not for everyone. Also, if you’ve had major back injuries or surgeries, you should avoid using this function.

On the plus side, if you have a compressed spine, this will significantly assist you in lengthening and stretching it out. Our sedentary lifestyles place a lot of strain on our spines, and this function is intended to alleviate that stress.

However, the stretch on this model can be rather harsh, so start with the lowest program length first. Particularly if you are normally tight and do not stretch frequently.

Multiple Program Options

There are six predefined programs available, including the yoga stretch. There is also a choice of specific body zones to pick from. Upper Back, Lower Back, Entire Back, Lower Body, or Lower Back and Body are other examples.

Shiatsu, Kneading, Rolling, Tapping, and a Tapping and Kneading combo are also available as massage techniques. All excellent. Excellent personal intensity changes as well. The remote is simple to use. All of that.

But that’s not the most exciting aspect.

The button that says “Fixed Place” is the best feature. This is a feature that all massage chairs should offer, but few do. When you hit this button, the massage chair gods respond by focusing on that sweet region. “Ooo, that’s the spot!” you think, so you hit the magic button, and the rollers focus on that spot. It’s sheer enchantment.

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair offers several appealing characteristics. The three zero gravity settings, the space-saving design, the L-track, and the “Fixed Place” button are my personal favorites. For the price, it’s an incredibly useful piece of equipment. I’m blown away.


So, everyone is gushing about this chair. You should keep in mind that this is a less expensive massage chair, thus there are a few flaws. Nonetheless, the widespread view is that you won’t find a nicer chair for the price.

It is recommended that you use the white-glove service. Because these guys install chairs on a daily basis, you can be certain that everything is properly put up. Nonetheless, if you have an issue with the chair, customer service is excellent.

They ask if you’re comfortable replacing parts yourself and then CALL YOU BACK to see if the replacement part works. You are not required to contact them. They investigate on their own.

For chairs in this price range, this is nearly unheard of. While there were a few negative reviews about customer service a few years ago, they appear to have fixed this fault.

The thickness of the padding is one area where they scrimped. The rear and footwell rollers are fairly close to the surface. And it gets a little intense if you use the chair in the “deep tissue massage” setting.

This has been the subject of countless complaints. But, a thick towel or other padded material will provide you with the extra protection you require to remain comfortable.

As I previously stated, the space-saving design and the L-track are two of this chair’s best characteristics. Then again, who doesn’t?

The fact that the back massages trace all the way to your buttocks is praised in review after review. Another characteristic that many people appreciate is that it fits almost perfectly against a wall.

Some people have difficulty keeping their arms in the arms holders. It isn’t much you can do about this. Others complain that the massage is simply too intense. If you like a lighter massage, avoid this chair. There is also concern that the warranty is just for five years.

Overall, this chair much exceeds my expectations. You receive more than you paid for. It might have a few glitches. Nevertheless, unless you are willing to spend more than twice as much on a chair, you will not improve.

Indeed, the warranty is somewhat limited. Indeed, the padding is thin. The remote does not light up. Indeed, there is a memory function that allows you to recall your personal programs.

There is a myriad of customizable settings. The client service is excellent. You can spend a little more on white-glove service and rest assured that your chair is expertly put up. And for $1500 on Amazon, you can certainly afford to do so. And, while the guarantee is somewhat limited, show me a chair with all of these qualities at a lower price. I’m sure you can’t locate one.

KAHUNA LM6800 VS. SM 7300 Massage Chair

The SM7300 is $300 more expensive, and it lacks many added features to compensate for the price difference.

What it has additional:

  • The “Complete Warranty” includes an additional year of labor, but the coverage only lasts two years.
  • If you’re taller, the three extra inches on the track will come in handy. In fact, this chair is better suited to taller individuals. It can support up to 320 pounds and has a height of 6’5″. That’s 120 lbs and 5″ heavier than the LM6800. The legs also extend twice as far as the LM6800, measuring 12″ rather than 6″.
  • It includes 32 airbags rather than 28 and targets the hip area, which is fantastic if you have tight hips but does not make a significant impact.
  • It also has four other specific car programs: Office Person, Golfer, Senior Mode, and Dynamic Sport. There are also five intensity settings rather than three.

It lacks the following features:

  • There are three Zero Gravity settings. It only has one standard.
  • Leg heating is not available. Lower back heating is the only option.
  • There is no such thing as shiatsu massage. Nonetheless, the foot massage is done in three stages, including scraping, rolling, and tapping.

Overall, I can only recommend the SM7300 if you are taller or if one of the auto programs is so important to you that not having it is a deal breaker.

The SM7300’s limited zero gravity settings and lack of leg heating are deal breakers for me. These are two of the nicer features of the LM6800, so I’m not sure why this “improvement” doesn’t include them.

KAHUNA LM6800 VS LM6800S Massage chair

The following are the advantages of the LM6800s over the ordinary LM 6800:

  • Two additional intensity control settings make it easier to achieve the ideal massage pressure.
  • There are twelve car programs, including four essential, four specialist, and four stretch programs. That’s significantly more than the LM6800’s normal 6.
  • Kahuna genuinely listens to its consumers, and they added a backlight to the remote to make it easier to operate even when the lights are turned down.
  • The LM6800s also include:
  • Speakers with Bluetooth
  • 1 additional memory function
  • Shoulder airbags that can be adjusted to fit your height.
  • The arms have acupressure sites.
  • If the rollers are still too abrasive for you, use a head cushion as extra back padding.

With this improvement, Kahuna went above and above to show that it cares about its clients. Aside from the foot rollers, they have essentially corrected every issue that users experienced with the standard LM6800 model.

On their website, this update is likewise only $150 extra.

If I were you, I’d spend the extra $150 because the extra features make the LM6800’s minor flaws disappear.


The Kahuna LM6800 is covered by a 3-year Limited Warranty. The first year is dedicated to labor, parts, and structure. Parts and structure are covered in the second year. The lone structure is covered in the third year. Given the chair’s price, this is an excellent warranty.

It is advisable to receive the white-glove delivery. You may believe you can put together a chair just fine. But, if something is put up incorrectly, wiring is crossed, or something similar occurs, the chair will malfunction within a few days.

This has happened to a lot of people. It is then your responsibility to contact customer service. But, the customer service is excellent. Very pleasant and helpful. Therefore, it is preferable to get the chair set up correctly the first time.

Overall, these seats outlast their warranties. Every now and then, an air pipe or airbag problem occurs before the warranty expires. However, these are minor drawbacks.

One person had a broken chair. It ceased working for no apparent reason. It simply stopped working after a few days. They contacted customer service, who dispatched a new remote to her. They attempted to attach it but were unsuccessful. Customer service contacted me back to see if it was working.

They then recommended creating a new board. I inquired whether they needed to send someone to install the device. This again did not function, so they returned the defective one and replaced it with a brand-new one.


But I’d rather spend the extra $150 and get the LM6800s. The “s” model features all of the minor flaws that plague the standard model. It has a memory function, a lighted remote, and more padding. These few improvements alone are enough to persuade me to purchase the upgraded version.

The LM6800 is a pretty decent chair for the price. It outperforms everyone’s expectations. Yet, if you’re searching for an exceptional chair, I’d have to recommend the Luraco i7 plus. But this bad guy costs more than $7500.

If you can’t afford a more expensive chair, the Kahuna LM6800 is a good compromise. It may be a little harsher than some other seats, but it has more functions than any others. It may be a little harsher than other seats, but it has more functions than any other chair in this price range.

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