iRest 4D Massage Chair Review 2024

Many friends are both familiar and unfamiliar with Massage Chairs . Familiar means knowing this thing, as well as the appearance and general functions of massage chairs. Then why is it unfamiliar? When it comes time to buy it, it is a little confusing when it comes to what features and points should be paid attention to. Today, I will take a good look at how to choose this massage chair to be the most reliable.

First of all, you need to know whether the massage chair is suitable for you or not?

The massage chair uses mechanical parts in different positions to achieve the effect of massaging the whole body by rolling and squeezing. Let’s first take a look at the people who are not suitable for massage chairs, first see if they are suitable or not, and then see how to choose.

iRest 4D massage chair
iRest 4D massage chair

Neck Massage

Another very obvious feeling is that when massaging the neck, this irest 4D massage Chair also shows obvious advantages compared to the 10,000-dollar product: the massage head is very bulging, and it is close to the neck. On both sides, we can firmly “pinch” our necks.

However, one thing to note is that if you want to have a better massage experience for the neck, it is best to lift or remove the large headrest first. After lifting/removing, the small headrest can also adjust the height according to the different heights of users.

The Massage Chamber is More Suitable

Different from the high-end massage chairs imagined by many people, this iRest 4D massage Chair does not make the massage compartment very spacious.

The compact massage compartment also has the incomparable advantage of entry-level massage chairs, that is, when the shoulder airbags are inflated, even petite women can be firmly pressed – this is absolutely the entry-level massage chair.

But compact does not mean crowded, it brings a solid sense of fit. For example, the owner has a net height of 176cm and a weight of 75kg. He is already a user who has stepped into the obese people with one foot. He can also lie in the massage cabin very comfortably without feeling aggrieved at all.

The more fitting massage cabin design really takes care of users of different body types, and is essentially to make the massage more in place .

The massage program is more intelligent

When it comes to massage procedures, I have to talk about this tablet specially equipped for iRest 4D massage chair.

The tablet bracket is located on the right side of the massage chair. All functions of this chair can be operated more intuitively and flexibly through the tablet.

Below the tablet, there is also a fatigue detection device. When using, we easily hold the detection device with our hands and the device will automatically detect our heart rate and blood oxygen.

According to the measured data, the program will intelligently judge the degree of fatigue of our body, and then formulate a one-week conditioning plan to relieve the fatigue of the body.

Every time you use it, you only need to open the tablet, enter the corresponding APP, click ” Complete the plan “, and the machine will automatically start executing the corresponding massage program.

This intelligent program is very suitable for users who are busy with work on weekdays and do not like to explore various functions by themselves. It can also assist users to develop the habit of daily massage.

If you clearly know your massage needs each time and don’t want to be automatically arranged by the machine, you can select ” Custom Massage ” to enter the interface. Under the option of custom massage, it can be divided into three modules: advanced massage, automatic massage and custom massage.

In ” Advanced Massage “, we can freely choose special techniques, basic techniques and air pressure massage , and we can also set the massage position and intensity at will, which belongs to “Where to press where it is uncomfortable”, and can “add items freely as you want” ”, the level of intelligence is close to that of manual massage, and it is exaggerated to say that it is basically “on call”.

For example, if you select “Calf” in “Advanced Massage” – “Air Pressure Massage”, the air bag will press the calf and the foot in turn, and at the same time, there are rollers on the sole of the foot to perform deep and large massage, which is highly targeted and has a significant relaxation effect.

“Automatic massage” can be personalized for different scenes or different parts or even different massage techniques in different countries.

This function is similar to the built-in fixed program of most entry-level massage chairs, but the richness of modes and the professionalism of techniques are far superior to entry-level products.

And “custom massage” is even more interesting: users can even freely program, drag and drop the corresponding icons of different massage techniques to the corresponding positions on the human body .

This function has the highest degree of freedom and the most abundant gameplay, and is most suitable for users who are aware of their physical fatigue and like to control everything. And after completing the in-depth customization of the massage program, you can also save the mode , saving the trouble of re-editing every time you use it.

But there are always times when we drag our tired bodies back home and are too tired to open the tablet to perform the above operations. In this case, we can choose to realize the basic functions through the convenient console designed with the imitation luxury car button on the right side of the massage chair .

Of course, as long as you are willing to speak, we can also control the chair through the intelligent voice assistant.

The details are more intimate

This iRest 4D massage Chair has a very ingenious design: press the ” knee care ” mode, and when the user’s sitting posture remains the same, the user can adjust the posture of the massage chair to move the user. The knee is wrapped into the air bag, and then according to the user’s height, adjust the foot massage part to a comfortable position.

For a general massage chair, the airbag can only be pressed to our calf position, and it is impossible to think about massaging the knee. I have to say that this detail optimization is really thoughtful and practical !.

Can a massage chair be more comfortable than a human massage?

When the landlord shared the content of massage chairs before, he received a lot of messages, which probably meant “such an expensive massage chair, why don’t you go to the store to find a manual massage?”.

Today, the price of this iRest 4D massage chair is as high as more than $3000. There must be many friends who have such doubts. So here comes the question: Can a massage chair be more comfortable than a human massage ?

Let’s start with the conclusion, the answer is “can” ! Speaking of the massage experience alone, it is really more comfortable than a real massage.

It is more professional than the technicians of the ordinary pedicure shop , and it has a better grasp of the strength than the technicians of the blind massage ; the comfort of its air bag pressing is beyond the reach of manual massage, and its hot compress function is also beyond the reach of manual massage; It allows you to use the fragmented time to massage at any time; it also allows you to stay at home and massage while lying at home .

In my opinion, the massage in the foot bath shop is more of a social attribute, a place to release pressure and chat; and the tool to really relax the shoulders, neck and lumbar spine, and relieve work fatigue, must be a massage chair !

To take a step back, users who can afford massage chairs at this price should be “non-price-sensitive” users who don’t care too much about “cost-effectiveness”. Therefore, it does not make much sense to compare it with offline physical store massage, which itself is a false proposition.

What other human details?

The above content solves the two problems that everyone is most concerned about, then let’s take a look at more details about this iRest 4D massage chair.

Detailed About iRest 4D massage Chair

Compared with ordinary massage chairs, the fabric of this iRest 4D massage Chair has been upgraded to microfiber leather , which not only maintains the soft touch of leather, but also is more wear-resistant and easy to care for; the headrest is upgraded from traditional chemical fiber filling to With latex , it is more comfortable to lean on, and the breathability and moisture absorption are also better.

There are two sizes of headrests to choose from, and users can choose to lift or remove the external large headrests according to their usage habits. Personally, I feel that the appearance under the large headrest is more beautiful and atmospheric; under the small headrest, the neck massage is more in place.

The machine is equipped with a pair of speakers on both sides of the headrest, which is convenient for users to relax while listening to music/comic dialogue while massaging. In addition, the speaker part also ingeniously made RGB lighting effects (which can be turned on/off freely), which brings out a strong sense of technology.

Long press the crown key and heating key on the convenient console on the right armrest to “lock” the physical keys of the machine to prevent misuse by children.

During the folding process of the machine, if it encounters a jam (pets or children enter the bottom of the machine), it can automatically identify and stop folding, which will be safer and more reliable to use.

In addition, a USB interface ​​is also set next to the tablet bracket, which is convenient for users to play with mobile phones while massaging. Even if you are playing for a long time, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery on your phone.

Body Scan technology

The iRest A710 massage chair is equipped with the capability of automatic detection and micro-adjustment of shoulder position as well as the automatic detection function of human body curve and Shiatsu point to automatically adjust the robot’s stretch in response to the detected human body curve and Shiatsu point, making massage more humane and scientific.

Calf Kneeding Massage Technique

The airbags’ up-and-down oscillations knead and squeeze the entire calf; this drainage massage is highly effective at reducing calf edoema and relaxing the calf muscles.

Zero Gravity Feature

Each body part’s gravity will be distributed fairly evenly on the massage chair to allow pressure on the body to completely relax. The thighs and calves lie above the heart in a zero gravity model, which places the legs and torso at an elevation of 118 degrees. You experience a state of weightlessness and pure relaxation without any restrictions.

Full body Heat Therapy

Entire body heating treatment for the back, shoulders, stomach, waist, and feet. The iRest A710 massage chair offers a special shawl assembly with cutting-edge heating features for the shoulder, back, waist, and belly. According to the needs of the massage, users can put the shawl in various massage positions.

Massage Technique

There are 17 different massage techniques available on the iRest A710 massage chair, including Kneading (7 modes for cycling through), Tapping (Tap I, Tap II), Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu (Shiatsu I, Shiatsu II), Grasping, and 4D (4D I, 4D II, 4D III, 4D IV).

Negative Oxygen Ion and Time desighn

The iRest A710 massage chair can produce negative oxygen ions, which can enhance air quality and sleep while also being beneficial to health.The timing design option on the iRest A710 massage chair allows you to change the massage time by selecting the “16min” icon.


If the price is not considered, it really has all the functions of my ideal massage chair and fulfills all my fantasies. In particular, the “Advanced Massage” option in the custom massage has solved my pain points in using the massage chair for so many years. It would be no exaggeration to say it is my ideal massage chair.

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