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Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Review 2024

Although zero-gravity massage chairs have become an industry standard, not all of them provide the same benefits. With its clever robotic technology, thermal therapy, and air massage, the Luraco iRobotics 9 is the best zero-gravity chair I’ve experienced. The chair’s FDA-approved medical use, body scan technology, and full-body stretch programmed make it an excellent choice for people suffering from chronic pain.

The Luraco i9 is a high-end chair, however it is not necessarily within everyone’s budget. On a tighter budget, I’d go with the Kahuna LM-6800.

Nevertheless, price isn’t the only factor to consider when purchasing a zero-gravity chair. That is why we have compiled a list of the top zero-gravity chairsĀ in each category.


We’ve chosen the top models in each of the important categories that zero-gravity massage chairs fall into, from best overall to best budget buys.

Hence, while all of the chairs on the list have zero-gravity, they each have their own distinct characteristics that set them apart.

1. Luraco IRobotics 9 Medical Massage Chair

As someone who has suffered from chronic back pain for many years, I was eager to experience the Luraco iRobotics 9 Medical Massage Chair. I could tell right away that this chair was remarkable the instant I sat in it. The New Patented Split L-Track Technology delivers a really one-of-a-kind massage experience, allowing me to target specific areas of tension and change the pressure to my liking.

My aching muscles benefit from the built-in heat therapy and air massage system. It’s also FDA-approved for medical use, which is a significant plus. Overall, I’m really happy with the Luraco iRobotics 9 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality massage chair.

Luraco i9 Plus is the market’s best zero-gravity model. It’s as close to having your own massage as you’re going to get. But, one of the finest reasons to buy this chair is that it is created in the United States (with some parts imported from Taiwan). It’s military-grade, and it’s received multiple Best accolades, including Best of Show and Best of CES.

Body scan technology, a full-body stretch programmed, configurable settings, 3D L-Track Massage, a Bluetooth audio system, and a USB charging outlet all add convenience and enhance the massage experience. The remote control also allows you to modify the massage without getting up.

Split L-Track with Patent

The Luraco i9 models, which are proudly made in the United States with high-quality materials, include a new message track. The exclusive and proprietary split L-track gives all of the benefits of an L-Track chair plus additional stretch capabilities often found only on S-tracks.

Motorized Easy Entrance Armrests with a Patent are included!

The unique powered easy-entry armrests of the Luraco i9 Max make it simple for users to sit and stand. Never again will you have to fight with heavy chairs to get in or out.

Powered Armrest Actuator Hand Stretching

The Luraco i9 Max is the industry’s first and only vehicle featuring hand extending via a motorised armrest actuator (Patent Pending).

Modification of the Armrest Position via Electrical Means

The Luraco i9 Max is unrivalled in terms of massage chairs. It has adjustable armrest placements to ensure that you get a perfect hand and arm massage every time.

Robotic Rollers with Patented 3D “Butterfly Technology”

Robotic rollers with advanced “Butterfly Technology” deliver the closest thing to a real, human massage. Don’t be fooled by 4D or 5D spaces that merely add air, motor speed, sound, and/or heat to their machines; the Luraco i9 has 7 dimensions!

Full-Body Exercising

Stretching experience with innovative, full-body stretches that use motorized actuators to target your lower back, foot, and arm muscles.

Tripled Foot Rollers, Achilles Heel Massage Nodes, and Calf Rollers

The Luraco i9 Max combines calf rollers, calf air massagers, and triple foot rollers to give tired calves a full toe-to-heel massage experience. In addition, the massage chair has additional Achilles heel massage nodes for improved muscle treatment.

Hand Rollers with a Patent

The Luraco i9’s exclusive and proprietary hand and forearm rollers operate in concert with the Zero Gravity air massagers to give a pleasant massage experience.

Twisting Stretch of the Body

The Luraco i9 Max has another competitive advantage thanks to body-twisting stretch provided by enhanced air compression.

Leather in the Automobile Industry

The Luraco i9 Max is the automotive industry’s first standard model with sumptuous full leather upholstery that covers every inch of its massaging chair. Experience a degree of enjoyment that no other option on the market can match!

Manufactured in the USA

The chair is assembled and quality monitored in the United States, using American and imported Taiwanese parts, and receiving customer assistance from the United States. If something goes wrong with your massage chair, which is exceedingly unlikely, you will not have to deal with retailers or customer service representatives from some odd place who reject your concerns because this chair is built to last and has been FDA-approved.


  • The patented split L-track is here to change the industry. With an S-track design, you may enjoy all of the benefits of an L-Track chair while also experiencing improved stretching capabilities.
  • Innovative motorized armrests make it simple to enter and depart the massage chair.
  • Manufactured in the United States, FDA authorized, and backed by a 5-year limited guarantee.
  • 6.7 maximum height; 300 pound maximum weight
  • Robotic rollers with patented 3D “Butterfly Technology” deliver a remarkably lifelike massage experience that is as near to a professional hands-on massage as you can get.


  • It is expensive


Finally, if you’re looking for a high-quality massage chair, I highly recommend the Luraco iRobotics 9 Massage Chair. It’s loaded with features, FDA-approved, and intended to give the most effective and individualized massage experience possible. You will not be sorry as a professional, and it will be one of the best investments you will make for your health and well-being.

2. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

The Human Touch Super Novo requires only 2″ of wall space to move between sitting and zero gravity modes, making it the most space-efficient option. It also offers 38 auto programmed, 4-D rollers, SL-track, a Virtual Therapist who can predict your likes and dislikes, and is controlled by an Alexa-enabled remote with a convenient docking station and a powerful Altec Lansing Sound System.

But what sets the HT apart is its SL track, which is ideal for alleviating lower back pain, particularly sciatica caused by tight gluteal muscles that squeeze nerves. Professional athletes frequently use chairs to assist relieve muscle tightness and tension after strenuous training or competition.

Dual Lumbar Heat gently heats and loosens the muscles that run adjacent to your spine, allowing you to relax and release stress and tension.

Stretch Your Whole Body

The full-body stretch feature aids in the lengthening and stretching of your spine and legs, allowing you to decompress your joints and spine.

High-End Audio System

The Altec Lansing sound system has eight pre-programmed nature songs that are pleasant and calming, as well as Bluetooth connectivity so you may listen to your favorite tracks while relaxing

Leg Extending

The HT’s leg extension has a bended knee to prevent hyperextension, and the calf airbags may be positioned to the knee joint for a full knee massage.

Heated Calves and Feet

The heat function extends to the knees and calves, providing additional, calming pain treatment in these areas. Massage rollers on the feet provide a unique massage.

Premium Appearance and Feel

With its cutting-edge technologies, that model resembles a space pod. If the size worries you, keep in mind that moving from an upright to a reclined posture only requires an additional 2″ of wall space.

38 Automated Programs

With a Meditation massage programmed and a Yoga Studio programmed included, you have a wide range of preset massage sessions to pick from.

Therapist on the internet

It provides a customized massage and may be accessed via Alexa. It also predicts your requirements and preferences, making you feel like a real massage therapist. The SL-track function can also be configured to slow down and lessen pressure in the lumbar area, similar to a real-life massage

Large and Tall Humans

That model can easily accommodate someone 6’9″ tall and weighing up to 300 pounds.

Best Design for Saving Space

Because it just requires 2″ of wall space, it will not clog up your living area like most other zero-gravity models.


  • Suitable for large and tall people
  • Knee flexion assisted by warm knee massage
  • Variable speed and pressure SL-track
  • Voice-activated


  • There will be no arm massage.
  • Expensive
  • 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years on labor, parts, and frame, respectively.

3. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM-6800

You won’t find a zero-gravity massage chair with the same capabilities as the Kahuna LM 6800 for the pricing on Amazon. While the foot and calf rollers on this budget chair can be irritating, it comes with additional padding, and if that isn’t enough, you can easily add an extra cushioned pad or some fabric to make it less harsh.

Having said that, the LM 6800 has all of the functions of a high-end massage chair, albeit not to the same degree of competence, such as body scan and arm massage. It’s one of the most affordable (yet dependable) L-track chairs, featuring five different massage techniques and three speed and intensity settings for different parts of the body.


The L-track employs a four-roller massage system to alleviate discomfort in the lower back and buttocks, providing relief from lower back pain and even some forms of sciatica.

Zero-Gravity Technology that Saves Room

The space-saving device requires only 3″ of wall space for each of the three zero-gravity configurations. The most effective posture for receiving a massage is in zero gravity.

Rollers for both feet

The LM 6800 is one of the few affordable chairs that includes foot and leg massage. While the dual-intensity roller’s may be too much for some, this is readily remedied by adding a layer of padding.

Body Scanner on a Computer

Although being a less expensive model, it still includes a full-body scan to ensure you get a massage that is matched to your size and shape.

5 Hand Massage Methods

Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, and a mix of the two, offering you a wide range of options for getting the massage that works best for you.

6 Automated Programs

Includes the Yoga-Stretching programme, which uses a series of stretching and massaging to enhance circulation and restore your body. Shiatsu and chiropractic techniques are used in the SH-Chiro programme to ease stress and tension in your spine.

Therapuetic Heating

Pain in the legs and back is relieved.

Personal Modification Options

The roller speed and intensity of the air cell massage may be changed to three levels, and massages can be focused to specific areas such as the upper back, lower back, entire back, lower body, and lower back & body.


  • Affordable
  • Features all of the primary features of high-end chairs.
  • Space-saving


  • Foot rollers can be abrasive.
  • Has fewer adjustments than top-tier models.
  • Not suitable for tall or hefty people.

4. Osaki OS-4000T Executive Full Body Massage Chair with Zero Gravity

At a reasonable price, the Osaki OS-4000T provides a zero-gravity massage experience with a superb S-track feature and unequalled shoulder and neck massaging.

While this is a low-cost chair, it does have arm and foot massage that targets certain reflex spots to provide you with a comprehensive sense of well-being.

Don’t anticipate too much from this massage chair as a low-end model, but if you’re looking for a chair to help reduce upper-mid back discomfort and tension, this is a nice alternative.

Design for Zero Gravity

It places you in the ideal weightless position for a pleasant massage. Sadly, this model does not have a compact design.

Excellent S-Track Design

The clever massage robot focuses on the lumbar spine, neck and shoulders. It automatically adjusts to your spine’s curve and performs micro-adjustments along the way to provide an even greater massage.

6 Pre-Configured Programs

Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation, and Demo are among the six pre-set massage programmes that are designed to produce specific benefits.

2 Automatic Preferences

Both the upper and lower body have automatic massage settings.

Manual Modifications

There are three alternatives for upper body massages: full-body, partial, or fixed for times when you require complete relaxation or special focus for a specific location.

Many changes have been made, including:

  • 6 massage techniques: rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish, or a combination
  • 5 degrees of speed and intensity
  • There are three types of width adjustments: wide, medium, and narrow.
  • Back airbags (2) and lower body airbags have 5 intensity settings (26)
  • The calf support and backrest may be lifted and stretched to meet leg length.

Massages tailored to specific areas to relieve tension and pain:

  • Seat Massager with Strong Vibration
  • Arm Massage with Air and Vibration
  • Lower Back Heat Treatment Hip Air Massage
  • Neck massage with air squeeze
  • Mechanical Shoulder Air Massage Foot Rollers

The LCD Display

The LCD display comes with a tiny wireless controller with auto-time settings ranging from 5 to 30 minutes, allowing you to sit back and enjoy. As the 46 airbags work to melt away stress and tension.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent massage for the neck, shoulders, and midback.


  • There is no space-saving design.
  • Each massage is followed by a loud beep.

5. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This is the greatest option in terms of dependability and feature set.

Bluetooth and six automatic programmed are standard on the new 2020 Real Relax model.

While some users think the shoulder massage is too faint, or the leg cushions are too firm, the general view is that this chair is a great bargain for the price.

Like with most lower-priced models, a delivery fee of $150-$200 applies in the event of a replacement, but overall customer service is good, and the chair is more reliable than other chairs in its class.

6 Automated Programs

The chair features six auto programmed that use various approaches to help you relax and recover from the most prevalent ailments.

Heaters for the Back and Feet

Heating pads in the lower back and feet reduce tension and stimulate circulation, which speeds up healing.

Massage of the Feet

For total relaxation, the foot massage comprises both rollers and airbags. The footrests can also be extended to accommodate those with longer legs.

Simple to assemble, use, and transport

Even though the documentation isn’t the finest, the chair is simple to put together. The control panel is also simple to use, with an adjustable timer and intensity. The chair is also easy to relocate because to the handy rollers at the back of the base.

Manual Recline and Zero-Gravity

The chair, like most high-end chairs, has a zero-gravity feature, and it may be used as a recliner even when not attached to a power outlet.


  • A wide range of high-quality features are available.
  • Excellent client service


  • Fee for returns
  • 6’1″ is the maximum height.

Kahuna SM-7300 SL-Track Superior Massage Chair

While most zero gravity massage chairs have a weight limit of 250-300 pounds, the Kahuna SM-7300 can handle up to 320 pounds (max height 6’5″), making it an economical option, especially if you’re tall.

The SM-7300, like the Kahuna LM6800, includes most of the features you’d expect on a high-end device at a fraction of the price, including nine preset programmes geared to common ailments and a range of possible manual adjustments and settings.

The SM-7300 includes SL-track, an altered seat size to accommodate bigger/taller persons, 4 new auto-programs, and a leg and foot covering for a wonderful leg and calf massage, in addition to all of the capabilities of the LM6800:

Roller System SL-Track with 6 Wheels

For a thorough spinal column massage, the Sm 7300 traces your spine from your neck to the top of your thighs. This is a fantastic feature if you suffer from many types of back pain, including lower back pain, which is frequently caused by tight gluteal muscles.

Broader and taller

The new size update, designed for actual Americans, accommodates taller and heavier people without making smaller people feel like the chair is too huge. It comfortably fits folks 5′-6’5″ tall.

9 Automated Programs

There are four new auto programmes added to the repertoire, which includes Yoga Stretching, Quick Recovery, Relaxation, Athlete, Office Person, Golfer, Senior Mode, and Dynamic Sport.

Improved Acupressure

The six rollers now have acupoints on them that are set by a sensing system to hit just the proper locations, and the arms, like the LM 6800, use acupressure points.

Squeeze Massage in a Ring

The calf massage now includes a wrap-around squeeze feature that employs three distinct approaches to assist your calves in relaxing.

LCD Control Unit

The controller is now a more user-friendly LCD with 5 distinct AI-intensity settings.


  • The LM 6800 has received some excellent enhancements.
  • LCD remote control that is reasonably priced
  • larger and more functional


  • Not all of the capability and adaptability of high-end devices is still available.
  • Control is not the finest.


A adjustable footrest on a zero gravity massage chair allows you to stretch your knees and lift your feet slightly above your heart. This gives you a sense of weightlessness by relieving strain on your spine, with the most significant effect being better circulation. This approach was designed for NASA’s astronaut training programme to ease some of the physical stress on the human body as it launches into Earth’s atmosphere.

There are two phases to creating that weightless experience when utilising a zero gravity massage chair. To begin, recline the massage chair back to level your back and thighs. The leg rest then rises to raise your legs above your heart. There is no need for a space shuttle!

It sounds like space-age technology, which is where zero gravity comes from. NASA discovered that this is the best position for astronauts during lift-off because it puts the least strain on their bodies during the strong g-force they encounter as the ship launches into space.

While it may appear to be “weightless,” the person’s body weight is just distributed more evenly in this reclining position.

This reclined, cupped, “feet above heart” position for massage chairs means, first and foremost, that you are not putting any tension or strain on a specific location. As a result, the weight-bearing components of your body (spine, neck, hips, knees, and ankles) can all entirely relax.

Second, it increases the effectiveness of the massage chair since you are “falling into” the rollers and airbags rather than being pushed forward and out of the chair as it works. Because you’re not continually battling against the movement of the chair, you get a more effective and pleasant massage.


As you fully recline your zero gravity massage chair, your weight is equally dispersed throughout the massage chair. This relaxes your muscles and relieves any stress you may be carrying in your neck and back. A zero gravity massage chair, like any other massage chair, has numerous long-term advantages: Frequent use can assist improve circulation, lessen arthritis pain, and possibly alleviate varicose vein symptoms.

Improved Circulation

As your feet are raised, veins in your legs open, allowing for greater circulation. This relieves stress on your heart, which no longer has to pump blood “up” your body, lowering not only heart rate and blood pressure, but also edoema and blood pooling in the lower limbs. It also implies that oxygenated blood can reach your cells, allowing for faster repair and recovery.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

While “flying” in the air, stress and strain are removed from your body, allowing it to rest, but this also has a mental influence. The more relaxed your body is, the more serotonin it produces, providing additional stress relief.

Pain Relieving

Because the 0 gravity position relieves pressure on your weight-bearing areas, the strain placed on these hard-working body components is reduced. This is most obvious in the lower back and neck. Our modern lifestyles frequently necessitate sitting in less-than-ideal positions for extended periods of time, putting unneeded strain on certain body parts, so a pleasant, supporting recline delivers welcome relief to painful/bad “posture points.”


These chairs allow you to recline your body in upright, full recline, or other transitional positions, all of which are held in place by a locking mechanism. What I appreciate best about zero gravity chairs is that you may select a position that is truly comfortable for you while remaining safe.

The chair can lift your feet to be higher than your heart and in line with your torso, allowing blood to flow more smoothly back to your heart. The uniformly distributed weight reduces the pressure of gravity throughout the body, putting less stress on certain places. According to researchers at the University of Texas, this reduces muscular strain and spine stress, as well as relieving back discomfort, increasing lung capacity, and enhancing blood circulation.

Versions with a massaging function enhance this beneficial effect by improving muscle movement and making it simpler for the venous valves to open. When the muscle contracts, the valves in the veins open, allowing blood to flow upwards. When the muscles relax, the valves close, and blood cannot return. Yet, you should be aware that there are many different styles and types of massages, each with its own time and intensity.

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