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Best Daiwa Massage Chairs Review 2024

There are numerous relatively undiscovered brands that merit your attention. Today, we’ll find out if Daiwa is one of them.

Big names in the massage chair market include Luraco, Human Touch, OHCO, and many others.

That isn’t to say that new brands aren’t attempting to get into the market.

I’ve listed five Daiwa chairs as well as their “big name” equivalents.

This is just your opportunity to pick if you want to support this rising massage chair firm or stick to the fundamentals.

ABOUT Daiwa Company

This massage chair company draws its name from the Japanese term Daiwa which means excellent harmony. But, that is as Japanese as these chairs get.

Regrettably, the company has hopped on the Japanese-made massage chair bandwagon, despite shipping from warehouses in the United States and manufacturing its chairs in China.

I am not a fan of companies who deceive their customers. Daiwa, on the other hand, is fairly upfront with its clients. Despite its Japanese moniker, a brief search on its website will provide you with all the information you require about this organization.

This includes where they are based, how they handle delivery, and where their chairs are made.

Here’s a brief overview:

Customer Service

During business hours, Daiwa has stationed support personnel to respond immediately to calls. You can also contact them at any time via their web forms. Daiwa is proud that, unlike other firms, it has service stations all over the United States. This means they’ll be able to reach you more easily if you have issues regarding your Chair.

Design and Technology

Daiwa takes pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation. Every advancement achieved in their chairs is based on the wants and desires of their consumers. This means that the features, advantages, and therapeutic experience you seek are more likely to be found in their chairs.

Comprehensive Quality Control

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a corporation going through stringent quality control procedures. Daiwa claims to offer higher quality control because everything is done in-house. Because of these precautionary measures, you’re less likely to encounter third-party errors, and I must say, I’m amazed


I’ve read over fifty online evaluations regarding the “new kid,” Daiwa. There are numerous positive reviews attesting to the therapeutic effects of these chairs.

Thus, if you’re thinking about trying out a Daiwa chair, you might be unsure where to begin. Trying out a new product is always dangerous. Not to mention one that costs hundreds of dollars.

I’ve produced a list of five of the top massage chairs Daiwa has to offer to make your decision easier. These are my top picks, their advantages, and the finest alternatives on the market.

1. Legacy L-shaped Daiwa Massage Chair

The Daiwa Legacy compares favorably to the Luraco i7 Plus. It is one of Daiwa’s more expensive versions, costing about $8,000. It is substantially less expensive than Luraco, which costs roughly $9,000 and has some of the same advantages.

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Long L-Track Layout

According to the firm, the L-Track massage chair element on the Legacy massage chair is “extremely lengthy.” The massage track is 49 inches long and gives a fantastic massage from your shoulders to your hamstrings.

Heat Treatment for the Lumbar Spine

This chair has customized heating for your lumbar area, which you will appreciate. It improves blood flow and decreases tension in the lumbar region.

Recline in Zero Gravity

This type reclines to a comfortable 30 degrees for a weightless experience. When you experience the therapeutic benefits of this chair, this position removes stress on your body and prevents it from producing further tension.


  • Rocking movements are similar to those of a traditional rocking chair.
  • Positioning yourself in zero gravity
  • 3D L-Track massage
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Inversion treatment


  • The lumbar heating is inadequate.
  • There is only one zero-gravity position.
  • It’s quite pricey.


This chair is ideal if you want a less expensive alternative to the Luraco i7 Plus. It has good features, a reasonable guarantee, and a plethora of beneficial therapeutic programs. If you have an extra $1000 to pay, consider getting the Luraco i7 Plus instead.

2. Inversion Relax 2 Zero 1.0 Massage Chair

This Daiwa massage chair features inversion therapy, which helps you to make the most of your relaxation. For $7,000, this chair is extremely energy efficient.

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Yet, given the price, you’d think it’d be made of genuine leather. Regrettably, it just has fake PU leather upholstery. But that’s okay with me because I’m not a great fan of leather in general, and PU leather is easier to clean and keep.

Massage on Demand

This therapeutic massage recliner has unique nodes that go up and down your back to find your spine’s exact curve. This is repeated for most of your body to provide you with the ultimate custom-tailored and effective massage experience.

Massage Strokes That Are Very Long

Relax 2 Zero 1.0 is famous for its extremely calming long massage strokes. It successfully removes stress and tension in your muscles while also soothing your body, allowing you to relax deeply.

Controls for LCD Displays

You can select from a variety of options displayed on the LCD panel. If you’re not a fan of typical remote controls with a lot of keys, you’ll love how user-friendly and simple the interface is.


  • The zero gravity reclining function
  • A large number of Airbag Massage
  • Relaxing heat therapy
  • Power usage is minimal.
  • Body form recognition
  • Whole body massage


  • There are just 13 massage programs.
  • A single location of zero gravity
  • There are no temperature controls.
  • Warmth is restricted to your lumbar region.


This model disappointed me for a $7000 massage recliner. It’s not an awful chair in and of itself, but it’s probably among the more poor massage recliners I’ve seen. The Infinity IT-8500 is a better massage chair alternative that costs $1,000 less.

3. Daiwa Space-saving massage recliner

This Daiwa space-saving massage recliner is among the massage chair units with the lowest high-end price point. For nearly $5,000, you’ll appreciate the massage recliner’s sleek design and space-saving features.

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Massage with Full Body Compression

42 carefully arranged airbags compress your body to provide an efficient therapeutic and relaxing air massage. This feature simulates many therapists rubbing your body to relieve stress and increase blood circulation.

Efficient use of space

Majesty is specifically developed to meet your space-saving requirements. You’ll appreciate the small design, which takes up little space even when fully reclined. It also has a good swivel base that requires very little space between your Chair and the wall.

Recline in Zero Gravity

With this model, you may choose between two zero-gravity locations. You have the option of remaining at the regular 30-degree angle or reclining to 120 degrees.


  • Reflexology on the foot with Shiatsu
  • Heat therapy in the lumbar region
  • Remote control convenience
  • The leg extension is an option.
  • Shoulder extension is an option.
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Installed speakers
  • Charger ports


  • Inadequate heat therapy (would be better if it wasn’t limited to the lumbar region)
  • Does not come with white-glove service as standard.


If you don’t have much space at home, this Daiwa Space-Saving massage chair is ideal. Or perhaps you simply want a device that won’t take up too much room. If you’re not dead bent on having a chair, the Osaki 4000-CS is a viable choice. It’s less expensive and performs the same functions.

4. Legacy 4 Premium Massage Chair

If you’re searching for a more premium space-saving model, the Legacy 4 is your best bet. This high-end massage chair has a unique swivel base that maximizes space

Daiwa Massage Chair

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I enjoy a nice stretch. I’m sure you do, and you’ll appreciate the stretching feature on this chair, which loosens your spine and relieves strain. Although not as effective as a yoga stretching option, it is still a strong contender.

Adaptable Experience

This massage chair has numerous customization possibilities. You’ll appreciate it since you’ll be able to customize your massage to your specific needs.


The Legacy 4 is one of the most technologically advanced Daiwa massage chairs. This massage chair has an easy-to-use remote and a smartphone app that allows you to customize your massage experience on your phone.


  • Space saving features
  • Base that swivels
  • Hybrid Deep Tissue Massage Quad L/S-Track Massage Rollers
  • Recline in zero gravity
  • Heat treatment
  • Options for a spot massage
  • Foot and Calf Massage
  • Shiatsu massage techniques
  • Modes of reflexology massage
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • In-built speakers


  • It’s quite pricey.
  • The intensity settings are fixed.
  • Inadequate heat therapy


This massage chair is less expensive than the Human Touch Super Novo. Unfortunately, it is not the superior model. If you want to save a little money, this is a fine enough substitute for the Super Novo. Yet, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, go for the Human Touch.

5. Luxury Daiwa Pegasus 2 Massage Chair

If you want a wall-hugging model, the Daiwa Pegasus 2 is the model for you. Despite its small size, you’ll like the extensive functions it offers.

Massage that is activated by voice

This massage recliner takes advantage of technological advancements. You’ll appreciate the voice-activated massage technology, which allows you to control your Chair using only your voice.

3D Specialty Programs

Special 3D programs make the most of the 3D roller integrated into this massage lounger. You’ll like the several preset and configurable massage modes, which are all designed to provide you with a realistic and dependable massage experience.

The technique of Rocking Rotation

If you like old-fashioned rocking chairs, you’ll appreciate the unusual rocking technology on this premium massage chair. It simulates the sensation of a real rocking chair, effectively calming your mind and body.


  • ·         Excellent rocking technology
  • ·         Bluetooth compatibility
  • ·         USB port for charging
  • ·         Remote control in several languages
  • ·         Voice commands
  • ·         Controlling the chair through a mobile app
  • ·         Heat therapy in the lumbar region
  • ·         Recline in zero gravity


  • ·         The heating may be improved.
  • ·         It’s quite pricey.


While the Pegasus 2 appears to be a highly technologically advanced massage chair, it should do better in terms of therapeutic functions, particularly given its price. Nonetheless, if you’re satisfied with the present features of this space-saving machine, it’s an excellent buy.

6. Daiwa Supreme Hybrid  Massage Chair

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair is a high-end massage chair that provides a full-body massage. The chair has modern massage technology and heat features to reduce muscle tension, enhance circulation, and promote relaxation. The chair is designed to be comfy and adaptable, making it suitable for long massage sessions.

The settings are simple to operate and offer a variety of massage options to meet your unique demands. The chair is also intended to improve sleep habits and overall well-being. Despite the fact that this Massage Chair is a high-end item, it may not be fit for everyone’s budget or living space. It is crucial to remember that individual outcomes may vary and that you should consult with your doctor before utilizing a massage chair.

Total-body massage

The chair is intended to deliver a full-body massage, with special emphasis on the neck, shoulders, back, and legs.

Modern technology

To ease muscle strain and enhance circulation, the Daiwa Hybrid Chair includes innovative massage technology and heat functions.

Design that is comfortable:

The flexible and comfortable design of the chair makes it suitable for long massage sessions.

Controls that are easy to use

The settings are simple to operate and offer a variety of massage options to meet your unique demands.

Stress reduction:

Frequent use can aid in stress reduction and relaxation.

Sleeping better:

Massage has been demonstrated to improve sleep quality, and the Daiwa Hybrid Chair is intended to promote healthier sleeping habits.

Enhanced energy:

Massage has been demonstrated to boost energy levels and general well-being.


Because the chair is larger than many other massage chairs, it may not be appropriate for persons with limited room.


This Massage Chair is a high-end massage chair with advanced features and technology that provides a full-body massage experience. The chair is designed to reduce muscle tension, enhance circulation, and encourage relaxation thanks to its heat features, adjustable design, and user-friendly controls. Its tiny form allows it to be used in a variety of situations, such as the home, office, or spa. It is crucial to note, however, that it may not be appropriate for everyone’s budget or living space, and individual outcomes may vary. It is suggested that you contact with your doctor before utilizing a massage chair.

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